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  1. very nice work, I have to build one of these for my sister inlaw, I look forward to your build!
  2. VERY NICE !! the carronades , can we get them in siren size????
  3. hello yes I am following your build. im looking forward to her maiden voyage very nice work
  4. I agree with everyone .great job nice work!!!!!! thank you.
  5. avsjerome2003 all I can say is sweat!!!! beautiful country up there. show me more. I want to plan a vaca!!
  6. hey nirvana takes me weeks to check the mail, dang !I have to mt the emails too!!!! , hello to all ya fishin fans ! overdale I would love to fish Ireland ,that's a awesome salmon, some hints! for the potomic is fine bass fishery. and if ya head to the west of va. to the blue ridge . there are mity fine brook trout streams. 3wt water. hone down the casting skills tight areas, lots of vegetation. makes the fishin real fun!!!!!.
  7. very nice !!!! I have been meaning to get north into Idaho. sorry bout slow replys . been a little ill.think I need to make a visit to Colorado.they got something thee I could use! here's sme more of the middle provo these are some of the great people ya meet on the provo
  8. gees ron, you keep raising the bar!!!! im only 5'4" i dont think i can jump that high!!!! awesome work
  9. Ron beautiful work on the longboat!, my xmas was good. I did work 2 ,14 hrs shifts! but very much worth it'. money wise. lumberyard surpized me with my onieda; for xmas! what timing, received it on xmas eve . needless to say, I opened my gift early!!!!! the best wood I have ever seen, I am very happy with it, thnx for the inspriation