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Emma C. Berry by Cannon Fodder - Model Shipways - 1/32

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I started a new build The Emma C. Berry. I have been regulated to a couple hours on the weekends lately and the garage is too cold to work in, I have to put it away every night. I am very excited about building out my new shipyard in the new house we are building. We are 4-6 weeks out from completion and will be moving yet again. The admiral and I are more settled in our jobs now so hopefully this move will be less stressful.


I've been following a couple of other build logs to get to this point.



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I also have this kit sitting in my closet, so I will be looking over your shoulder as well.  For some reason, many of the Emma C. Berry build logs on this web site seem to go dormant after a while.  I hope you will keep going with this one.  I have come to realize that maintaining a build log can be a chore, but your effort will be welcomed by us "followers".  You are off to a very good start.  Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing.



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Those with astute eyes will notice that I opted not to cut the bevels on my frames completely, I tried for the first 6-7 pairs of frames but basically got impatient as it was taking too long to do all this work by hand....sorry no power tools allowed after the admiral goes to sleep. Although as long as the modeling takes it seems silly not to have done it properly according to the instructions. I have also opted not to fair the inside prior to planking. Even with the clamps installed I fear breaking frames. I hope with more time and the deck installed and the lodging knees installed I will be able to fair the outside of the hull without mishap. I am about 5-6 weeks from moving again, this time into a real bonefide shop space. The third car space in a three car garage and we only own two cars! I hope to purchase my first scroll saw to set up in the new shipyard.


1/32 scale ladders.... Any advice, does a jig actually work?

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These are all the references I have to the ladders. There are three of them. One on either side of the wet well leading to the hatches and on in the cabin. I think it will give me measurements enough to draw out a sub plan for ladders and in turn create a jig. I'll have to play with what size timber to use.





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Second ladder drying. At this scale a millimeter makes a big difference. I still got a bit of a bow in the middle. The first ladder I worked from one end and the other end turned out a millimeter wider. This ladder I tried to work from the ends. Still got this stacking effect, each rung ever so slightly longer...



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Thank you Craig and Elijah.


I have finished planking the forward inner section and am looking ahead to the deck. I've taken a stab at the first of many lodging knees. This one is hand carved. I think a power tool might help. Alas I'll have to wait till we move in about a month to consider a dremel or scroll saw to help out in this department. I'm currently undecided about paint vs staining the model. I'll have to think on it yet.



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Thanks again Craig. I am thoroughly enjoying the build.

I have decided to paint and stain! I've also glued my second lodging knee. It has also occurred to me just now to make two of each. Port and starboard. Also the plans show what looks like two pieces where I think I'll just make one piece and carve a line or something to model the joint although I do plan on just planking the whole thing...






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I've made some progress this last week or two. I've been working on the deck framing and the lodging knees. And my errors in the hull framing have become painfully obvious. I think I'll be paying for those mistakes later when I try and fair the hull before planking. The hull clearly has a bit of a twist to it. Not single lodging knee is like another, Lots of hand carving going on. Having lots of fun and been planning my eventual turn to the dark side(scratch building) or light depending on your viewpoint I suppose. Dreaming of power tools and frankly bigger pieces of wood, all these bits are hard to handle with my extra large hands.








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Thanks Dr. Per.  I didn't even know of a #12 blade. of course no one carries them locally. Thank you internets.  I have struggled with that carving, didn't even think about the blades I was using. Mostly #11 actually. I have probably made twice as many of those lodging knees due to breakage. I'll be glad when it's over. I am trying no to rush that last ones. I have test fit one of the covering boards and they are laying nice and flush once the frames are trimmed down with the lodging knees.

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