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Barque Stefano by donrobinson - MarisStella - 1:63

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 As if two builds are not enough here is my third. 

 I just received this last week, it is MarisStella's latest kit, and was going to wait for awhile but could not resist the temptation to start her. I wonder with the name Stefano is it a him? I won't go into the history but it is quite interesting and there is a book written about it.

 At 1121 mm long it is going to be a big build, it has copper plates and photo etched brass fittings which I believe is a first for MarisStella. As always with MarisStella post-20628-0-87414200-1467566150_thumb.jpgthe kit looks incredible, wood seems excellent and all laser cut pieces are on quality plywood (some of it being Finnish Birch) or  solid walnut.


Some features are:


double planked hull walnut/lime

double planked deck walnut/lime

over 260 m. of rope in five sizes

over 800 wooden fittings(blocks, deadeyes etc.)

38 brass sheaves ( 2 & 4 mm)

four different sizes of chain

34 sails

14 sheets of plans


 Clearly it is going to be a great build and I am pumped up to get started. I got a leg of pork in the smoker and all fridges are full of refreshments so come on over, it's going to be a long ride but a goodie!


Here is the contents:







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Thanks everyone for stopping in. ASAT the smoker is nothing fancy it is just one the propane ones from Cabelas. I can put a pic in if you want, no problem :) .

 I know how you feel Brian, I have too many kits also, I told myself this is the last big kit I'll buy.........now I just have to define big kit :P  :P

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Who's big toe is that in the one picture? :huh:  Hah hah..


That model works out to about 44 inches, I hope you have a place in mind to display it. :)   Is it single planked also? I will have to visit their site and check it out.


Good luck with it Don, it looks wonderful.

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Don, you pay high praise indeed by going back to MarisStella. I am therefore drawn to look pretty seriously at their kits myself. I may PM you about some details. But first I have an order from one of my daughters for a Viking ship. Unless you or others have a recommendation I am looking at Dusek...


I will follow this one with interest!



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Good Afternoon Don

Still having a good time, starting another awesome looking kit.

I am going to have to do one of these kits soon, they

look so complete and well done.


One of us is going to have to go and see the Doc,

you seem to have this "Modelos Diseaseo's" affliction

and just have to start new kits and logs.


But I think it is me that will have to go to the Doctor,

to help me cure my jealousy.


If the rest of the audience can pass the hat around, and buy me a plane ticket

I will gladly join you all. But it might be a bit hard to bring the BBQ along,
otherwise I will stay down under here, around the corner and view from a distance.

 Cheers Chris

Edited by Cabbie

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Hi Ian, I love these MarisStella kits they are always such good quality. Dusek has some nice kits I believe there is a viking one being built by Jack Aubry( I think this is his name) it looks very good. I don't think you would go wrong with one of his kits.

MarisStella has no viking ship but they do have one called Saint Jerome which looks real cool also there is another called the Liburnian Monoreme both of these have oars and of course both are on my list ;)  :P . The Saint Jerome has guns and is real colourful, I think it would be a great kit to use some different woods with. The Libunian Monoreme is a lot older and has no guns but has a real different shape to it. Give me a pm if you want more info., always happy to help out.

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Hey Chris, well it's almost bedtime here but you got me laughing so much not so sure I can sleep.

 I agree about the disease, I really do have to quit someday.............maybe......nah. Not to worry about bringing a bbq I have one and if the hat comes my way I'll be sure to donate to the cause. If you wouldn't mind bringing an Aussie beer though, I've never tasted one, steaks will be on me :) .

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Hi Rudolf, Thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry I can't help with the flag I have no idea as to it's origin. From what little I have read about her home port was Rijeka.

 Hopefully Zoran or someone else can help further.

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John: I have never built a Mamoli or Mantua kit so I am unable to compare in that regards. This particular kit comes with a 36 page book of instructions which are easy to understand but it is really the plans that shine. The plans are very exact and are loaded with information, they include scale drawings and exploded views which are very helpful. The exploded views are marked as to what scale they are which is also an asset. Unlike other plans I have seen using these ones you can have every bit of confidence that by taking a measurement or laying a piece on them it is going to be correct. It is my opinion that with this build and the Trabaccolo the plans and instructions won't be the problem, it'll be me causing the problems.

 As for the sails I'm not sure yet what am doing I'm thinking probably furled we'll see as there is 34 of them :o

 Now for the important stuff, I agree with the dry rub, however I've never seen a white BBQ sauce or heard of Groisch. If you could bring these items you'll get a front row recliner beside Mike :cheers:

Edited by donrobinson

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Hi Don, 


I'm looking forward to getting your opinion of this manufacturer as you move through the build. From everything I have heard, they are doing an excellent job. 


Best Regards, 



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John: that sauce sounds awesome, will defiantly try that out. I love horseradish so this will be right up my alley. What kind of mustard?


Rick: good to hear from you it's been a long time, how is that Pickle doing? These guys and their kits are great only problems so far are self imposed ones :P  

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Here is the start of the build:



 Pieces for the keel have been removed from billet and laying on plans. Notice how exact the plans are




Squaring of bulkheads, some very minor adjustments were required. Unlike other kits MarrisSella's bulkheads are not glued in place at this time. They are a tight fit, so are tapped into place and left at this point.




Installation of mast steps




 Here all bulkheads have been fitted and installed, no glue yet. The support dowels have been slid into place, there is a total of eight 14 mm walnut dowels. As far as I know this system is unique to MarrisStella, it adds considerable strentgth to the frame and also helps to properly align the bulkheads.

 Another check on the alignment of the bulkheads and glue will be brushed on to all joints.


 You may have noticed in the pictures the cloudy skies :) , well they since have parted and the sun is starting to shine so that means the shipyard will have to close down  :( .


See You All Later




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Hi don,

This ship is definitely on my list.

I am pulling up a chair.

Is tahta an Austro-Hungarian flag?

Greetings, Rudolf


Yes you are correct it is an Austro-Hungarian flag. Some info about the Stefano in the link



Looks great Don. Like you say unusual way with the bulkheads but looks very sturdy :)

Edited by Cobr@

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