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HMS Alfred by Pirate Adam - Scale 1:96, 1778, Lumberyard timbering set

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Starting my build log back up for the new site.  This is the HMS Alfred timbering set from Lumberyard.  The ship is the 74 gun HMS Alfred from 1778.  Scale is 1/8". The framing is Swiss pear wood, and the build will also include some cherry, rosewood, apple, maple, South American boxwood and ebony for the details and planking as included with the set. 


The ship is being built upside down using the Harold Hahn method which isn't a bad way to do it, but I would never do again as it wastes way too much wood for my liking.  My plan is to fully plank one side of the ship and leave the other side unplanked.  My plan is to fully plank the gun deck and not include any of the interior details below that level, then to leave some of the upper deck exposed to see down into the gundeck.  I'm finding this scale to be a bit on the difficult side, but the model is a nice manageable size. 


This certainly isn't a speed build, but most of the framing is done.



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Here is a view of most of the framing complete






Here I have added the hawse timbers






Here I have added the transoms






I don't like how the fillers below the first transom turned out, so I am reworking that section and working on the stern timbers now.

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I purchased the Alfred for the Lumberyard at 3/16" to the foot or 64th scale. I have the full size plans in hand, building the framing cut out jigs and waiting on the lumber. Great ship, large size and offeres a lot of potential for interior work.

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Looking forward to this build some day. Have the books and the 1:64 plans. Of course then we have Gary with his 1:48 in which he redid the plans and it's looking great.




May your build be easy and you enjoy every step and bump on the way.


Good Luck


Later 42rocker

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Very nice work.  I'm very interested in your project specifically because of the subject and you're doing it in 1/8" scale.  My favorite scale is 3/16" but my favorite subjects would be simply too large to transport around.  Keep on posting.





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