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US Brig Syren by Rustyj - 1:64 Rigging Redo

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Hi All,


Way back in 2007-2008 there was a Syren scratch group build here on MSW that was

lost in the great crash. This build was prior to the release of the Model Expo Syren

designed by Chuck Passaro.  I completed my Syren in 2008.


Unfortunately during our move to a new home she received some major battle damage

to the masting and rigging. Because of this I now have to redo the majority of the rigging.

As this was my first scratch build I have a certain affection for her and want to return her to her original condition.


As it’s been almost ten years since I last worked on the Syren I’m posting this here for help from

those of you that are either at this stage of your build or have more recently completed her.


Here’s a couple of pictures from long ago.







The Main topgallant mast was snapped.





The flying Jibboom was broken.




The boom also was damaged.




It appears that all of the yards are ok but I will inspect them as I disassemble the rigging.  




She put up a valiant fight but just wasn't up to the ham fisted mover, ah me!


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Rusty - You are one of the best builders on this site. I am glad to see you redo your Syren. I hope to learn from you. Since you built yours from scratch before the kit was available. Maybe you can offer some insight on a few things.


First off, is it safe to assume you use Blocks from Chuck? If so can you offer an inventory list of your blocks and the sizes?


Also for the stern decorations, did you carve them? are yours from wood or Metal?


Last question (for now :)) Have some very nice Cherry. Can you recommend somewhere on the deck furniture that I might use Cherry?

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Knowing your demeanor I can't imagine you took this catastrophe in stride. But knowing your demeanor I know you have already heaved a sigh and will have at it. Restorations have their own special place in our endeavors and I am sure you will do a terrific job. I for one will be watching. And here I thought you only did admiralty models!!!!!


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Hi Floyd,

It's great to see you're continuing your Syren! Unfortunately Chuck wasn't producing blocks when I started this

build so I used Warner blocks. I did not keep track of the blocks I used so I pulled the Model Expo inventory sheet

for the Syren and they list the blocks as follows. 310-3/32" Single Blocks, 55 -1/8' Single Blocks, 15-13/32' Single

Blocks, 36-1/8" Double Blocks, 36-3.5 Diameter deadeyes and 55-2.5 Diameter deadeyes.  The stern decoration was

carved. I love working with cherry and you could use it for any of the deck furniture, gun carriages and hatch combing etc. 


Mike, It's a going to be a major re-rig. The boom was the only one that could possibly be put back together and I just

couldn't do it. So It's a total tear down of the running rigging. I've already ordered new rope from Syren. I'm afraid

some of the standing rigging will have to be done too!


Hi Steve, I'm glad someone is looking forward to it! LOL I'm dreading it!


Hi Joe, Oh I had to let her sit for a year and a half before I could get up the ambition to re-do the rigging. As far as my models

go I've only showed you a fraction. Got to hold something back for future meetings. 


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Rusty, you're a better man than me. I had a shipping disaster with a completed MS 

Flying Fish that I had sent to one of my daughters a few years ago (i posted pictures somewhere here at the time). It still sits in her attic awaiting my restoration. I gave it a few tries, but I just can't stand to look at it. I wish you the best with the project.



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Hi Tim, Thanks for stopping by.


Right now I'm removing all of the running rigging. I will then inspect the standing rigging. Right now I feel

I'll need to replace portions of them too. Once I get further into it I'll make some more decisions but I think

the masts will stay in place and just the yards will come off. Can't say for sure at this moment.

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Alright first confession of rookie/newbie mistakes on the original build. Not thinking ahead to future disasters I

thought why not a drop or two of CA to the belaying pins to make sure that the lines and rope coils didn't come

loose. Well they didn't come loose but I can't get the lines free. Thus I will be redoing numerous pin rails, removing

the Fife Rail, Riding Bits and Gallows Bits and most likely remaking them too.


If I'm not careful I may find myself all the way down to the keel! 

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Ok I've jumped in with both feet now. All the running rigging has been removed as well as 8 pin rails,

fife rail, riding bitts and gallows bitts. The boom, main topgallant and the flying jibboom have all

been removed and I'll start remaking them.


The masts and yards are all in great shape and will be reused.  








And here's the pile of debris.



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Hi Harley,


Now that I've finally started motivation and patience shouldn't be an issue. I look at it as a build that is just in the

rigging stage and not that I'm doing it for a second time. At least that's what I keep telling myself. 


Hi Joe,


All of the running rigging was removed. I did it all because most of the main mast rigging needed replacement

and the rope I used 10 years ago doesn't match the Syren rope I'm using now. Because of this I decided to replace

all of the running rigging.


Most of the standing rigging is good but I will determine what needs replacement after I finish making the replacement parts.


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This is just me but I would just go ahead and redo the Standing rigging while you are at it using the new Syren rope. My reasoning for this is that the Standing Rigging  is basically the backbone of all the rigging and it is 10 years older than the new running rigging and the age difference may cause an issue in a few years. My 2 cents.

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Hi Jim, 

As I dig further and further into this I think you are right. I've now found that the dolphin striker was

cracked and an attempt to repair it was unsatisfactory so off it came and all the rigging on the bowsprite.

I'm getting closer and closer.

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It seems that everything I've posted is going backwards. Well the trend continues.

As I've continued on all of the running and standing rigging has been removed and just the 

original shrouds and ratlines remain. Now hopefully I can start moving forward instead of reverse!




Ok here is some positive action. The Main Top Gallant, Flying Jibboom and Dolphin Striker have been remade.

Next I'll start on redoing the pin rails. bitts etc.


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Even with the busy pre-holiday activities I've been able to continue on. 


The Ridding and Gallows Bitts are done. There are made from pear.




The main fife rail was made from 1/16" thick boxwood.  I also needed to make six stanchions. I cut some boxwood 1/16" strips.

I chucked them in the dremel just like making belaying pins. I sanded it round first, then using files I cut the profile on the stanchions.

Once done the stanchions were added and the entire piece was coated with wipe on poly.






On to the pin rails now.

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Forward progress continues.


I've now made and installed the eight pin rails that were damaged and removed. I've also placed the

main fife rail as well as the gallows and riding bitts. You'll also notice the ships boat was removed

to give me more room to move about.









Next I'll be starting the re-rigging of the bowsprite, jibboom and flying jibboom. 

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Hi Floyd,


It's been bothering me for a year and a half now. I could have left her be but I just couldn't bring myself to do that.

I really wouldn't have done anything else differently except improve the quality of my work. Also the rope and

blocks available from Syren Ship Model Company is much better then anything I used back then. 


For the deck furniture I mostly used pear. The main rail was boxwood and the capstan was cherry.


Hi Ben,


You were one of my inspirations for bucking up and fixing something that needed redoing. Thanks buddy!   

Edited by Rustyj
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Ah its great to be back. Thanks to everyone for your hard work maintaining this site.


I've made more forward progress. The flying Jabboom and dolphin striker have been replaced. 

I've now rigged the two bobstays and bowsprit shrouds.




Next I added the inner martingale stays, the outer martingale backrope and outer martingale stays.

Also the foot ropes for the jibboom and flying jibboom were completed.






Next I have to serve the main stays and also create the mouse.

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