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HMAS Vendetta 1925 by cog, popeye the sailor, and RGL - Showcase Models -1/350 - Plastic

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Cog and I discussed doing a group build, then I read the instructions and you need 8 people, so unless anyone else wishes to join, we are going to do a Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere build of the HMAS Vendetta by Showcase models. 


A quick google search will reveal the ships history as a V&W Class destroyer of WW1 vintage. She lasted from 1917 to 1945, but we intend to build it strait from the box.








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Via the Australian National Archives there is a set of plans for the Vendetta as purchased.


Now if you wish to join us feel free, the kit is about $50 Australian available via BNA in Oz, Ebay or Starling Models in the UK. I purchased a set of PE from White Ensign Models for g class destroyers which has little bits such as funnel grilles.



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Always welcome OC.


Popeye, there is some PE in the kit. I am not far off by saying that Greg will probably have a large stash of PE remaining from previous builds, I do have some, almost an extra Musashi set, and a bit extra for certain items like stanchions. You could consider getting a few rods to replace a.o. those lovely out of scale plastic masts.


Greg will be weathering his, I'm not entirely certain if I will. Maybe I'll build it on the slip/in the dock.

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Hello Mark,

A bit less noise whilst crunching, I'm trying to concentrate ;) Dunno, on what, but it did sound rather nice when I first wrote it :D :D :D Welcome to the multiple-build


Nearly forgot, Dennis. If you use acrylics, prime first. As many before me, I switched to Tamiya rattle cans, they do have a small bottle of their ptimer too, for acrylics do not adhere to well on plastic and brass ... once primed, it doesn't matter to much what you spray, or smear on the parts ;) ... if I think about something else, I'll just post it.



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10 minutes ago, cog said:


I don't know about specific RAN models, but you can make quite a few based on their British counter parts, which are available.

Here is a discussion on it. Greg will probably know more on the subject

at the uk site, starling models, they have an Australian Collins class submarine and a small scale, 1/700 patrol boat.






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good morning gents......woke up early this morn with a headache on the left side.   reliever is working fine.....no worries.   I took the day off today.......should be heading to work at this moment  :)   it took a little convincing to get the admiral's go ahead.  I had to show her the Jeanne D'Arc...........and then there was the Plastic issue {she hates plastic}.   looked it up on E-Bay and found two.   both were 'buy it now'.


good to know there is PE in the kit......explains why the kit cost that much.   1:350 can't be that expensive.   I plan to use enamels....I have plenty of Model Master to go around.   this will give me a chance hopefully to learn some of your tricks Greg.....gotta break out of this 'Mr Clean' cycle one of these days.   pretty ambitious Carl........should look very nice.   I'll see what stand comes with the kit and go from there.   thanks for the heads up about the masts  ;)   no doubt Greg has something up his sleeve.


thanks for the invitation.......should be rather fun  :) 

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It’s a matter of improv really. It appears to be Gunze light grey (it looks white in the old b&w photos) so I’m thinking a dull white overspray with some rust lines on the panels, oilcanning below the waterline, add some barnacles............


The kit is so small you can use the kit and no aftermarket at all. The rest is just OCD 

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nice!   if that diagram comes with the kit,  I'll be all set  :)   I like both variants........I hope the model fits as well as it looks ;)   back in the day,  I used to readily get Pactra and Humbrol.   these two are now hard to find in the shops.   I have a few conversion charts bookmarked.   I think I'm going to regret the PE tool I used to have........traded it for an unfinished Billing Bluenose kit.  I think I can make do with what I have handy though.


thanks for showing me the kit........now I can't wait for it to get here :D 

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Not much bending to do what I've seen for PE. Stair handrails, which you can do with flat pliers. I think a PE tool would be an overkill for the bending you'll do on this one. I would advise you to buy one for e.q. a 1:350 Hood, or Yamato, but for this one ... nah, no realy


I've decided on the pre WWI, mebby I buy another one and do the WWI also. Although, I've got that monster on the table too

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First steps: Taking parts from their frets, cleaning them up, and dry fitting




ALthough it's a 1:350 model, it is small, especially compared to the Tamiya kit I've been working on. The details are pritty good, fitting of pieces is beyond what I expected. The minor thing about it in my eyes are the number of points with which parts are attached to the fret, a lot of cleaning to do

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