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Hi all,


You may or may not be on Facebook, and if you are, you may not know about our page. This is there to share topics, gallery items, news and also any pertinent updates on MSW. If you're on Facebook, head over and click LIKE on our page and ask your club and build buddies to do the same!




MSW Staff.

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I hate to be a wet blanket and Facebook has a place but it is a gold mine for those wishing to do ill to others.

I started an Investigative company after retiring from law enforcement focusing on comp, disability, and medicaid fraud.

One of our best tools for initial background information is Facebook. People tell on themselves without realizing it.


My warning is you open up your world to the bad guys, where you live, children, schools they go to, where you work pictures of family, house, automobiles. You also give access to all your friends posted on your pages. You post when you go on vacation and how long you will be gone. I could go on with a long laundry list.


Facebook has a place but be well aware of what to post and what not to post.👿 the devil he be out there.


John Allen


Current builds HMS Victory-Mamoli

On deck

USS Tecumseh, CSS Hunley scratch build, Double hull Polynesian canoe (Holakea) scratch build



Waka Taua Maori War Canoe, Armed Launch-Panart, Diligence English Revenue Cutter-Marine  Model Co. 


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17 hours ago, RGL said:

Yep, FB is an amazing window into people’s lives if they’re not careful and it’s not in the interest of FB to lock down things. 


That being said there are some good groups with good tutorials and amazing, repeat, amazing modellers out there. 

Yes, from all over the globe...particularly from Asia and Eastern Europe. 

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On 8/12/2018 at 7:27 AM, John Allen said:

Facebook has a place but be well aware of what to post and what not to post.👿 the devil he be out there.


I totally agree with that!  It must be a real gold mine for identity thieves!


“You’ve just got to know your limitations”  Dirty Harry

Current Builds:  Modified MS 1/8” scale Phantom, and modified plastic/wood hybrid of Aurora 1:87 scale whaling bark Wanderer.

Past Builds: (Done & sold) 1/8” scale A.J. Fisher 2 mast schooner Challenge, 1/6” scale scratch built whaler Wanderer w/ plans & fittings from A.J. Fisher, and numerous plastic kits including 1/8” scale Revell U.S.S. Constitution (twice), Cutty Sark, and Mayflower.

                  (Done & in dry dock) Modified 1/8” scale Revell U.S.S. Constitution w/ wooden deck and masting [too close encounter w/conc. floor in move]

Hope to get to builds: MS 3/16” scale Pride of Baltimore II,  MS 1/2” scale pinky schooner Glad Tidings,  a scratch build 3/16” scale  Phantom, and a scratch build 3/16" scale Denis Sullivan.

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Not to mention that FB is a huge time-waster. Half the posts these days are advertisements, another third a "click bait" asking you to "share if you agree." Then there are the "friends" who feel the need to post pictures of what they cooked for dinner last night, as if anybody gives a hoot. Worst of all, on the subject-matter related pages, it seems to attract people who know little about a subject, but are nonetheless compelled to say something, anything, about everything that's posted. The percentage of actually valuable information on FB is really rather small. Unfortunately, so many people seem to live on it, that FB can sometimes be the only way to get in touch with others. (It's also good for looking up old girlfriends and feeling great about "dodging a bullet..." or not.

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