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3D printer, building from scratch and tests - by cristikc

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As it was the retired period from a 40 years period of tv, graphics, and 3d projects, i said it is time to test a second tool. The first was a laser and CNC tool.

Now i bought a 3d printer to make from scratch, and i will show some tests.

This are some of the first tests, working for the ship hobby.

I also mede some "toys" for my granddaughter, just to see how to work.

It seams it is a good tool, and to test parts for ships is excellent.

I will show how i build, pictures and explanations soon






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A quickly tour in pictures of how was made, in about 8 hours (with test and fist tuning.

All parts were covered with gray protection, and i have to take away, it was a lot of time used for this "job".

Also you have to take care to all the arrangements, and the 90deg, and paralel position of the parts.

And in final i had "Printer ready"mont-15.thumb.jpg.181a2e69151b5e201d4925d59f791593.jpg




















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Cristi; thanx for sharing!!  The building and results process are VERY impressive.


The "scratch building" discussion will probably have voters on both sides. I belong to a few other sites and "I think" most members would consider using 3D printed parts part of the scratch process especially when they develop the cad files for the process. One parallel that comes to mind is that most scratch builders probably don't cast or turn the cannons they use in the scratch building process. I can't vote on this since I'm as far removed from being a scratch builder as possible...Moab





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10 minutes ago, CDW said:

I would say that if a modeler used a 3D CAD program to design his/her model, then printed it on their 3D printer, most definitely that would be scratch building. Hands down.

I'd agree wholeheartedly. I'm just wondering if modeling judges will disqualify "scratchbuilt" models with 3D printed parts once somebody finds a way to sell a wide range of download-able (and easily infinitely scalable) 3D parts printing programs. A catalogue of every part imaginable, downloadable in CAD format from the internet, would not be all that difficult to create. (And might be a nice retirement income enterprise for some CAD-savvy forumite!)

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First of all, many thanks for your interest on my work.

Second, the "starting kit" here is a n easy one, around 220 USD , i can answer just on personal message, not to be considered an "advertiser" for the supplier.

I saw that every one can start to build from "scratch", buing just some special parts.

About the programs, there are a lot to use, and build STL or OBJ models. Ex FreeCad... 3dMax... and so on..., depand on the level of experience.

Also the are a lot of free prograrams and objects to download.

Regards and if i can give some help, just ask


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I had the same thought: at this size, you should be able to make the gun/carriage from wood resulting a more convincing result.

The additional worth of a 3D is making parts that you can't do yourself due to size/complexity.

Small guns with nice emblemata on it, complex lanterns, carvings (especially the repetitive ones that are used all over the ship) 

Is this printer capable of doing that kind of stuff?




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About the dimentions of what i made.

You can think that the nozzle diameter is 0.4 mm and this is let's say how small is the line.

I can meke smaller thinks, but the gun i wanted to be so big, to have one to work with my granddaughter, to make a combat station  

like Mantua-740 ( as we want to make together in futrure) and this made from 2d printer will be a test.

I made some other parts, to test, for the other two grandchildren. Ex

 the yellow ring is 2.8 cm high. The toys are 3cm the head, and the Barbie head is 2.5 cm high. So there are a lot of good accuracy if you make the model ok in the software.

IAs i said, this as just some tests, and for larger parts... 







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