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Prince de Neufchatel by GrandpaPhil - FINISHED - 1/72 - from Chapelle Plans - Card

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Thank you all very much for the comments and the likes!


 The fore top gallant sail is on and rigged.


 I did much better on the bowlines and the bunt line.


That leaves two royals, the main sail and the top main staysail plus the stun sails.


 The stun sails will be the last sails to be installed due to the necessity of being able to belay lines around them.






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I learned a lot this build.


I learned to watch scale.  That was my single biggest problem.  I used multiple sources, all at different scales.  I also learned that both pages on a plate in a book may not be at exactly the same scale.


I learned how to interpret line drawings better and make bulkheads from them.


I learned how to make my own blocks, eyebolts, deadeyes, gratings and other fittings.


I learned more about carving.


I learned more about the operation of sailing ships, which was crucial during the rigging stage for visualizing where lines ran to.


I learned to think on the fly when trying to make parts.


This is the most fun that I ever had making a model.


I made many mistakes, but I learned from every single one, and I will pass that experience on to my next project, which will be finishing the Victory.


Thank you all for the likes and the comments along the way.  They were very motivating.


Thank you everyone that took the time to teach me more.


Thank you everyone for sharing your knowledge.


I appreciated all of the support and assistance.

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