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Sox & Martin GTX by popeye the sailor - FINISHED - Revell - PLASTIC

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in between finishing the Ford sedan and the General.........the anticipation of receiving the Stagecoach.......and a few other things,  I began to mess with this kit a little bit.   I have to say.......this is one of Revell's better offerings!   it is very well thought out.......the only thing I've found so far,  is that there is no instruction placement for the horn :blink:   there isn't even a locator hole for it.   I'll figure it out later........949440908_Revell736567GTXexc.JPG.207c67debd9deb8b7a87f1713c0dc70b.JPG



it starts with the engine.......all the parts were gathered and cleaned up.   there isn't much flash to deal with.......basically, squaring thing up.


I'm going to follow the paint suggestions in the kit,  since it is suppose to be accurate,  to depict the car,   when it ran in the 1968 winter nationals.  I cut the decals in two sections,  so I could slip them in the glass bag for safe keeping.


I do have one lament......the tires are a hard rubber.  the slicks were slightly deformed,  having a dip in the centers.........roughing them up was a bit of a chore.  if anyone gets this kit,  the tires can easily be substituted.   you can buy accessory tire sets at most online hobby stores...I have bookmarked quite a few.   these parts were laid out too.


as you can see,  I used the British Scarlet again for the engine color......makes for a very nice orange ;)    the rear differential is comprised of three parts......there were assembled prior to painting....haven't painted it yet though.


the differential cover is already in place......the pumpkin was added later.   the intake and the timing cover is on that strip of tape,  being painted.   the fuel pump is on the timing cover......I painted it as I have seen aftermarket pumps look like.


with the tires roughed up,  the backs of the rims were painted flat black.   you see a trace of red......


it was my thought........looking at the tires,  through the rim slots,  you would see white from the backings.  since the sides of the car is going to be red,  I thought that there should be red in these slots.   they look pretty good. :) 


the proof will be how they look on the model.  the last thing I did in this session,  was to assemble the intake and timing cover on the engine.



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in this session,  I continued with the engine and anything that I could assemble that would be painted a single color.   the interior will be painted satin black,  so the the majority of the bucket was assembled,  and the front bucket seats.


the back edge of the bucket {up the sides of the back seat} still need to be cemented.......I wanted to insure a snug fit.   on the engine went the valve covers,  carbs,  and the drive belt w/fan and alternator.   the alternator had a molded bracket.....a nice touch! ;) 


I didn't bother to paint the carbs.......the air cleaner will cover them,   so they won't be seen.   the firewall and radiator panel were dressed out as well, since they too will be a single color.    it's the blob in the center .


there is the distributor,  the coil,  the headers,  the radiator panel,  and the firewall.   the master cylinder,  the radiator,  the charcoal canister  and the shroud had already been assembled.   a little more was done to the engine......the air cleaner was added and the solenoid on the starter was detailed out,  as I have seen in aftermarket parts.


so this brings the build up to date,  in what I've done so far.   I've got to get some satin black.......the flat black I have is just too flat for the interior {underneath is a different story ;) }   

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hello Sam........thanks for the good word  :)    yea.......I've done this to models in the past.  whatever the body color is,  that's what I usually paint them.


....but never silver.........it'll kill the concept of the rims  :D  :D   thanks for look'in in....enjoy the ride  :) 

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thanks for look'in and the kind comments.......should have an update on this one soon :)   I thought that too Mark.......this isn't a street rod.   likely,  I won't add the horn,  but it is funny that they supply one.   glad to have you aboard Ken and Jack...I'll try and make it interesting

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thanks CDW........this kit is really nice.  it has the window glass as separate pieces,  rather that all one part :)   it has a lot of detail too!


oh Lou......  being laid up like you are.........you must be bored out of your mind!  you should have someone get you one of your smaller kits,  so you have something to play with :)    I didn't think I had any satin black,  until I looked in the Humbrol box.


I did a little bit yesterday......mostly painting.   I cemented the back part of the interior together and painted it.  I have some pictures in the camera.....I'll get'em out for tomorrow {I'm doing a little more painting as we speak}.   another thing that is included in the kit,  but not shown in the instructions,  is the dual exhaust.   don't know how they would hook up,  since I have racing headers.  I guess my spare parts box is going to get a little bigger  ;) 

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23 hours ago, popeye the sailor said:

you must be bored out of your mind!

One must HAVE a mind to be bored out of it! I have been doing a lot of reading and filling in with trying to do the exercises the Physical Terrorist wants me to do and of course trying to keep up with what you and the other more talented people here are getting done.


Another 16 days and I get to go to the surgeon and see if #1 I get to start using the foot a little and #2 see what the plan is for the next phase! Who knows I may even get out somewhere this summer!


Meanwhile you and the others will just have to build more to keep me entertained!    

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I did do some. I drilled out the 800+ portholes on the Titanic but then I needed some kind of place to set up and work at assembly. I can't sit at a chair for long periods of time or my foot ends up about the size of a football. (Even in it's low state it is still about twice the size as the other one most of the time). Today I tried something for the first time and wore a sock all day. My socks are fairly thick hiking socks and relatively tight so I'm hoping that they start to reduce the swelling a little more. Here is is right not just after taking the sock off and having one of my fairly normal slothy days with the foot elevated for much of the time.


Maybe a few more days of doing this and the sizes will start looking more the same. If that works then possibly I can start sitting up or sitting in a regular chair and start working on something. Maybe Denis is right and it is time to take a stab at my Huey. (I was going to wait until you started your CH-53) That would be about the only thing I can think of that I could build while sitting in a chair without a work surface.


I'll have to give that a little thought.

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HA-umph!  the things you see when you don't have a feather!  :D     I can thing of nothing better.........I'm not a reader ;)   you know.......I was thinking that the other day..........this forum has need of a couple of whirly bird projects!  great minds think alike ;)   glad to hear that your recovery is progressing.......never thought much of physical therapy.  when I had my left knee operation,  they wanted me to start therapy.........I told them that I'd get just as much therapy at work.........see ya  :ph34r:


I'll check out that kit.........sounds up my alley.  the funny cars are nice,  but they can get repetitious fast.  depending on the kit brand,  they seem to use the same construction {Revell is famous for this}.  


so I dragged the pictures out of the camera...........I've compiled a few since the tenth..........and yea,  I've even done a little during my work week.  as you can see,  I've taken the day off {my little slice of heaven},  so I can play a bit today.   it's wet outside,  so that will make it a sure bet :)    the bathroom is pretty much done.......the guys won't be back.......and the rest will be done by our landlord,  whichever millennium he gets around to doing it.   so that closes the saga..........enter the hall of the porcelain god.......it looks nice,  but it's in stark contrast to the rest of the apartment {like walking form the 'ole west,  into New York}.  :D   here is the update I promised you folks.

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so....as I mentioned earlier,  I've been doing some painting.   I thought I was out of satin black,  but looking in the Humbrol stockpile I got from Lou,  I found a tin of it.   the back part of the interior still needed to be cemented together,  so I did that first.


the chassis was painted with the Billing flat black.


the interior and front bucket seats were painted with the Humbrol satin black.


there is a hood scoop........there is also a cut out in the hood.    this was removed and sanded.  odd thing is that they only indicated the locating holes for the scoop be opened up.


the headers were painted and later added to the engine.


the dash was painted at this time.    it's comprised of two pieces.........the main panel and the top.


the engine stand can still be used.   great for setting it aside while it dries.


I found another hue of black in the bunch......this is the White Ensign flat black.  it's got a weird smell to it and it's very watery.   hard to get a good first coat.  I may just go over it with the Billing black.   I had cemented the fire wall and radiator panel into the body.


I added the hood hinges to the hood.......more life like than the hinges I usually see.   I've also painted the drive shaft and the differential......a few more parts to be painted before I can really assemble the model.   more on this project soon.





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I have a small update on this project.   the interior is coming along........


the order of assembly is very different than how I like to progress.  the second step is the body,  so I began to prep it for paint.


the dash has been painted in greater detail...


the shocks and steering wheel has been painted.........and the first phase of the body is done.



the hood has seen more progress too.......the scoop is in place and the underside has been painted.   more to come.

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thanks gents.......I had to do a double take with the paint........it's reflecting the finish on my desk.   one of these days,  I gotta get a new desk ;)   I masked the body,  but paint still found it's way into the door groove.  gotta fix that.  got a little bit done today.......lawns mowed and errands run.

   thanks Jack and all who hit the like button :) 

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I stand corrected..........I might have done a less than stellar job on the body chrome.   it was when I painted the roof,  and then decided to give it a clear coat,  that I knew I had played one card too many :(   I was trying to cheat,  by not painting the white......using the clear coat {lacquer}  to lay a coat on the white for decal purposes.   I did not foresee what would happen to the other painted surfaces.   I do have a couple pictures,  but they are in the camera at the moment.   I will post them presently,  but for the time being,  I offer this description of the results.   the painted surfaces raised and puckered,  as though Jack Frost blew it a kiss ❄️   the red fared better than the blue.........that you haven't seen yet........this I attribute due to the age of the paints.   the red is a fresh bottle I just got........the blue paint,  I have had for quite some time {it may even have come from the paints that Lou sent me}.

    it has had time to fully cure,  and some of it has settled down....but the roof still resembles alligator skin.   I'll post the pictures tomorrow....one more day of work >sigh<.


on a much different note.......this house must be cursed or something.   the bathroom is done........the fact that we can finally get back to normal,  is a welcomed feeling indeed.  a couple of days after they had gone,  we discovered that the sewer pipe in the cellar,  has rotted to the point of leakage.........small rot spot,  but it wasted no time in getting bigger!  of course,  this means that assorted waters is collecting on the floor......small at first,  but has gotten larger.  we contacted the landlord about the situation.......so far we haven't heard or see anything in the way of having it repaired.

    after work the other afternoon,  I went down there with a coffee can and some duct tape and patched it for the time being......I haven't been down there to see if it has slowed the leakage { I suppose I would have heard something from second floor.......she has her washer and dryer down there}.  I got home today to see a woman walking up and down the street,  handing out pamphlets........the city wants to replace sections of the sewer pipe that services the block!  this will be happening in a couple of weeks :(    when it rains it pours.........anyone got an umbrella? ⛱️ ...I already have the boots  ;) 

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