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HMS Terror by Mish - OcCre - 1:65

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This is my first ship build other than the odd plastic kit version. I normally build plastic kits, mainly aircraft but over the past 12 months my modelling mojo has deserted me and I’ve only finished two builds.


I mentioned the above to @James H and he said he would send me something completely different. How pleased was I when this beauty arrived in the post complete with a keel clamp and plank nipper that James didn’t need anymore.




When finish she’s supposed to look like this:



so I sat down at my bench and this after got a good start.






All being well I should have some more done tomorrow. Please do leave suggestions and tips, I’m new to this 😀

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Looks like a great start! Are you planning on penciling in the decking after you place it all? I’ve never done planking so take this with a grain of salt, but I believe that I have read people gently rubbing one side of a plank with a pencil to accentuate the lines before placing them. My next build will require planking and I was planning on experimenting with this. 

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9 hours ago, Auger said:

Yes! I Love it! I just received my Terror kit along with the Essex from the OcCre factory. Have To finish my Bounty and Hermione before I get to this one, so I’m going to follow along with your build. Great start!

I am a complete novice at wooden ship building, so you should be able to learn from my mistakes 😁

9 hours ago, James H said:

Love it! You're a natural to this 😎


Can't wait to see you start to plank this one.

Thanks, I'm approaching that point with some trepidation. 🥴

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This was my very first build! I loved it!

You can see pictures in the Gallery.

I hope you don't mind a little constructive comments...

Planking is probably the hardest part of the build... maybe right beside all the rigging!

Planking should be done with a few planks along the top and then up from the keel. Once you have 2 or 3 boards on one side at the top and bottom, switch to the other side.

And continue doing the same throughout the planking.

The problem with doing one side is that it does tend to pull the model out of shape!

The planking at the stern should have continued up to the transom. You may need to remove some of it and redo that part.

If I can help in any way, let me know... I finished mine in February and it's still fresh in my mind.

And boy, did I make my fair share of errors! Attached a couple of pictures to show what I mean

I hope you continue to enjoy the build!







Good luck!


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2 minutes ago, Mish said:

the supplied planks were not long enough to reach all the way to the transom

They are not meant to be "full length" planks. 

This a double planked hull so you can hide any seam or errors, it's the next layer that needs to be your best work!



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6 minutes ago, LyleK1 said:

They are not meant to be "full length" planks. 

This a double planked hull so you can hide any seam or errors, it's the next layer that needs to be your best work!

I realise that, that why I’m going to have to lengthen them.

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Nice progress! Doing my first build Terror also.

Cut those planks back 1-2 frames as Keith said and you be fine.

An other suggestion would be not to push nails totally in leave them little out. You will sand yourself mad with them in there. Remove the nails after planking is done for better sanding.

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More progress on HMS Terror. The false keel is nearing completion. I have revised the way I have been laying the planks to make bending around the stern and bow.



Following advice I have revised the planking to make bending the planks. I have also started sanding the planks on the finished section ready for the final planking.








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