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HM Cutter by Edwardkenway - 1:48 scale from Caldercraft plans

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Hello, with my Triton and Winchelsea builds on hold, I am going begin on one of two models of a naval Cutter (the other one being about 1:32 scale from the same plans with some differences).

So I used the Caldercraft Sherbourne plans of the kit I made last year, I scaled up by hand for the bulkheads and former, so the scale is not exact.  I used some pieces of 4mm ply left over from other projects. 

Next up is fairing the hull, squaring and glueing.20200517_213606.thumb.jpg.07cf8904135ac5370e90ff85550e6845.jpg

Bulkheads just fitted to check, not glued. 



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Tony and Derek, thank you. 

The bulkheads have been squared up and glued. I've put some fillers in at the bow and faired all but the last two stern bulkheads as I'm waiting for the glue on the fillers to cure.

I have also cut a stem and keel  from a piece of 5mm walnut but it needs a bit of work still and won't be fitted till I done 1st planking, although that said I'm still not decided wether to go with single plank or double. 

Thanks for looking in and the likes 👍






Not a lot happening due to weather being too nice to be inside! but great for sanding 😊

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That is a cool idea and a very nice start. Don‘t want to hijack this threat but I did the same thing 3 years ago but somehow lost interest, because when I enlarged the plan items by 133%, the bulkwards were only 16mm high (about 80 cm in real) and the false deck (that means false keel and all bulkheads) should have been set about 3 or 4 mm lower before to make them look more scale (in comparison to the Cheerful, AVS or other other single masted ships). So you can use scale cannons later. But the hull was already larger than that of the 1/48 AVS. A 1/32 version would be very nice as a RC version, the height should be more than a metre.





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  • 4 weeks later...

Quick update to this, I'm about 3 quarters way through first planking (it's certainly not the neatest work but it will be covered) and then I've got to rebuild the bulwarks as I dropped the hull more than once🙄 and most of the bulkhead tops snapped off, but I'm confident I can get round it. 

Photos to come when 1st planking finished. 

Thanks for looking in and comments and likes. 

Cheers 👍😁

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Hello again, small update, I've finished 1st planking, filled, sanded and refilled then sanded again. I think that it may be good enough for the 2nd plank.

Also have started to reconstruct the bulwarks and will form the counter and transom. 20200704_114336.thumb.jpg.02292dfdef1d9c17d30dbebc04acc1a1.jpg

I will also fit the stem, keel and sternpost which I've cut from some spare walnut 20200704_114306.thumb.jpg.1ef64db2bb0cbf142170e1297109db95.jpg

thanks for looking in and the likes.

Cheers till next time. 

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Thank you Glenn, to be honest if I'd had the plans for a brig I would have been building a brig, but I do like the versatility of cutters and there is so much that can be changed or altered. 

Thanks everyone also for the likes and dropping by. 

20200711_230216.thumb.jpg.63e8761813575fb74a07089d99663c9a.jpgfitted the stem, keel and sternpost tonight.20200711_230210.thumb.jpg.aaeed3263d4332920385873ccce9de50.jpg


Still slowly making the bulwarks, then it's on with 2nd planking. 

Til then 


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Thanks OC and mugje, and thanks for the likes. 

So planking continues slowly, with the bulwarks between the mainwale and the sheer. I'm forming the gunports as I go instead of cutting them out later. ( there will only be six guns mounted)

I mocked up a cannon to check clearance.



 Just a cardboard cut out and glued to a scrap of what will be the deck.20200717_215912.thumb.jpg.be4f7edee9fb05944de8498ac7445156.jpg

That's it til next time.

The shipyard is being  re-modelled to make room for Winchelsea so work stops as I have no bench at the moment.


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Planking continues slowly, not super keen on the walnut I'm using, doesn't edge bend that well but with plenty of heat it eventually bends. 20200723_215809.thumb.jpg.7a2641aba12c0cf5ec5359b27bfecec1.jpg

I have also started using CA gel from gorilla glue, so much more easier to apply than normal CA. I stopped using wood glue after two planks sprung off.20200722_214741.thumb.jpg.1ab4f90d011f27da298512bfdedfee4b.jpg

 Fitted the main wale using some yellow cedar I had left over from Triton 20200722_214528.thumb.jpg.6ae02b8f3b4c7ddb337f26a109e8ccfe.jpg

thanks to all for looking in and the likes.

Cheers 😁👍

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14 hours ago, glbarlow said:

I don't see much of a taper as those planks go towards the bow?

No, it seems to taper abruptly from the 3rd bulkhead, but when I marked it out for the planks the tic strips also showed tapering from the 3rd bulkhead. 20200801_113133.thumb.jpg.b5e7ddac4a035d8c21033e19814d0efe.jpg

The planking worked out but I must do better. I think a little more patience and a sharper pencil for marking as the tic marks are not fine enough and did throw me out by .25 - .5mm.

I can use the port side to refine my planking as I would like to be more confident with it before I start Winchelsea!!20200801_115802.thumb.jpg.77e9682368f2c0e13dbdd8ec4532d810.jpg

after a good sanding and one coat of danish oil, ther is a few parts that need attention to remove glue residue and some small gaps that need filling. 

Thanks for all the comments and likes,  it's really appreciated.

Cheers till next time 😉👍

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Thanks to all who hit the like button👍

So I began the planking on the port side with the external bulwarks and to just below the main wale. 

I've also lined the rest of the hull for planking below the wale.20200806_214342.thumb.jpg.fd97ad3f13058eca38e201d392b403fe.jpg

I shall take a bit more time with this side and attempt to improve on the starboard side!!20200806_214411.thumb.jpg.66f62b738fbb246d1b0f781e075a9f88.jpg

thanks for looking in. 

Cheers till next time 😃

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi again, thanks to everyone who has looked in and also for the likes.


Planking on the port side slowly proceeds, as I put planks on from the keel and the main wale, I kept adjusting the marking out for the plank lines and it seemed to help.20200815_214626.thumb.jpg.3c071c4fd5cb1e34f993a0102c8a4be1.jpg

Another day and it's done, I'm much happier with this side than the starboard, 


stern planking is also done, but I think that I will put a moulding across the bottom of the counter. 20200815_214721.thumb.jpg.e181d0089643ac58f475f150b4600d66.jpg

just need to give both side a good sanding, paint the main wale and a coat of matt varnish or oil.

I am happy I've got the planking done, I'm hoping  that when I do finally start to planking Winnie that the AYC will edge bend better than the walnut I used here. The cedar I used on Triton definitely in my opinion took bending alot easier!!

Til next time 

Cheers 😃😉👍

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Thanks Tim, I didn't make them any particular length but the midship planks were about 5 inches long and the bow and stern planks were whatever it needed. I don't think it would pass a historically correct  but I'm happy  with it. 

13 minutes ago, VTHokiEE said:

Edit - I’m scared of trying to do a proper planking sequence 😁

You've done a fine planking job with your Alert.

Personally if you like what you've done that's what counts 😉

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