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HMS Victory by guraus - scale 1:48 plank on frames

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G'day Alexandru..

Just spent the last 3 to 5 days reading your log. I've got drill marks all over my tablet. Can't believe how great this art piece is turning out. I can't say model, because it's more than that! The love and workmanship and patience that you have put into it is amazing. Can't wait for more updates.

WELL DONE. All the other readers has said it before, and I agree with all of them.




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Congratulations Alexandru on a great model,  and all the clear photos.  It is all very inspirational. 


I wanted to add to the debate about the height of the beakhead deck which I have just been reading.  Maybe what I am going to say has already been said further on in this log,  but I am reading through it slowly and have not seen all of the posts yet.


Anyway,  I have studied many draughts of 2 decked warships from the second half of the 18th century,  and in every one it is quite clear that the upper deck is lower than the beakhead deck.  There is a little ladder,  of 2 or 3 steps,  stepping up to the higher deck.  This often is shown on the inboard profile.


However,  on several designers' draughts of 3-deckers,  visible online from the NMM collections,  for example the 'Duke' of 1777,  and the 'Royal George' of 1756 and of 1788,  the beakhead deck is a continuation of the upper deck,  and is at the same level,  with no steps.


It would seem,  therefore,  that maybe Fortres is correct,  and this is something that would bear further investigation;  that the beakhead deck on 3-deckers was different to that on 2-deckers.


Slade's design draught of the 'Victory' from 1765 is in the NMM collection,  but it is very badly damaged and difficult to make out the details in the online image.  However,  there is an image of it in a recent book on Nelson's Victory by Brian Lavery which I have,  and here it can be made out that this deck at the same level as the upper deck.


This does show her as built,  of course,  and by the time of Trafalgar this may have changed,  as she had been much re-built.


In all the three-deckers mentioned above,  the top of the main rail's central section is at the same level as the upper deck.  As this part of the main rail formed the sides of the grating deck,  the grating deck cannot have been any higher than the upper deck.


All the best,


Mark P

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Thank you for contributing to the beakhead deck debate. Your input is appreciated. Unfortunately for my model is now to late to change anything - it will have a raised platform as there is one in the Victory in Portsmouth. Was that there from the beginning or not I don't know. I personally find it suspect to loose all that space (between the two decks) on such a crowded ship.




Thank you for appreciation of my work.



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