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HMS Victory by guraus - scale 1:48 plank on frames

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Hello all,


Finally I found a bit of time to restart my log of HMS Victory.


For now, here's the link to my personal web site where I have a summary of the build process so far: http://www.alexshipmodels.com/category/hms-victory/ and maybe other stuff that might be interesting for someone. Last update in it was January 23rd, so quite recent.


My plan was to continue with the build log from where I left but I've seen so many people reposting all the old progress pictures that made me think if I shouldn't do the same. The problem with that is that I have so many it is nearly impossible to post them all (though almost all were on the old site) so probably this coming weekend I'll try to do a selection and post a few. 




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Alexandru, if you're interested, I copied a folder 1050 photos of your work, to learn and copy from you. I hope you do not mind if I did this on your site but there was not anything that interested me.

giovanni gigantesco - Taranto-Italia



Thanks for the offer but I have all the pictures and I will slowly post them. And I don't mind that you copied the pictures, I hope they helped you with your build.



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Here is a second batch. One nice thing with this new site is that attaching pictures is much simpler and the picture size accepted is bigger - so I am uploading higher resolution pictures (but still lower than what gets out of the camera - so a little processing is still needed) than before.











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It's wonderful that you have decided to re-post your log, Alexandru. I am just trying to build a ship's boat and I'd taken quite a few tips from your own build -- apart from the fact that your whole build is magnificent and inspiring.


Thank you



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