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Royal Caroline 1749 by Mile Bijelić - Scale 1: 35 - Finished

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Dear friends model builders,


I am starting here a new build log in the name of my very good friend Mile Bijelić. We have registered Mile last weekend and since Mile has limited access to a computer and is just learning in getting used to it, I will be posting his photos more often. Nevertheless, Mile will read the comments and reply - possibly with a certain delay, you may excuse him.


First to introduce Mile Bijelić from my point of view: Mile is a very kind and dear person who impressed me since many years with his extremely exact way of working with the models. As far as I am concerned, Mile made something over 20 model ships of higher complexity. I myself was always getting my jaws dropped when looking at the beauty he managed to express with his models. All the photos I made cannot express the feeling when I observe them in the nature. At the same time, Mile is an extremely uncomplicated, openhearted person willing to help without end. We were sitting, I can remember the winter where we had some repairing at the electrical installation in the district of the town Zagreb and it was cold, we were sitting in the coats in his room for 13 hours and in the evening we were using our pocket lamps. He was and is always here for me to support me with my (challenging) project (De Zeven Provincien, 1665 in scale 1:45).


Mile won gold at the world Championship twice: in August 1998 with the Royal Caroline 1749, scale 1:35 and in September 2013 with the Royal Prince 1670, scale 1:70.


Just for the introduction, I will post here the photo of Mile (he is in the blue shirt on the right, Royal Prince in the middle and myself am on the left side) and a second photo of Mile with his awards.


From now, I will add photos under my name and Mile will write from his account directly.



Dražen (in the name of Mile)



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Well, let us post some photos here,,,


The first ones are of very low quality since photographed from a camcorder screen, but you can get the impression what is going on. If you visit my build log (Zeven Provincien, 1665), you can probably see a bit more detailed explanation of the first steps which were similar to Mile’s.


First: Making the hull...







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To Omega 1234:


Concerning the carvings, I can tell here for Mile something since Mile is not using a computer much…


Mile is doing carvings out of the pear wood. The tools are made by himself and out of old drills. Some of them I show here on the photo so you can get an impression. The carving procedure is following:

Print a sculpture in scale of the model on a paper

Glue the picture on the piece of wood (pear wood)

Cut the contour of the sculpture (around the picture) with a fret saw

Start carving – leaving the upper contours untouched and carving away the areas you do not need

Practice, practice, practice…


My remark: Boxwood would be even more suitable for the carving work, but the pear wood is also a good material too.





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