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How Many Clamps do you have? And What size Ranges are they?

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Looking at the numbers of clamps that I have for building now. Just wanted to know how many you might have?



My total is:


Kant Twist clamps-26 total ranges in clamping size from 1" to 10"


Machinist Parrellel clamps-10 total  from 3" to 6"


"C" clamps  - 12 total-   from 1" to 14"


plastic clamps from Model Expo small 20 total 1/12" large 10 total  2 1/2"


plastic bar clamps  6 total  6"


Today ran out of the plastic clamps-small in clamping up parts that I was veneering,so I have ordered another 1o0 to add to the growing collection.


I keep them in drawers seperated by type and size.



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HI Keith, one can not have too many clamps, cramps as some people say.


I have lots of wooden cloths pins in 3 different sizes that I shape for special jobs, lots of plastic spring clamps in several sizes, brass bar clamps, metal spring clamps in many sizes and shapes, fly fishing clamps, auto hose clamps, macinists clamps, women's hair spring clamps, small quick release clamps that Dr. McArdle recommended in his book Sussex, plus other as one finds in hobby stores - you get the idea.  


And then there are rubber bands, an essential clamping device, wooden parralell clamps, 'c' clamps, wood worker's bar clamps, pipe and bar clamps, and more.  


Many can be had cheap, and I always look for clamps at tag or jumble sales.  Plus you can make some for difficult situations,   



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You can never have too many clamps in a workshop, from C, F,  G, parallel, machinist and pipe clamps to hair clips (DanVad tip) and rubber bands  and surgical tubing, you never seem to have enough of 'that right' clasp for the job at hand.  Yep I have all the previously mentioned including those little (toy) wooden pegs and a small-bucket of those plastic clamps from the local hardware store.





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It that much of a problem then secure the model well, build a solid backstop in front of the bow and obtain some small turnbuckles or make something from a bolt and nut that can be adjusted to hold the planks in place. Often when a squease won't work, a push will. Need to be some protection for the plank to avoid marking. Should'nt  take much time to rig something and give it a try.


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Hello All, Merry Christmas and a Prosperous new year.


       Ye old  sailors of years gone past, spent there little free time carving sails from the oak wood grates used for transporting,oil lard,salted meats etc. On there return home Ships and sea, were painted on the walls of there homes and the wood sails glued to the painted masts, not needing any clamps.!!!. Edwin

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