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  1. image

    Very nice Patrick! Amazing detail for something so small!!
  2. image

    She turned out great Matt! Nice job!
  3. Billow3

    I see you've christened her Captain. You did a fantastic job on her and should be proud. Looking forward to the re-start of your Constitution. Congrats man!
  4. completed USS Constitution 010

    A fine job you've done with her Rich! Well done!
  5. She turned out great Bill, and your case is a work of art also. I would hazard to guess the case must weigh at least 150 lbs. A good stable platform.
  6. victory Bow

    Beautiful job Mike! I can't help but admire your attention to detail on this ship. I can only hope I achieve the same when I start my MS Constitution in a few months after I finish my workshop. Fair Winds George