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  1. Makes you wonder where the ancients got the knowledge. As another aside, they've found skulls that date back to 6500 BC that have holes in them from cranial trepanation. A quote from Wiki:
  2. That's what I thought Carl, but the 45° Lock Miter Joint was what I had in mind.
  3. Carl that looks like a bit for cutting table-leg joinery. Not sure about the box it's mounted in though.
  4. Nice score Brian!
  5. What's a Bieber? Some kind of new disease?
  6. You're safe enough if you require a lengthy password to turn on your computer. If you have a web-cam, just delete it from your computer. If you're still nervous about it, stick a piece of electrical tape over the camera lens. I wouldn't bother with a "tin-foil hat" just yet.
  7. Gotta agree with leaving the adult beverages in the fridge when playing with sharp objects, power-tools, or anything else that can cause leakage of vital bodily fluids!
  8. Punxsutawney Phil Suicide BREAKING NEWS: Punxsutawney PA (AP) - "Punxsutawney Phil" was found dead this morning at his home on Gobblers Knob. A full investigation is currently underway but all early indications point to a single self inflicted gunshot wound to the head, though police officials have not ruled out foul play. Phil has been under increasing scrutiny ever since his February 2, 2016 prediction of an early spring. The weather has showed no signs of an early spring, in fact most of the northern US is currently in the midst of snow flurries. "Punxsutawney Phil" is considered by many as the world's most famous prognosticating rodent. However his much anticipated weather predictions have missed their mark in most recent years, causing Phil to fall into a deep depression. Phil also stared in a 1993 featured film "Groundhog Day" where he played himself and two years later made a guest appearance on the "Oprah Winfrey Show". Phil is survived by his wife Phyllis and 352 children.
  9. I finally found a decent deal on the replacements for my Sweetheart Chisels that came back to me chipped, nicked, and one of them was even bent. Learned something though, besides never loan tools, but these Stanley Sweethearts are pretty versatile. Not only great for paring work and other related tasks, but they're also handy for cutting nail and bolt-heads off, as well as a wide variety of pry-bar uses. Anyway, I jumped on the $165 price-tag from Amazon, only to find out 2 days after making my order, the price jumped back up to $207. Still better than Home Depot that shows a $241 tag. Still had a little left to play with, so I added Crown's 4-1/2" Beech Mallet to it. Before I can use them, there's some prep work that needs to be done, like back-beveling and honing the chisels, then sanding and finishing the Beech Mallet with tung-oil. -- Always something to do!
  10. Hi Tyler, and welcome from Dearborn!