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  1. Happy Birthday Mark and Happy 4th Mark! Hope it's a great one!
  2. Wow, you've got a lot done on her Mike! She's looking splendid, as I knew she would. I apologize for not checking in for so long, but a couple medical problems put me down for a while. Still trying to recover, but doing better. As a side, I think the Santa Ana will look good on you!
  3. Sorry I missed the last couple months of this wonderful build Danny. Been a bit under the weather for a while now, but congratulations on another absolutely beautiful cross-section to accompany the Vulture!
  4. Makes you wonder where the ancients got the knowledge. As another aside, they've found skulls that date back to 6500 BC that have holes in them from cranial trepanation. A quote from Wiki:
  5. That's what I thought Carl, but the 45° Lock Miter Joint was what I had in mind.
  6. Carl that looks like a bit for cutting table-leg joinery. Not sure about the box it's mounted in though.
  7. Nice score Brian!
  8. Join the crowd Brian. It's just proof that the "Maker" does have a sense of humor! And in my case, I think he's getting even for all those suggestions I ignored when I was young. Been battling a few issues myself lately, hence my not posting much for the last couple months or so.
  9. Looks truly authentic to me Michael! Nice work!
  10. It's amazing to see the amount of research that goes into these older vessels. Very nice!
  11. Like Mark says Jack, it looks like you're overcoming the plan's faults, and doing a great job!
  12. Looks great for a first attempt Nenad! Nice work!