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VOLVO 65 FARR YACHT DESIGN By Pete48 Scale : 1/4" = 1' - 0" - Finished

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Today, I started by making the Boom Vang, I then thought I would try my hand at making the Bow Pulpit, ( This is the first one that I have ever made ) It took quite some time, when I was pleased I painted the Boom Vang and Bow Pulpit Red. The Boom Vang has been installed. Here are the results




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Today, I decided that the Volvo ( sail version ) that I started back in July would be made into a Sistership almost identical to this one. ( because I always wished I had done something a bit different ) So, I pulled it off the shelf ( it was kinda dusty it had been sitting there since then ) and faired the frames, I then made the Keel slot and installed it. the Boat is now ready for planking. I think a 1/2" = 1' - 0 "  would make a better sail version ( 32 1/2 " in length ) I will ponder that for sure. Here are the results




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HI Pete


Nice one!  I'm on board.  However, I think I'm losing track of your ships because you've got so many on the go  :)  :)  :)


Nonetheless, it's always a joy watching your builds and this sailing version, in particular will be beauty, for sure.  Do you think you'd be able to do a working version of the rolling furling gear as well?





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Thank You, Patrick, I think the larger scale will make an awesome pond yacht ( I will start it after I get a few of these completed ) I am also kicking around the idea of Australia II ( would be built static) I will be pondering it for sure, Roller furling would be nice ( we'll see ) 


Thank you, Piet, There are a few radio guys around here and I think the Volvo would blow them away, I am curious how well she would sail as well 


Best Regards,






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Today, I got started by finalizing the graphics ( I did not want to over do it, so I kept it simple ) I then applied them to the deck. Next, I installed all the winches, the forward hatch the stays and the bow pulpit. I then started on the standing rigging including the running back stay's. Next will be to finish the standing rigging and move to the running rigging. I can almost see the committee boat from here. Here are the results




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