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Roter Löwe 1597 by Ondras71

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My previous construction of a kit.. 

..is coming to an end, so it's time to start with a new one...

Another construction I'm starting is scratch build, I've decided for a ship from the 16th century, a galleon, which I always liked, specifically 1597 Roter Lowe..


I've had the 1:60 plan at home for many years, it's a copy of a well-known German plan..






The scale is close to fifty, still very detailed and mainly the ship hasn't got much decoration, which I do not dare make yet. I'm leaving 3D aside, I hope paper plans will do..


Right from the first comparison of copies of the two side elevations, I came across different front ligament shapes..


That's also why I decided to create a cardboard half of the hull and check the crossing of the ribs, and then do the plywood frame..

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Hi Ondras - 


This looks like an interesting project, a build of another 16th Century ship, and quite difficult, with your having to compare and adjust two different sets of plans.  I read through your prior build log, and you clearly have all the skills and talents that you will need for a fine rendering of the ship.


I have pulled up a chair and look forward to enjoying your progress.


Be well




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Thank you for your welcome here. I have books ready to support the construction :

Wolfram zu Mondfeld - Historic Ship Models

Rolf Hoeckel - Risse von Schiffen des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts

Herman Ketting - Prins Willem

Wolfgang Quinger - Wappen von Hamburg


Beginning "from scratch" is a bit different than a modular one, there is a lot to save and spoil..

As I said, I first created a paper half of the hull..




When laying a rail, some ribs really do not fit..


So I varnished the edges of the rib and there will be more grinding and adjusting . So treated ribs will be a template for plywood ones ..

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Hello Ondras

Your ship looks a lot like my Golden Hind.
I'm following your building log.


The book "Risse von schiffen des 16. und 17 jahrhunderts" is very helpful to me.

Edited by Backer
Copied title from book 2 times

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38 minutes ago, Backer said:

Risse von Schiffen des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts

Hello Ondras

Your ship looks a lot like my Golden Hind.
I'm following your building log.


The book "Risse von schiffen des 16. und 17 jahrhunderts" is very helpful to me.

Hello. Golden Hind is my favorite galeon, but Roter Lowe has won, because it is bigger .. I'm looking forward to building and watching all the similar buildings, including yours .. Only the Holad boat is a bit different from English, which attracts me ..:D

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Working with paper plans isn't exactly easy, but in the days before computers it was as well the only way..
The paper ribs really needed adjusting, making the radius accurate..

I transfered the modified shapes back onto the ribs. I transfered the heights and the shape of the deck 
and then deducted future planking..

I thought about a way of gluing the body of the galeon's hull, so that it wouldn't twist.
I decided for a reversed variant, where the ribs stand in exact height on removable parts..





Finished paper ribs and keel are now ready for gluing on 6mm plywood and carving it..















odebrání síly obšívky.JPG

Přeměření papírových žeber lištou (1).JPG

Přeměření papírových žeber lištou (2).JPG

Přeměření papírových žeber lištou (3).JPG

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The frame placed on the base plate ..


I painted the inner edges of the ribs, which will be heavily bevelled, black so that I did not tear off the edge when grinding..



A glued frame ..


Added base plate of the bottom mirror..



After the bevels, it's time for the 5x2mm spruce strips planking..:)

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On 23. 10. 2017 at 4:53 PM, Backer said:

looks good.
Well done Ondras.

Thank you Backer, I try to work honestly..:)


The correct shape of the plank hips is formed..



Bow and stern filled with balz..




Edited by Ondras71

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Making good progress, Ondras. She's starting to take shape.


I have a rather more personal interest in this build than usual, as Lowe is my surname (although I'm not "red").



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On 1. 11. 2017 at 10:59 PM, flying_dutchman2 said:

Beautiful work. Another bluff bow ship, just like my Utrecht yacht. I see that you did your planking the way I did it. Planking a bluff bow can be a challenge. 


Thank you dutchman2 :rolleyes::D:piratebo5:

Laying a cannonboard made of plywood 1 mm thick..



Edited by Ondras71

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So I'm finally enjoying working with cherry wood ..

The gun ports are brushed to the side's shape..



I tried bending the cherry, the first 5x4 mm strip in two directions, it goes easily just soaked ..



I started to tile the mirror with bright cherry wood, here is the future contrast with dark cherry..


created keel, stern post, stem..






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This looks to be a truly fascinating and instructive build.  You are making a very neat job of it, so far, and I will be following along with great interest.  I loved your router table technique for cutting the rabbet into the stem!

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Thank you honestly zappto, Backer, HubacsHistorian..!!

I placed the keel, stem, stern post ..



lepení kýlu (3).JPG





According to the instructions I found on the Internet, I have created a tool for accurate ribbing..



přípravek na malování žeber (2).JPG


And it works ..


přípravek na malování žeber (3).JPG





And it works .. When ordering wooden strips I forgot to order 5x3 mm strips for wales, so I was forced to make them on a saw ..





Edited by Ondras71

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Placed top wales made of 5x3 mm strips.. Bending it into an arc created an unsuitable shape at the stem ..




The end of the strip adjusted..



The result is satisfying ..


5a662bbeb33b8_lepenhornwales (2) .JPG.e13c8f42626ff0ee7999a8c35e31d01e.JPG

5a662bdd61abf_hotovhornWales (5) .JPG.00741abc214c78a61d393f5d74694288.JPG

5a662c37e6182_hotovhornWales (3) .JPG.bfe025f09773b0d1879b5ea96a4f25ad.JPG

5a662be32a6f2_hotovhornWales (2) .JPG.ba5eafb49573a6cffe0ba3e528ad8f51.JPG


planking started..



5a662bf0c4c88_prvnlitapodwales (2) .JPG.5e5755ad888476b87e07b8dfa5f7eb7d.JPG

5a662bf858536_prvnlitapodwales (4) .JPG.42391ef01a3d41d23020f2b380ba94f0.JPG



Edited by Ondras71

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