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Free Picture Resizer Application I programmed (to solve those image rotation woes) *Microsoft Windows 10 only*

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Hi all,


Moderators : Apologies if I've put this in the wrong place... please do move it.


I'm aware from watching the forums over a little while that uploading pictures to the forum can be a bit confusing and stressful, especially when it comes to why pictures that look fine are rotated wrong when they arrive on the website. It's confusing for us, but it also results in a bunch of questions to the moderators and admins on this site, which are hard to answer from afar.


To try and help with this, I've programmed an application for Windows 10 that takes images in one folder and puts them into another having resized and hardwired the rotation. If you then put more photos into the source folder, it'll just resize the new ones that haven't been resized before. You get to decide the maximum dimension of the resized image, and modify the filename for clarity. You can also set the quality of the new images to alter the amount of space the files created take up on your hard drive, and how much time they take to upload / download (this last piece of functionality was added after the video below was made.


Anyway - this YouTube video gives you an idea of what I've programmed... it describes installation and usage step by step.  I would STRONGLY recommend watching the video before you download the application and try it out. (It'll help me if I don't get asked to answer questions that are already answered in the video)


If it's helpful to you, you can find the video, and download link along with the documentation I'm half way through writing at the link below:


Please be aware - I've programmed this in my spare time... so whilst I use it myself, and it seems reliable, I can't be 100% sure it doesn't contain bugs. Please don't use it if you aren't happy to take responsibility for what it does to your computer. I can't take responsibility for loss of data / time or damage incurred as a result of using it. Nor can I offer 24/7 support (because it's just me). So - if you're happy to have a go, and try it out, then go ahead.  You will be asked to agree to this when you install it.


Download link and documentation:





Hope it blesses you. Let me know how you get on.


Rob Durant

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9 hours ago, Old Collingwood said:

Can I also add another  tool  that  members can use  if the normal drag and drop from thier  hard drive  is giving problems  - 





Thanks for that. I'll keep this link here, but please can this topic be limited to the software that Rob has posted here.


That will keep this topic straightforward. 

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Just a quick note to say I've finished writing some documentation that basically says what I say on the video, but puts it down on paper for those who prefer to read than watch.


You may find that the video helps fill in any gaps where I haven't described it very well on paper. Let me know. 


In other news, I realised that I hadn't implemented anything to make it possible to specify the compression of the outputted image. That's done now, so when you install the application you'll see a new slider - slide it to the right for less compressed, better quality, bigger filesizes... and to the left for more compressed, lower quality, smaller filesizes... 


I'd recommend around 90 for photos that look almost uncompressed to the naked eye, but take up 10x less space on your disk than the photos at compression level 100. The number in the middle shows the number you've selected and updates as you move the slider.






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38 minutes ago, Dr PR said:

It would be useful if you gave the resulting output file size in kilobytes or megabytes. Some web sites and email systems limit the size of files that can be sent


I agree.


Because JPEG is compressed each image will be a different size and depending on how complex the image is (how much detail must be rendered) the file size can vary quite considerably. But I could certainly provide an estimate. Or perhaps even a feature to resize to a maximum dimension or a maximum filesize (whichever was smaller). This could take a little more time for the computer to process but would certainly be possible.

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Okay - I've just uploaded v1.0.1. It adds a  filesize estimate to the quality slider as demonstrated in the video below.


If you've already specified a directory for pictures you want to size, the application tests the resizing of one of those images (the first it finds) to find the file-size estimate. Otherwise it uses a temporary image I provided for the application. It won't show an estimate until you've provided a resizing dimension, but the estimate is based on that rescaling size. It is still an estimate as far as any other images you will resize, but hopefully enough to give a helpful idea:



The uploaded application file is on https://durant.biz/pictureresizer/ as before.


Thanks for the feedback 




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Hi all,


A quick update. I've just released version 1.0.4, which has a couple of minor bug fixes and introduces application icons and a few other touches that will make the programme look nicer on your computer. Do uninstall the previous version first, then you can find the application here: 




v1.0.4 updates:

* When you close the application it will now keep hold of your settings, and bring them up again when you come back.

* The profile files now store the resize images option.

* Application icons and installer graphics updated.





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More functionality. Version 1.0.5 is on the website:






If you check the checkbox that says: "View each file individually before resizing", it'll come up with an image preview window for each picture that's going to be resized. In that window you have the option to manually rotate the image, and/or flip it horizontally or vertically. Then you can either resize that image, or skip it, and it will go on to the next image that's queued up to be resized. 




Again it doesn't make any changes to the original file. Just the new one. I haven't documented it yet, but I will when I get a moment, and I'll do a video too.


Hope it's helpful.




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A minor update in v1.0.7. I've added a Recent Files list in the File menu so that you can get back to recent profiles more easily. The list will be empty when you first use the app, but it'll fill in as you save settings files and start using them.


As always, this completely free (cost-free, licensing-free, ad-free) app is available at: https://www.durant.biz/pictureresizer/


I think this is probably the last update for a little while, and I'll work on getting the documentation in a bit better shape. It's a few versions behind right now.


Here's a screenshot of the recent files list in action:



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