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HMB Endeavour by RGL -FINISHED - Artesania Latina

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Ok, back in business, I originally saved each photo since 2009 in separate files, and will upload all eventually in order. The hull and first layer of planks of course is first, and the second layer with 5000 treenails. Last photo is where i'm up to, fitting the masts. More to follow. Thanks to the adminsitrators for their persistence.









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Now, the AL kit is very basic, so one needs to add proper stern decorations, hatches, covers etc. The rudder coat was a Lindor chocolate wrapper with platic card cut to suit as a collar. The Quarter badges needed to be filed out and photoetched windows installed.







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Up to date, after several years. The new site is really easy to upload to and file sizes are bigger and quicker. Well done. I am up to fitting masts and I am spending a lot of time serving shrouds. The mast coats again used plastic backed foil from Lindor chocolates. It works really well. 






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Hi Greg,


Your Endeavour is looking great.  I like all the little extra details you are including like the mast coats and binnicle details .  Your tops, masts and ships boats are also excellant.  I go through stages of indecision, wether I should build it straight from the box to get it finished or add extra details gleaned from AOTS.




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Geez, you do like to set me a challenge Greg and just when I thought I might beat you in catching up with the build-log :)


The masts look great.  I am about to add all the additional furniture and fittings to mine.  What did you use as your main reference as to what cleats etc went where?





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Pat, I used the AOTS for the cleats. There are a few contradictions, so you have to reference them against the belaying plans. I sat down Sunday afternoon after wresting the computer from the kids and just went through the folders that I had organised as the build progressed. I did cheat a bit and purchased the Caldercraft photoetch set for their Endeavour. The cleats, cannons and hooks were all after market. I have ordered a few varied sets of rigging blocks from JB models now I'm up to the rigging to see if they are better than I can repliclate and save me two years work.


Marc, I used toothpicks for the first layer to give it strgength, cutting them off with flush cutters. For the second layer, I used bamboo BBQ skewers cut into thirds then sliced vertically then put them through a 0.2 drawplate.

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Hello Greg

Did this kit come with the supplies for 4 boats or did you scratch build. Either way I love the multiple boats and also All the detail you've put into this one. I agree with your meditation philosophy. Looking forward to seeing her rigged. Are you planning sails, She has a lot of rigging to show off, which sometimes are better for viewing without sails, but I also like the furled look with dropped yards. I think Sometimes furled sails look better then saggy sails. I love the sails on a tall ship but haven't come across and method for shaping them so they appear as they have wind pushing them. I'm sure someone has or had that info and since I'm new I'll never know all the information I missed, luckily I did get a month and 1/2 before MSW 1 was lost in a puff of electrons.


Just wanted to say, hello and Very Nice build of a kit I like alot of a ship with a very interesting history. You've really shown what can be achieved.


Shine On -/\=


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