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  1. RIP, David. 

  2. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    When my Dr told me that my markers were rising despite te different medications I asked him if I could be a candidate for radiation therapy. Since the Myeloma is my entire spine he said it would boe be helpful but might finish the job early. He has prescribed me a medication used for the treatment of AIDS that was found to slow down the cancer in my spine. David B
  3. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    My brother in law and sister have bought some fixer upers for rental or resale when taken care of and one of them need a complete redo of the living rom. Half the studs had been removed for some cheap insulation and Ed had a lot of work on hs hands fixing the studs and replacing the insulation. Once the weather warms up comes the dry wall and plaster. Fortunately he can do the work himself to cut down the the labor. David B
  4. Terrors of a sailors life

    Life aboard ship back then was hard and dangerous work. Risk of disease,scurvy, accidents and death. If you were a topsman you went up even during a wild storm. And as a deck hand straining your muscles on miles of heavy line. As for food it depended if the Captain or Purser decided to line there pockets and left you the dreggs. A ship's captain was the ruler and master. And his word was law. Life was hard work and fear. 24 hours a day. David B
  5. MSW Sick Bay.

    May the Lord ease your families pain and suffering Chief. David B
  6. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Good luck my friend. Jobhunting has never been fun or easy. David B
  7. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I went on a 21/2 hr trip to Ames to watch my nephew's daughter act in a church play. It was their version of Charlie Brown's Christmas.I It was a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed doing it. I took soome photos with my camera but they were not the greatest. It was a long and tiring day but worth it. The look of pride on their faces would melt any critics heart. David B
  8. When I was still workng I needed safety glasses in the handcut area but the goggles did not work good fo me so I went and got some prescription safety glasses. I kept these in my tool box and they saved my sight several times. Another item we should have is anti-cut gloves. A slip of the hand and you could have some serious trouble. David B
  9. I was on the phone with a friend from where I used to work and he told me that one of the workers was almost killed and put on a 2 week suspension without pay. One of the material handlers was impatient and did not wait for our 25 ton Heyster and instead used a 10 ton Toyota to move a pallet of steel plate to the waterjet. The pallet was upopened so was very heavy. He tried to lift it and the Toyota's rear started rising. He would not wat for the Heyster and had another guy jump on the back to act as a counter weight. Witnesses watched as the Toyota bounced from the staock room until it crossed over to the main work place. The guy on the back was flung off and when the jeep came back down it missed his head by about a couple of inches. From what I was told the new guy was a newby but the material handler has been there for over a half a year. Since most of us work with potentially dangerous items I thought I would post this item on the value of thinking ahead before you work with a tool and read the safety manual that comes with the power tools. I think almost all of us have had booboos before. And hopefully wil not have them again. David B
  10. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I went to visit my mother who was admitted to the hospital for kidney failure. Things have not been good for her lately. First diabetis then colon cancer and now kidney failure. She has gone through her chemo and has had her first dialysis treatment today. I am praying She will be better but her body seems to be falling apart month by month. The main problem is She does not like taking orders from the Drs. and will usually do the opposite to show who is boss. But now She is scared and will do what they say. But I can see that She want to tell them to go to hell. What can my sister and the rest of us do? David B
  11. I rarely went to the trouble. I would wet the strip and take a bending iron to it and once it dried I would repeat the process until I got what I needed. The iron I use is one I got from Amati. I hop my sister brought with her since it was stashed in one of my parts drawers. David B
  12. Dutch WWII shipwrecks 'dissappear'

    What makes pre WW2 steel so valuable? In Lake Michigan there are shipwrecks all over. Near the North are freighters and ore carriers etc many have been put on the Historical Registery and further south you have Hellcats Corsairs and Avengers from WW2 when they were launched from the wolverine for flight training. I have met a few divers who have gone down and took photos. But they are still considered property of the usns and the fine for salvaging or looting is steep. To bad they cannot find the jerks who are doing this. David B
  13. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Try Chicago in Cook county or Elk Grove in DuPagr. Chicago they ignore you and in Elk Grove they lie and wait for you. Elk Grove can get pretty expensive. speeding and if you go a certain amount over the ticket doubles and they take your license and you go to traffic court. A big fine plus court fees and a no nonsense judge who wants your money. David B
  14. Then I doubt it beveling would be used to get a tight close fit between planking because of the hull shape. But when the planking is .5mm it is not really needed because they will sit tight with no thickness. David B
  15. If the planks from the kit stripped veneer do not bother but anything over that my answer would be yes David B