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Decorative Yacht by Dan Vadas - RESTORATION - Finished

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Hi all,


My neighbour just handed me a Yacht that may or may not have been made somewhere in Asia, or could be Scratchbuilt, to do a Restoration on.


It's not too bad for what it is - a couple of cracks in the hull (which makes me think Asian), the masts are loose, it's VERY dirty, and the rigging needs re-tying.


It shouldn't take me more than a couple of days (where have I heard THAT before? :D :D )


Before 002.jpg


Before 003.jpg


Before 005.jpg


Before 007.jpg


Before 008.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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A few more pics before I started dismantling things. I decided it was easier to pull the whole thing apart and start over :


Before 009.jpg


The crack in the hull. It turned out to only be the bulwark had come loose :


Before 012.jpg


The original "Chains", some rusty nails :


Before 011.jpg


Someone had attempted to re-glue the bowsprit using Stud Adhesive (sheesh) :


Before 015.jpg


Everything removed :


Before 014.jpg


Before 017.jpg


Continued in next post ......

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.... continued.


I repainted the deck, fittings and cabin and painted a red stripe down the side to cover my repairs to the bulwarks and also to make it "sing" a bit more :


Painted 002.jpg


Painted 001.jpg


Painted 004.jpg


And five minutes ( ;) ) later I had it all re-rigged. It actually took me about a week, as I've had a bad back and couldn't spend more than a couple of hours a day on it :


Rigged 001.jpg


Rigged 002.jpg


Rigged 003.jpg


Rigged 004.jpg


For my efforts I'm going to charge a bottle of a nice Single Malt Scotch - it sounds better than asking $80 for the work on a decorative model they bought in a garage sale for $5.00 :D .


Note ; please don't follow any of the rigging I've done on this on your own model - nothing is "authentic", but it looks OK for what it is.


:cheers:  Danny

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