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Cap'n Rat Fink

Hannah by Cap'n Rat Fink - 1/4" scale - semi scratch - George Washington's Colonial Schooner by Mario

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Hello All,

I have started modeling again. It's not like I haven't had time. But have been wood working and bee box building. Having fun. But getting back to modeling now. I am getting back to my re-build of my Lady Kathrine, my Echo Cross Section, and now the Hannah. Been studying up on all the chapters Bob has supplied with the kit. It also included 2 cd's with very detailed pic's on the build. I am considering rigging the ship since I have all the info I need for the model. It will be given to my oldest daughter Victoria. The reason is simple. Her 2 very best friends are named Hannah.
I will be getting very detail on my progress, because that is just my way. It is to help others, plus if someone sees I am doing something wrong, Please let me know. I will be starting the build board tomorrow. I will not be posting pictures as regularly as I use to, because my spare time goes in different directions with 3 kids at home. But i will post a lot of pictures and explanations of my build progress.

Thanks for stopping by....


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Hello All,

   There where some questions brought up from the NRG/MSW of this build log. But all is clear now and I will be back with updates on my progress soon. :D

   My I say I am all for and support the NRG/MSW on monitoring and verifying that everything is on the up n up here at MSW.


See you all real soon. :cheers:

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and a few more pictures.....






The LLC Hannah is a very nice kit for the beginner POF modeler. I consider my skills to be able to handle a much more demanding POF model. But I needed something to get me going again since I have been away for so long.

   I am building the Echo Cross Section which I will complete soon. My only hold up is how I am going to display it. I plan on displaying it a different way. I am also building my own D. B. it will look a little different. I hope to update my build log on that one soon...










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Looks good. I like your comments in the pictures!!




cog at times I think I do not explain things well. So I add my comments to the pic's so others can see what I am trying to say. thanks for your comment...


Excellent explanations, Mario. I take it this an inverted build, ala the Hahn method?


Canute it is right side up. not ala Hahn. But I do plan on doing one of those. Bob hunt turned it right side up as to not waste so much material...


Not sure how I missed the start of your log, but i'm certainly following now. This model is on my bucket list, so I should pay attention! 


Keith this is a cool little semi scratch kit. Having fun...



and thank you all for the likes.... :cheers:

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Interesting method of making a build board, Mario.  I've not seen one like that made from multi-pieces of wood.   Is that MDF for the build board?


So this is both laser cut bits and CNC cut bits?   



    It is mdf 1/4inch. Yes both on the cnc n laser. When I got the kit in the mail it came in a little box. Surprised me at first. I thought the B.B. was coming in another shipment. Then I saw it was in multiple pieces. But it is sturdy and holds the Keel nice and snug.


Very interesting, Mario - she's coming along well.



Hi John,

  Thanks for stopping by. It's going to be fun!


The transom support piece is a very nice addition to the building board. Should make installing those pesky transom timbers a breeze.



   Reading up on the chapter for the transom it will work pretty good. I'm a hoping.


hey there Mario.....glad to see I saw your new build soon enough!   so glad to see you back at the table :)   very nice start to what looks like an interesting build.....looking forward in seeing more!


hey Denis,

    Glad to be back. But I have been w/w wood a lot. Building a few bee hive boxes, and scratch building Mid Century Modern furniture for my wife.(HAPPY WIFE....HAPPY LIFE).



Thank you all for stopping by and all the likes... :D :D :D

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