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Fletcher class destroyer by tozbekler - Finished

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Hi Tozbleker


Beautiful work! There's no doubting the beauty of these types of Destroyers, especially with their sweeping sheer lines.


The details that you're adding is amazing. Somehow, you make it look so easy!







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Some photos of the Fletcher I was a gunners mate aboard, we were in a collision on 19 june 1960, killed more than the Kamikaze that hit between the stacks while she was on picket duty in Leyte Gulf, both on the net if interested. The 3" 50 is not aboard the Ammen, but it is a good photo of the 3" gun, the 5" guns are in the configuration you want for the updated Fletcher you have, photo was just after collision, just before dry docking, counter flooding had leveled her out.

Doing some nice work, other than the lack of K guns, different torpedo tubes and the hedge hog launcher and guns needing some fine tuning, she looks good, only someone who served aboard such ships would be as fussy as I.





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this model is not kitt...ı apply various technicques..photo each,resin molding(taret and fire directory,funnel) and laser cuttig...but drawing very difficult because no plan ,no done,only litttle bad plan and photo...


very well done Tozbekler,


you did an excellent job on your scratch build  :) ...



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