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Brigantine Phoenix by Bishophobbies - Master Korabel - Scale 1:72

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 I purchased this a few months ago from a www.hobbyterra.com, it is produced by ex USSR manufacturers – it's very complete and very detailed, all parts are laser cut – even the outside hull planking.  It has instructions in Russian, but I'm a little rusty so I'll refer to the picture diagrams and the English instructions.  When it's finished it will be 590 mm long, by 440 mm high and 220 mm wide.  So here are some pictures:


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The kit makes it pretty easy - all hull planks are pre cut to the right shape.  That really helps - I'll find out when I build the AL Surprise.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I've recently upgraded my tools in the shipyard, do you think I have enough paint?


The last three are photos of my office outside of my shipyard (storage room).


Life is good when you're retired.











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Yes - that would be great!  I can't help but think though that the effort you have to make to properly shape the hull planks is part of what makes this hobby what it is.  If it's made too easy then it takes away some of the craftsmanship that is needed.  That said - I would love to see more pre cut planks.

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The second set of hull planks have been installed, also the decking and internal hull sheeting.  The wood here is untreated, I plan on staining the wood with MinWax stain, and I hope that I've gotten all of the wood glue removed (sanded off) or the stain will have another color.  I can see in these pictures that there are areas that need attention.  Any suggestions on glue removal?  I've tried to be really careful, but evidently not careful enough.














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Ok - I'm back on the job.  I'm going to finish this thing.  The first thing I've done is hang up some of the ship plans then sort the various dowels in the kit according to their callout on the plans. 

I've also included some pics of my small work area.




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