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Hello from Germany - I'm the daughter - my dad is the builder

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the topic sort of says it all.

My father has been building a modell from scratch for the past 36 years. The scale is 1:38. He is 78 years old now and is starting to suffer from dimentia. Before Chirstmas 2017, he was at a point where he had stopped building for about 1 1/2 years. The standing rigging was about 1/4th of the way. The problem way, he was stuck and could no longer make any sense out of what he was reading in his books.

That is when I stepped in. We have now completed the standing rigging together. He can still make ropes, make thimbles, blocks, you name it. But he gets confused when he tries to atach ropes on his own so I am sort of the one who decides what we do next and then we do it together.

He can help when I tell him what needs to be done, but that is the problem: I do not know, either. So I am reading, doing research, we even did a trip to the original ship in Portsmouth in January together.

His background is electronic engineering and he has been doing woodwork as a hobby as long as I can think. I am a teacher and quilter - which sort of helps with the rigging, as I am good with thread work.

One goal is to get it done. Someday. Maybe. The more important goal is to challenge his memory and his manual abilities.


I think we have every book on the planet about the ship. The one thing I cannot find is a precise description about the size of the sails. You know - being a quilter, I sort of like patterns ;-) . Any suggestions?



Standing Rigging.jpg





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Hello Barbara and dad,


welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay. That is a very interesting introduction you have given and I wish you and your dad all the best with this great hobby.

Telling by the pics of the Victory model you have a very skilled and talented and experienced father. It is a pleasure to see you in his footsteps, looking forward for more to come...



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Remarkable build. Its a testament to your father's woodworking skills and attention to detail of an engineer. I was stationed at the Kaserne at Babenhausen in the early 1970's so I know something of Gerrmany. Your dad id a lucky man to have you to help him. If you can go to YOUTUBE and search scratchbuilt wood models. There you will find video in sometimes both English and German. Also search the name of his vessel.

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Viele grusse, Barbara! That is a bitter-sweet story. I'm delighted that you are helping to complete the rigging on your father's model. To be honest, most of us need time to figure out the complex rigging from this era. The work that your father did on the hull etc., is beautifully done and the completed model will be a family heirloom, I'm sure. He is very fortunate in his choice of daughter!

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This is a bitter sweet tale you tell Barbara. The model speaks for itself but your being there by his side shouts out your love for him. We all should be fortunate to have a daughter like you.


Thank you for sharing. Press on and keep in mind that the journey may be just as important as the task. God bless you both.


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This is an absolutely incredible model in every detail - your father is quite skilled!  It's a nice story that you are helping to finish this and complete his vision.


I wish I could help with the sails...but just wanted to say thank you for sharing this immaculate model.  Good luck!

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Hello Barbara

I do not know how large the sails would be in 1/38th but I imagine they would be quite large. One somewhat expensive option could be to buy a sail set, https://www.modelerscentral.com/decorations/sail-sets-sail-plans-sail-cloth/mantua-sail-sets/sail-set-hms-victory-178-scale/ and scale them up to your size. Probably a less expensive option would be to buy a plastic model and use the sails from the kit as a pattern and again scale them up to match your scale. wish I could help more as your father and you have made a fantastic model truly to be proud of.



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17 hours ago, markjay said:

Beautiful work... you might try this linl https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/7527-making-sails-for-hms-victory/

Good luck

Thanks for your help. That was the initial post which led me onto this group. 😊 It is a good starting point but it does confirm what I mentioned: there are no sail plans in those books. Of course, I can go ahead and measure when we have the booms up. But.... arghh... 

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