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Medway Longboat - 1/2” scale by RichVee

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I wasn’t going to start a log being a “rookie” at planking and probably having very little to offer, but I’ve decided to join the crowd anyway. I got a bit of a jump on some being able to pick up a kit from Chuck at our club, but Im sure you will catch me as I slow down now that I’m ready to start fairing the hill, something I’ve never done before.

here are a few shots I took.

The first two show the completed keel and the 5 one piece frames test fitted. 


These next two show all the frames finished and glued up. Everything went together real nice with minimal amount of sanding. I do however think I rushed the gluing process and have I a few frames that could have been more snug in the keel notches ..I think I may have to add a shim or two on some frames. 


I plan on bringing the model to our next meeting to get some input on fairing and the like. 

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Thanks for all the "likes" guys...

After additional fairng, and re-lining the hull, I have started the task of planking a hull for the first time. Special thanks to Chuck for a tutorial on plank bending this past Saturday at his place for our club workshop day. It sure helped seeing it done, but it didn't stop me from cracking plank #6---   Good thing there's extra space on each sheet for cutting new planks. I cut a new plank, and after some sanding and shaping and bending, it looked good.  I was so excited it came out nice, I went and glued it on without shading the edge with a pencil!! 😱. So that plank came off, and of course, not in one piece. So back to the sheet to cut another. Third time's a charm.  So I'm at 3 strakes on one side and two on the other. Holidays are going to be busy so I'm not sure when more will get done. But I'm  happy with the progress so far. 






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Hard to believe it's over a month since my last update. Planking continues. I've broken more than my fair share of planks, so I got a lot of practice cutting planks. Also had to cut one a bit wider to get each side back in alignment.  I cut so many planks, I actually ran out of extra space and I had to get another sheet of wood from Chuck to continue. (Thanks Chuck!)


I'm having better results soaking the planks in water a bit and then bending with heat. 

There's some bumps at the bow I'm not real happy with. I'll need to do some work there, and touch up and sand other areas to get a smooth shape, but all in all, for my first attempt at planking anything, I guess it could have gone worse. 

3 more strakes to go...




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Thanks Chuck. And thanks for the likes from all. I have a question.

When I get to that final strake, should the top of each frame sit flush with the top of the last strake? I'm guessing if the frame protrudes over a little we simply sand it down? What if a frame doesnt reach the top? 

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Well, here it is. My first planked hull. Sanded and ready to remove the frames.  I made a lot of mistakes. Not thrilled with the seam at the bow on a few planks, got a little over zealous thinning the wales near the stern on the port side.  But for a first attempt, I'll take at as a learning experience. I know if I did it over starting tomorrow it would come out better. That's the important thing. Keep getting better. 




I'm pretty happy with the overall symmetry. A little sanding at the sheer and I think it will be OK. 

Some more sanding at the bow is also in order. 


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Some progress to report

Sanding of the cap rail is done, and my horrible paint talents are on display. 



had some fun with the frieze. Turns out the sheets Chuck included with the club's packages were a bit small. Led to a little angst wondering if I've done something terribly wrong. Downloaded to PDF from here, and there was no issue with the length. 





next up, moldings. This is my first time scraping a molding, so I'm keeping the design very basic.  About have a dozen razor blades later, I was able to come up with a shape I can live with. 


Next up will be adding the moldings, then it's time to start the nails. 

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Haven't updated the log in a while, but work continues. 


Molding installed and nails done. Again, if I had it to do over, I'd add the nails after installing each plank.  


Floorboards were up next. Bending these boards was fairly easy. Even the thicker ones. The tougher part was shaving the nylon line flush with a razor on the bent boards without shaving pieces of the floorboards with the edge of the razor blade.


           The platforms were next up. The aft platform is easy compared to the little platform at the bow. The angles are tricky, and I cut a few cardstock platforms before I liked one and then transferred it to the wooden platform. I still had filing and shaping to do until I was happy with the fit around the inside edge, and making sure it sat fairly level. 


Next were the risers and thwarts. I marked the distance from the top of the rail to the top of the risers on each frame as Chuck suggested. Then measured again to make sure. I took a lot of time getting the height right on both sides. Last thing I wanted was to get to this point and then have a noticeable slant to the thwarts!! The risers were then bent to fit, clamped to the sides, and marked of for nails. I applied the nails off the model. Much easier than it would be after installing the risers.  Then they were glued up, with a clothespin "clamp" on each frame.  Next up was gluing the 2 layers of each thwart together, then fitting them into the slots. The first thwart at the bow was the trickiest. Again, a cardstock thwart was made and cut too fit before trimming the real thwart.. I still managed to mess up the "real" thwart. Luckily there's plenty room around the edges of the laser sheets to cut a replacement thwart! 


So here it is as of today. I think I'll add a coat of wipe on poly to the floor and platforms before proceeding the the cockpit bench.  









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The interior is coming along. A lot of new techniques for me..

Carving the windlass.. I wish I could have gotten some sharper, more pronounced angles. 

Blackening and working with brass. Used the Jax Pewter black. No major issues. Just make sure the brass is super clean, and brush it on. 

Turning belaying pins in a Dremel. This went a lot better than I thought it would. I was happy with the appearance of the pins.




Just a few more things to add...Block and roller at the stern, rudder, thole pins, grapnel and oars. 


Wile I do plan on rigging this, I think that's going to wait while I get back to the Kate Cory. I've been itching to get back to that. 

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The rudder is done, the thole pins are installed. For now, t's done. I'll come back and rig it at a later date. Right now it's time to get back to the Kate Cory and finish the whaleboats and her rigging. I'm itching to get back to her and complete it. This has been a great kit and a great learning experience. Many techniques I've learned and tried for the first time, and they'll be more when the rigging begins. Thanks for a great kit, Chuck!




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