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HMS Victory by Vane - Corel - Scale 1:98

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HMS Victory - 1st build

25 years ago I bought this kit from Corel as I have always been curious on modelships. The first couple of years I managed to build the hull of the ship and but when I when it was time to start with the masts I lost interest in the project.  I picked it up a few times over the years but it was always just for a few days. Probably I should have started on a simplier first build but when you are young and naive you tend to aim for the sky.

Now I am destined to complete this build and I have also started on another ship to give it some variation. I just recently found this forum and maybe you guys can inspire me to ensure I complete it. Since its my first ship I am far from the skills of what I have seen here.     



According to Wikipedia, HMS Victory is a 104-gun first-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, ordered in 1758, laid down in 1759 and launched in 1765. She is best known for her role as Lord Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar on 21 October 1805. She additionally served as Keppel's flagship at Ushant, Howe's flagship at Cape Spartel and Jervis's flagship at Cape St Vincent. After 1824, she was relegated to the role of harbour ship. In 1922, she was moved to a dry dock at Portsmouth, England, and preserved as a museum ship. She has been the flagship of the First Sea Lord since October 2012 and is the world's oldest naval ship still in commission, with 241 years' service as of 2019.




The kit

This is one of the cheaper and smaller Victory kits.  The wood was very good especially the walnut. Lots pre made stuff in the box. Some of the details are made in some kind of pressed woodenmass/paper which makes Nice details but kind of not the buildquality you want. Canons and gunports are pre made and may not look perfect but is easy to assemble for the beginner.  Very few pre made parts for the masts and yards. 


I like that there are many plans and that the are reasonable in size. But the manual and instructions are quite bad. 




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Consistent headings/style with my other buildlogs
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I am truly sorry for the absence of updates. Work has progressed, but I havent had the time for writing about it. 


I have been mostly into the masts and the yards. Basically all of the wooden work has been finished.  


I also decided to pick it up a notch... with two additional builds that will get their own buildlogs soon. Anyone that can identify them?


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A few thoughts on the kit itself. I bought it in the 90s so it might have been changed since then?


Anyway, first the scale...1:98.. i would probably had prefered something much larger which could give Victory the details it deserves. However, then it would had been an enourmous model just to place in a room. Now its slightly longer than meter which is quite reasonable. But you miss out on the details and its trick to handle everything when building it.


The plans are quite Good. Nicely drawn and I really like that they are many but not oversized. But there could had been more details and explanations in them.  Especially regarding the size of things. 


Excellent quality of the wood. Lots of pre made stuff making it easy to build. Well besides from the masts and yards which is totally made from scratch.


Mtrl... the pressed wood/paper solution brings out lots of details but it also looks kind of fake.


Rope... Well if you want to paint your ship (which i think would be the first option) you dont get anything in Black. that sucks. 


Missing pieces,  most things were in the box. I missed a bowsprit Cap. Now at the end I also realized that i am running out of some things. some walnut sizes. Also rings and eyebolts.


I am overall happy with the kit but there are s few things that should be upgraded.


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I have been looking into the buildlogs for inspiration for my upcoming rigging work. There are a huge number of Victory models being built. But unfortunately, there are not many of the Corel version and most of those seem to have died during the build process. 


Anyone know where i can find lots of photos of the rigging and mast/yard details on a Corel HMS Victory 1:98?

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Working on the yards. I decided to do the "thinkening" in the middle bit differently than suggested by the plans where you have to put 8 very small pieces together. Instead i just make the yard Square. Add 4 pieces of thicker planks together and thereafter carve out 8 sides. 



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I will soon post more photos on how the ship looks today, but first I revisited some of my old archives and found some photos that must be more than 15 yrs old probably shot with my first digital camera ever so the quality is really bad.

Unfortuntaly, I didnt find anything from the start of the build. Maybe I have some old traditional analog photographs hidden somewhere…

Here we go:









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Thanks 🙂

Well, considering I build this mostly 20yrs ago and its my first, I am quite happy so far but its far from other builds on this site. Back then it was also difficult to get info and help since Internet had merely started. I remember ordering numerous of books from UK and here are the ones that help me out abit. 


I have started with the rigging and its both fashinating and scary.  This is definitely not the right model to start with, so i am doing HMS Snake in parallel. Not sure which one that will come first to the finishing line....


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Thanks, I just had to do it... but how in the hell am I am going to keep my fingers from it is the next question….?

Rigging Victory is fun, rigging Victory is fun, rigging Victory is fun, rigging Victory is fun, rigging Victory is fun, rigging Victory is fun, rigging Victory is fun, rigging Victory is fun, … if I just say it enough times I might convince myself?! :-P

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