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2 hours ago, ccoyle said:

It depends on whether you're looking for true PoF or not. BlueJacket offer the Baltimore clipper Jefferson Davis, and though the ad copy says "true plank on frame", I believe it is actually modified from actual practice. Makes a great model, though.

Likewise, the Bluejacket America is POF...

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To essay as to why this search may be a dry hole


The two "POF" schooner kits -  Are not what an actual POF hull would be.  They appear to be at best 1/3 room and 2/3 space. Almost a cartoon, if the frames are left unplanked.


The Hahn method - a modeler's convention - not a reproduction of actual hull framing is 1/2 room and 1/2 space.

The actual framing - from the early 18th century until 1860 was individual to the ship and country of origin.  An average - would

be closer to 2/3 room and 1/3 space.  The other extreme - with some Continental frigates - all room except for all but invisible air circulation gaps.

Framing these as built and showing the frames - it would  be essentially a solid vertical wall - not visually interesting at all.  Leaving out every other 

bend - a more interesting hull.  Since this is Hahn's period of interest, perhaps this is a source for his style.


It is my experience that a true POF hull - either done using a modeler's convention style e.g. Hahn/ Navy Board or actually mimicking the

the actual vessel would be difficult to mass produce.  It is labor intensive,  No two parts are identical.  Current methods - especially Hahn or Navy Board -

have a high waste factor in timber wood stock - almost profligate.  And the wood species needed for the timbers can be expensive. 

In actual practice,  a first rate almost required a forest to frame.  In England, the first real one was so expensive,  the tax revolt was a tipping point for a 

major change in governance.  The requirements for timber stock for a model in the larger scale range almost feels as significant.


With the methods in current use,  about the only short cut is to start with a set of plans or monograph with the individual frames already lofted.

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On 8/4/2019 at 4:40 PM, JJT said:

Check out Okumoto ship models. Not sure where to buy them though.

Their web site is ec.en.ship-model.net but all their models say they are sold out. It has said this for the past while. Not sure what that means. Maybe they just don't ship outside of Japan?

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I heartily second Jaager’s August 7th post above.  Why build a model highlighting exposed framing if it doesn’t represent actual practice for the ship involved?  An exception would be the overlapping frame convention for Admiralty style models of Eighteenth Century ships, a model of a model.


In fact there was a huge huge variation in framing practices depending on where the ship was built and who built it.  For example when the 1840’s vintage Charles W. Morganwas replanked several years ago at Mystic Seaport they were surprised to find many frame segments that were not fastened to their neighbors.  They had apparently been added as planking went forward.  Not all framing was fully lofted and assembled beforehand.


BTW there are two Syren kit longboat models, the original 1:48 scale version and the later 1:24 scale Medford Longboat kit.  While both kits are technically plank on frame, the 1:48 scale kit does not reflect actual framing practice for these boats.  The 1:24 kit does feature the closer spaced frames and overlapping floors and futtocks of the actual boat.



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