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HMS Kent 1942 by RGL - Trumpeter - 1/350 - Finished - heavy cruiser

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I got sets of decks, one that came with the PE focsle and a plastic backed (non adhesive deck- absolutely a nightmare to work with) and a full adhesive deck with a wooden focsle now cut to size. What you can’t see is I scraped the inner gunnels down so there is a half mm ledge, where I will now break lots of drill bits when I make the holes for stanchions. 

this ship actually had a painted deck. Jamie from Sovereign Hobbies is pretty much the expert in RN paints so I’m going to go with what he says. The colours may not be 100% accurate from me but Meh. It adds to the challenge weathering a painted deck like I did with My Essex. I’m thinking of giving it a clear coat over the deck first to help the paint bed down. 724676DB-3417-4157-84FF-663C2B4C3E1B.jpeg.8affe3d315db47d8246acd1965cff2c3.jpeg

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1 hour ago, cog said:

"AK" has paint sets for the Eastern and Western approaches which are very close, so does "Lifecolor". BNA modelworld has both of them e.g. RN Eastern Approaches


doing great

cheers mate

I have used  Lifecolor   on my old  Warspite build  - as you know, they are excellent  paints.



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Trying to become an another 'armchair expert' (btw did not succeed so far), I spent some time looking at pics of this ship class.

you already knew ofcourse, but these 'interbellum-designs' have beautiful lines.


I also came across some drawings showing them in the 'old fashioned' white-yellow paint scheme. That would be a nice contrast: another of this class in another scheme. Or are those drawings just fantasy? 



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The “yellow and white” scheme referred too, was the pre war colour scheme used for warships on what was known as the China station, ie South China Sea and surrounding area.

If you want to use this colour scheme you will need to ensure your ship was posted there, also you may need change armament etc to configure you ship to pre war layout. Not sure why yellow/white was chosen and perhaps someone could shed some light on this. By the way, great weathering to the model RGL am looking forward to seeing the finished article

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thanks all but Unfortunately if it’s not weathered now it’s bland! 

moving along, the upper works, unpainted, 2EDA0D81-D3E9-4654-9FA5-8B8CA8BA9333.thumb.jpeg.46a09a2c197fb04a2a3a2465aea7aa4e.jpeg


primer; you can see my scratch built splinter mattresses with the details scratched in, came up OK so far,B3D8D815-51FF-4C8B-9895-57BCE257433C.thumb.jpeg.5b8e714a64f182e24454e43191380879.jpeg


the first deck painted an old rust colour, I’ll give it some chipping fluid after I do a clear coat. These would have been busy areas with lots of foot traffic 66D8A14E-F30E-4875-8558-DD0DB5F21147.thumb.jpeg.d5a8f774bd8357a29027e92c90f87365.jpeg

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