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HMS Triton Cross Section by Rusty - FINISHED - 1:48

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Hi All,

Well here is my Triton Cross Section build pictures up to the point of the

crash of 2013. I don’t have the text but I do have all the pictures.


Just a recap. All of the frames are cut from cherry. The inboard planking

to the lower gun deck beams is also cherry. The outboard planking
from the keel to the wales is Pau Marfim. The wales are cut from ebony.

The gun deck framing will be cut from boxwood and that’s about all I’ve

decided for now.


So here are the pictures up to the current update. If you
have a question along the way let me know and I’ll attempt to clarify.


The first group here is the keel assembly then various frame pieces either ready for cutting or cut out.











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Thanks all. It's great to be back.



Coming up I'll be talking about treenailing the
inboard planking. I used a Dremel Stylus, with lithium-ion battery, that I
received for my birthday. Thanks to the Admiral for that one.



So having used it only occasionally so far I thought I would put to the test.

I gave it a full charge and then started drilling treenails. Over several days

I drill over 1100 treenails without recharging. Finally before I reached the

1200 mark the charge gave out. I couldn't have been more pleased. Now I

have a good sense how much drilling I can do before losing a charge. And

quite honestly I don't see a time I would drill that many treenails without

stopping so that adds a bit of comfort.





So now here I have the start of a row of trenails.


post-43-0-66357400-1361117697_thumb.jpg post-43-0-16260500-1361117699_thumb.jpg



And now here are all the treenails added and sanded down.




Now awhile ago it was mentioned to me that I had not added the holes and

cuts for the limber boards. As they were not on the original plans I didn't

give them a thought. After looking at some other builders who did include

them I though I'd give it a go.




Not as good as Chad's and some of the others but I'm happy.


Well that brings me up to date and now it's on to framing the lower gun deck. :)






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Thanks Mark and Pete,


For the exterior hull planking I used Pau Marfim which is the same wood as the planks.

On the interior hull planking I tried to use cherry but that didn't work out. So I used boxwood instead.

That worked really nice.

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Ok between reposting and trying to get somethings done I've never been so busy!

That's not to mention trying to read the postings! :)


Ok I've now started to frame the lower gun deck. I am using boxwood for the deck

beams, knees and carlings.


First I cut the deck beams and soaked them for 5 minutes. I then clamped the to a

block with a shim placed at the center to obtain the deck camber. I slightly over

bent them figuring they would flex back a little.




I let them dry clamped foir 24 hours. I then released them and allowed them to sit

another 24 hours.


They now fit the deck camber.




And here is the start of the deck framing.







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