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Worst Victory ever?

Patrick Haw

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The people buying those things don't really care or know, all they want is a display piece. Only problem I see is there are no disclaimers about historical accuracy that is obvious but I bet they are there someplace. They fill a nitch or they wouldn't be in business.


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It is easy to criticize something like this. As mentioned the people who buy this sort of thing are as has been stated likely just buying a piece of "decoration" As "offensive" this might be to some, think about the implications for the "craftsmen" who are making this stuff. (How different is this from the rather garish decorations that adorn a great number of houses every Christmas, the fake trees that can cost up to a thousand dollars? ) for them it is a way to put bread on the table, to feed themselves or family, some of them might even enjoy doing this work. I would imagine that it beats sitting on an assembly line installing "x" in an I phone or some other piece of disposable electronic junk (think again of all the stuff filling the toy shelves every Christmas).


I would not be too quick to be so judgmental of these things, just my two cents worth, and for those who are engaged in the production of this stuff they probably need the two cents more than I do.


Happy new year to all.



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These things have a place in the market,the people who make them are feeding the families,I would be interested to know the mark up though.Regarding the price,ask yourself how much an exemplary model of Victory would cost,then compare it with the what they are asking.


Kind Regards Nigel

Nigel, exactly what I was thinking when our posts crossed

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I have to say that I get a chuckle from the sailing/selling terms used Ebay (how many nautical terms can I get in the description?) . . .






Does anybody remember the Franklin Mint? A co-worker bought a finished model of the Cutty Sark from them in the 1980's. He paid $1000.00 for a finished model because "it's going to be worth a lot more one day". It wasn't a bad model, but it wasn't worth 1000.00.

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I thought I'd post a new contender for this title:




Their description put a big grin on my face: "From figurehead to stern, all details on the model exactly replicate the original, giving a museum quality of detail"


I wonder where all her guns went and what figurehead are they talking about?  :P

I'd hate to think what would happen to Admiral Nelson if he faced the combined French-Spanish Fleet in this HMS Victory  :wacko:

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So named Victory ???? :10_1_10:

This kind of model is not even funny he is terrible.
To call this creature model is insult to all of us hard working model makers.

This type of activity should be subject to severe punishment :pirate41:





My models:

From kits

Vasa, HMS Victory, Le Solei Royale, Friesland

From scratch

HMS Warrior 1860, Esplanade, Grosse Yacht

Norman’s ship, HMS Speedy, La Royale

Peter von Danzig

Polacca XVII cent.

Current project:

SS Savannah 1818





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I see what you mean Mark, in all fairness, I think I can forgive their "Catty Sark" since its name is different, must be a different ship :D




Ronald, as you have surmised, these are not kits, but are pre-built "museum quality models", well at least that's what their manufacturer claims them to be ;)

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They are built by a bunch of Chinese workers working on the floor and finishing several per day.


I think that which company depends on the company.  The owner of AL who now does this, is located in Vietnam...  but again, the floor and several a day.  China has become too pricey for these guys.

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Years ago I was lucky enough to attend the last WSMC  I passed a vendors table with several nice looking models on display.  When I took a closer look they looked wrong.  One of the attendees asked me what is wrong and I told him.  He said that they were China and were showing off some models they build.  When I told him what I thought he informed that my suspicion was correct.  The Victory, Flying Cloud. Wasa. and several others.  Same basic model just a different coat of paint.  He told me that they were not looking at us as customers.  But for those people who want something nice to talk about and do not wish to break the bank.  

David B

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Offended we might be as builders of model ships.


A market there might be, but time will tell if these sell.


I think most of us build these ships(accurately) for our own pleasure.


So I can see the objection. but its the enjoyment of building that is Important.


Happy modelling folks. :cheers:


foxy :piratebo5:

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