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Emma C. Berry by trippwj - Model Shipways - Scale 1:32

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Greetings.  The next build for the PHTS Shipyard has arrived.  Attached hereto are photo's of the kit and contents.  We will need to hold off on laying the keel for at least a short while, as the Shipyard Overseer has issued a management directive that states we must launch at least one of our current builds (either the Harriet Lane or the Ranger/ Detector) prior to beginning this one.  Looks like we need to put in some overtime!!!


The box cover




Instructions and contents




Laser cut pieces




Looks like one broke - believe it is a part of the windlass.  Will check into what it is supposed to be and decide how to handle.




My junior apprentice showing the size of the 4 sheets of plans.



Looking forward to starting this one!

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I have a friend who built this model a few years back.  It's really a nice kit.  I believe you will to be very pleased with it.


You have a shipyard overseer, they can be reasoned with at times.  I happen to fall under an Fleet Admiral, and it's much harder to negotiate terms with them.   :D 


Looking forward to seeing this one take shape!




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Augie - thanks!  The little one (Cricket) is a doll. 


Craig & Yves - have been studying your logs getting ready to start this one.


Tim & Bob - I utilized the most effective set of logical points and reasoning in a detailed conversation with the overseer.  Even tried having Cricket do her "sad puppy dog eyes".  Finally got special dispensation to begin work on the EC Berry, HOWEVER - at a cost.  You wouldn't think that a person with over 300 skeins of yarn waiting to be knit into something would need more...oh, well, it is a reasonable sacrifice!


Started work on the building board today.  Look for some poictures tomorrow (probably).  Now I need to find some more space at the shipyard for the in-progress builds.  This little corner is getting crowded!!!




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Your work area looks remarkably similar to mine, location wise! Except way cleaner than mine!


Although, honestly, I mostly just do all the work on the floor where I can really spread everything out and try to have it cleaned up before the Shipyard Boss gets home. 


Your Harriet Lane looks like a very interesting build from an interesting point in nautical history. I'm looking through your build log now. good stuff!



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  • 4 weeks later...

Carl, Carl, Carl...would I do that to you fine folk here at MSW?????


Progress is decidely slow right now, but there has been some.  I have built the build board, recruited additional workers (courtesy of Maurys) and we are preparing to lay the keel this weekend. 


The PHTS crew preparing the building ways. 




Verifying the squareness and alignment




Checking for the fit of the scarph.  A bit of sanding to remove the char then, this weekend, the keel gets laid and start work on figuring out where that rascally rabbet goes!!!



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Hey there, Frank!  Thanks for stopping by!  Almanza will be shifting over to this build when he gets done with the Harriet Lane, but me thinks the jr apprentice will have him wrapped around her finger in no time flat!


This is the plank on frame from Model Shipways - looking forward to really getting rolling on this one! 

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Hey Wayne, time to update the sig looks like...

Nice little POF kit, so are you building her complete or like the picture on the box where she's being refit?

I recently purchased a midwests Muscongus Lobster Smack kit, which appears to be a smaller version of the Emma. Its baby sister, HA!


Hey that one on the shelf? MS English Pinnace - I love that boat. and expo has it at a really good price. 80 with free paint, the email says Offer expires Monday, April 1st; cannot be combined with any other offer.  Wonder if that means you can still order it on monday for that special. I love the removable bulkhead which become frames. and that red paint and fraise with the pale wood. BTW does MSW have a chapter of kit buyers annon?


Tammys just started knitting recently, so I know what you mean. Who knew there could be so many kinds of needles, sheesh its worst the ship building almost ;)

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Happy Easter, Keith - hope you had a pleasant day! 


Not a great deal of building today.  Needed to make some modifications to the shipyard to accommodate the build.


First step was to empty the bookshelf next to the workbench and convert for tool storage.  The ECB will now reside on top of the desk until other space clears out (that is, if I ever finish the Harriet Lane and Detector...)




A different bookshelf emptied and relocated - nautical books now reshelved.




I invested in a second set of plans - nearly ready now to glue the first keel pieces and get underway!



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Sjors - thanks for stopping by! 


Keith - Nautical book collection fills that book case plus another.  We are still entering and cataloging our collections, but at about 120 Nautical themed books (excluding downloaded files), over 400 cookbooks, 150 terrorism and other emergency management related...and too many boxes yet to sort (philosophy, history, economics, international relations...).


Now, then, the big announcement is that the keel did, indeed, get assembled last night.  No photos but will get some up as soon as I get a chance.  Looks like this build is officially underway!

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Oh no, we may be infected with a multi-tasking virus. I've been working on the Swift planking but this diorama for the Peterboro is gnawling at me. Yesterday I got out the modeling clay and made a baquette and wedge of cheddar fof the picnic basket. If it didnt come from Sjors' maybe Popeyes the carrier.


I really like your new avatar Wayne, we have friends that autism has greatly imposed on, One of Tam's co-employees has 2 children with austism. Have you studied any of Dr Andrew Wakefields papers on his vaccine experiences.


Sounds like you have the book bug like me. I did an inventory a decade ago and it filled 50 pages of word doc, and the collection has doubled since then. All that and no nautical. Of course my collection is heavy on the science end. My problem is book shelf space. Ive custom build shelves and I'm running out of walls on which to build them...


So... your not stopping with the keel are you....? If so, make a trip to the yarn shop and maybe a knee-gotiation can be made for laying some frames. I really like the POF of this build, but I'm still obssessing that pinnace and MExpo now has it for $60, I believe they are mocking me. Although I do need  #67,68,69 drill bits for nailing and need a good excuse to justify the postage.

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Augie - what can I say?  it gives me something to work on when the rigging on the Harriet Lane gets to be too monotonous.  Still procrastinating, though, on planking the hull on the Detector...really need to get back to that as practice for this one!


Keith - my 13 year old is on the spectrum - diagnosed when he was about 9.  We have our moments with him, but overall it is just a uniqueness for him that makes our lives richer!  Fortunately, my 19 year old is both his "protector" and his best buddy, so that makes our lives much easier.


I did get the keel glued up last weekend.  I am now pacing the deck, so to speak, and looking at other builds to figure out how to do the rabbet.  Does it get carved in between the bearding line and the rabbet line on the plans?



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