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  2. Sapperred1, have a look at our card modeling tutorial. It's not a sailing ship, but it is a free model, and completing some or all of the tutorial will give you a good grasp of the basic card modeling skills.
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  4. Great result Graham, certainly a lot better than you would have got with flat black paint. cheers Steve
  5. I am allergic to spider venom , so if I SEE a spider it"s a DEAD spider!!! I believe in a preemptive strike!
  6. Good grief that's a monster. I'd be tempted to nuke it from space and hope it doesn't survive and mutate.
  7. I use either a piece of plywood or foam core board. Both are easy to move around and plans can be taped or clipped to them. I lean the plans against the wall behind my desk or place them on the floor, depending on how I'm using them. I'm very cramped for space and this works fine. If I had more space, I like Kurt's approach.
  8. Hi. Look on eBay BTW It would be a good idea to remove your email. List of items in part Issue #841 x 300 x 4 x 2mm Ayous wood strip1 x 300 x 6mm diameter Ayous wood rod1 x 300 x 5mm diameter Ayous wood rod1 x 300 x 8mm diameter Ayous wood rod1 x Fairlead saddle, foremast top, bibs and trestle-trees (14 pieces)1 x Printed plan for the foremast All the best Antony.
  9. Thanks for the pictures of the kit, they are very useful.
  10. Chuck if you go to the web site for Model Railroader Hobbist Magazine and register you will be able to access a pretty amazing tutorial on painting. Its free for the download. Also the IPMS web site has some treatments on painting as well. Joe
  11. Good Afternoon, S In a week or two I plan on building a plastic paddle wheel model. I believe that this is the correct order for painting wash all of the parts in something like Dawn dish soap spray primer over everything remove pieces as necessary, assemble, and then paint. Have I got it right??? Should I paint the parts while still attached to the (forgot the word) large collection of parts, then assemble? Is enamel paint better/same/worse then acrylic? Should I get a bunch of rattle cans containing the appropriate color paint? Chuck
  12. Hi Carl It only takes about 10 seconds to download ... unzip ... then move the folder to plug-ins. Can you see a Plug-ins folder or something equivalent in Gimp? Frank
  13. if this monster leaves the utility room and shows up in my workshop she is a gone girl! I believe she is a wolf spider--any naturalists on board who can identify her. I am assuming a female as I understand that most male spiders are tiny.
  14. Interesting plugin. I wonder if it would work in GIMP?
  15. Hi Allan, sorry you went thru the trouble. I should have added USS to my initial post. Its the USS Syren kit sold by Model Shipways that I am working on. I'm using The yawl as a pattern for ships boat that will hang from the stern davits. I was looking into using a jolly boat but I found more information for the yawl so I went with that. Richard
  16. Btw the kit is dormant for a good part of last 6years... thing with paper is, it doesnt go brittle, since its not painted it wont loose colours... i like paper model building for the fact that you need almost no tools. the qualityof paper used for laser cutting is, as Dan Vad would tell you very good.
  17. A little sneak peak to what you can expect from the kit. It also contain a few tubes of acrylic paint, which i swapped for different brand. The glue supplied is horrendous. If i have known what kind of rubish it is, i would have ditched it a long time ago.
  18. Pavol, Thanks for your input. I do plan to jump in to the hobby. Trying to decided if paper or wood first. both are better then the naughty stuff. mark
  19. please, do not consider start into the hobby. by all means, dive head first. it is the best you can do. besides doing other kind of fun stuff... ship modeling calms me down more, than when i used to do d... naughty things.
  20. Actually the USBrig Niagara is NOT a replica. It's an old argument though. Certainly she's been rebuilt to the extent that none-or very few-of her original timbers are intact, but the hull has always retained the identity of Niagara. People will strongly disagree, but the ships owners and operators insist she's authentic and have a good case for saying so.
  21. Thanks for the info. That is what I was wondering as I am still considering my start into the hobby. Mark
  22. Hi Fairly new to this site and have shown a few of my models recently. I wanted to introduce a piece of free software that anyone with Photoshop (PS) or even Photoshop Elements (PE) can use. Basically it's a free "plugin" that you simply download and move it to the "Plugins" folder in PS or PE. What this lets you do is take any picture and "immerse" it in water!! You get to select the horizon, wave height, brightness and a whole bunch of others. It works best of course when your model is in a horizontal attitude to the camera because it can only create a horizontal horizon. Here's a few examples using one of my models ... An outdoor shot with trees in the backyard apply the plugin ... Here's another becomes .. You can see that it creates a believable reflection and wave patterns and, with a suitable background, makes for a terrific screen saver or whatever. If the image isn't at a suitable angle you get things like this ... which can be quite entertaining I've picked a model from Pinterest and put it "in water"... there's a button with it which, every time you press it, will randomly put together a variety of choices so you can keep doing it till you get something you like. Here's a few variations on the above model Just one more ... OK, if you're interested it's a free download at I'll be glad to help you or do one for you (free of course). Frank
  23. well, i could say on my behalf, that its not easy, but also its not hard. i managed to build hull of the Le Coureur to relatively good standard, but poor choice of glue have prevented me from continuing it. one day i will take it apart and start over. also, you have to be confident in doing your own paint job. kit is supplied on plain cardboard, all laser cut, you just have to assemble it and then paint it. i would probably consider building something for the beginners first, as otherwise you are risking it turning into a quite costly fire-starting kit. that's meant to be when you fail, you start fire with it... i don't mean to discourage you at all, just giving you a fair warning.
  24. I am new to the hobby. I was wondering if Shipyard laser cut kits are considered easy, medium, or hard for the newcomer? Thanks Mark
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