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  1. Your craftsmanship is perfect, what a fantastic job of planking the whales and the rest of the hull. I have to ask what type of wood did you use between the bulkheads and how did you add the filler?
  2. the learner


    They look fantastic! did you do a build log for them?
  3. PS, your work continues to look fantastic as usual!
  4. Ed, I see that you used twisted wires for both the stirrups and foot ropes have you covered this before and I missed why you used wire as opposed to rope? and would it not be better to use smaller diameter wire in groups of three to look more realistic as rope? I have also read some where that the stirrup was actually nailed to the yard and wrapped around it 3 times before dropping down, can you show a clearer picture of how you attached the stirrup? Thanks Guy
  5. Kurt could you help me locate a set of hull lines plans for a Woban class yard tug? many were used by the army and Navy in the 40's and I was stationed on several during the 60's. at some point I would like to build one.


    Thanks Guy Bell

    1. kurtvd19



      I just sent you plans to your email.

      Take care,


  6. The restoration looks well done, but why the bright white sales?
  7. Fantastic build Clare! I think that its amazing the one can build using card, forget that all the good stuff is printed.
  8. Greg I like that you broke down the capstan construction, Thank you
  9. an impressively incredible build. The job you have done with the hexagonal tiles and the dragon's head have been outstanding! There is a model of a Turtle ship in the Ventura CA Museum
  10. Looking great! You should not have any problems doing a plank on frame model, try a Hann build!
  11. Well I have came late to your build but have enjoyed perusing your build log and watching your project grow of the GH. its a cute and well assembled model and I am sure will sit proudly in any ones house. I see you like building in smaller scale and have you planned your next build yet? I am off to visit your other builds, Great job!
  12. I just stumbled across your build, a very good job, well constructed and documented build! now I ask are you planning on masting and rigging her?

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