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  1. The beautiful beastie has her wings.
  2. Keith Black

    Howdey from West Texas

    Me thinks being daft is not optional, it's a prerequisite. 🤔
  3. I got the 200 error yesterday on three out of four photos I attempted to post. I tried repeatedly with the three that wouldn't without success but the one that did upload did so on the first attempt.........just now tried again and the three that wouldn't uploaded did so without a hitch.
  4. Keith Black

    Early Swift, Virginia Pilot Boat ,1805 model

    Hull painted, jury is out on this color scheme. IMHO the bowsprit needs to be longer or a jibboom added, as is, it's rather stubby looking.
  5. Paul, sounds like that one has your name written all over it!
  6. Jan Sorry, the vessel on the right with the leeboard and lowered mast made me think it was a Boeir........KB
  7. A Boeir is clearly visible under the footbridge in the background. The Torensluis Bridge "completed in 1648 and is Amsterdam’s oldest bridge still in its original state. It was once part of a moat around Amsterdam, so it is also the widest bridge in the city. Look for the barred windows under the bridge that serve as a reminder of the former prison once housed there". Every photo of the Torensluis Bridge I click states "maybe copyrighted" so anyone interested in viewing will need to Google. The Torensluis Bridge ceiling height is more than the photo of the footbridge I posted. There are some 1,200 bridges in Amsterdam. An interesting hobby could be made of visiting and studying Amsterdam's bridge history.
  8. To lessen vessel height due to low bridges???
  9. This is museum stuff right here! And I'm not talking some little Podunk museum, I'm talking a "national" transportation museum.
  10. Bob Is this what you're looking for? https://www.buya.com/Item/Details/BLACK-DECKER-Clamp-Vise-79-025/lite/30b4a689501f48b88bca3dcfc40b294b?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI286A2vKx4AIVkbbACh0xcgD0EAQYAiABEgKlVfD_BwE
  11. Keith Black

    Early Swift, Virginia Pilot Boat ,1805 model

    Long ago and far away when I restored cars, I could count on finding some pretty strange things but tonight has to be a topper. I had gotten the hull filled and sealed and was doing some deck work, I had the hatch covers off staining the inside and I found a broken bird's egg. I can't begin to hazard a guess but I would love to know the story behind that!
  12. Keith Black

    Early Swift, Virginia Pilot Boat ,1805 model

    Got the rear sliding hatch made. Managed to pick away most of the excess glue, still have some areas on the deck area to be taken care of. Busted off the rudder picking excess glue from around the hinges which was really a blessing in disguise as it has allowed me to get into areas I would not have otherwise had access to. Sanded through the heavy varnish on the hull and discovered why it was so heavy. The hull planking portion of the build didn't go well, reminds me of the old wood hull 32 foot Bristol Bay gill netters, more planking patches than original. Nothing like opening day watching captains play bumper boat as they set their nets. I think the only real option is to fill and paint. I'm inclined to go with a black hull as that is probably more historically accurate but any color suggestions/thoughts would be greatly appreciated! I acquired this model for 1) I felt sorry for it and 2) as a learning tool for rigging. My other project demands I have some rigging experience before attempting. New camera, hopefully I'll be able to post better pictures henceforth.........KB
  13. You were very successful, beautifully done. What type of wood was used for the hawk?

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