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Wilhelmina VII KW140 by kees de mol - Herringlugger 1914 - Scale 1/25

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Thanks for welcoming me back and for the kind response to my work on the deck. 


@Jan: The red is the basecoat and the hull will be painted black later. The inside of the the railing (Bulwark) stays red and offcoars the part of the hull beneath the waterline.



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Extremely nice work on this model Kees.  Very interesting build methods producing great results and your Milliput figures are true art.  I have read through your other build logs and admire your styrene work and weathering techniques.  I look forward to future updates and watching this build progress.



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On 7/1/2019 at 1:03 PM, YankeeD said:

Kees, very nice!! Question: the copper wire is that 1mm? where do you purchase that in NL?


I do find 0,5 but I also need 1mm and can't find it. (Maybe not looking hard enough....)


rgds Hans

The wire in the picture is more like 0.4 or 0.3mm but I will have a look for you. Maybe I can find some 1mm wire. I do know there is 1mm brass rodd for sale in hobbystores but thats very stiff rod. 

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haha, I am in the electronics business.... But no 1mm solid core copper. The main there is either stranded wire or solid core but then 1mm2 or up.

So As said I do have the 0.4 and 0.5 but 1mm seems hard to find. And some times you find 1mm brass but as said above that tends to be quite stiff.


Well we keep looking.


Thanks for all teh help/answers.  Hans

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