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Bismarck by Semorebutts - FINISHED - Trumpeter - 1/200 scale - with MK1 detail set

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Hi everybody, I actually started this November of 2016. for a long time I didn't want to create a build log because all I have for a camera is an Iphone se.  I didn't take many photos up till now, but I will from now on if the photo quality is ok.  Even tho I'm about halfway done here are the few photos I have so far. This is the first model I have built since Revell kits 25 years ago when I was 11 years old. So you won't see anything fantastic here :)



The first few photos is after the hull and deck have been completed.59d8eb75697cb_bismarck001.thumb.JPG.053dbf0791482da46d24c1236608c176.JPG59d8eb77b182a_bismarck002.thumb.JPG.80ef6a9a2ac149fef33d861c1fae4e22.JPG59d8eb79ca8e5_bismarck003.thumb.JPG.32f231c60ac09fc4c5c093232a166b9f.JPG

Some photo etch and deck fittings ready for paint with Tamiya Sky Grey



before weathering and after weathering.  this is the first time i have ever weathered. It's not a good job but it is what it is.


More photo etch. Also the smallest set of stairs i have ever seen.59d8eb848bfa6_bismarck021.thumb.JPG.9996b9726567813da6006687e321f5ed.JPG59d8eb86a5214_bismarck022.thumb.JPG.bf9eae3e700426d058d59354fe97bee0.JPG59d8eb88902b8_bismarck023.thumb.JPG.2ce8ba62a843e1206f6a76388e4cf8e5.JPG59d8eb8a98632_bismarck024.thumb.JPG.b0f5a365443276ee70819b8a0f2432ae.JPG59d8eb8c8aa14_bismarck025.thumb.JPG.6582d4442290d956888087a015370aac.JPG

And painted along with some guns


shes wondering why I have been working on my model for 6 hours forgeting to take her for a walk59d8eb9795209_bismarck034.thumb.JPG.e01e26473fcef729d654a6949bc7ef99.JPG

These Veteran Model mini kits of the various guns are so great. The detail is amazing! 59d8eb9ba473c_bismarck039.thumb.JPG.144beda0a2d4e23c5fc6ab4e43634870.JPG59d8eb9d90616_bismarck042.thumb.JPG.4b2a7b85e6282619346d43d2d3b6112e.JPG59d8eb9f83193_bismarck043.thumb.JPG.d882249a216be7f90ef558c8353a50a4.JPG59d8eba178ffb_bismarck044.thumb.JPG.d0435c365b4846703ba62200cce8bd8b.JPG59d8eba37d68f_bismarck045.thumb.JPG.b096b6ad2d2f5c03ffd99009c51cc5a4.JPG

my work bench59d8eba59ef20_bismarck049.thumb.JPG.738356041d073f904c71439c9c80149d.JPG

And finally some railing work brings us to where i am now with the model. 59d8eba7affb8_bismarck050.thumb.JPG.18f36f2efeb3df5e70670ff2c8d7ed64.JPG59d8eba9bf5fa_bismarck051.thumb.JPG.fac13b51205e699df925c0c75d7171d0.JPG59d8ebac1eaef_bismarck052.thumb.JPG.4c3f37923d709c61f9ed65d50a0b4bb4.JPG59d8ebae57488_bismarck053.thumb.JPG.8ff8e38cb20df45b6cf785c8ffa2087e.JPG59d8ebb0634e0_bismarck054.thumb.JPG.c024a673df7f6fedd82d81d35fcfaeea.JPG59d8ebb27a746_bismarck055.thumb.JPG.d71f0af303f9771a5567fd21186f15bb.JPG59d8ebb49dd53_bismarck056.thumb.JPG.93555ca232d80655a777cfdb4121a7dc.JPG59d8ebb6d5f42_bismarck057.thumb.JPG.0cd4d14ad25b1decde2b39812f2bdb80.JPG59d8ebb8d319b_bismarck058.thumb.JPG.acc7705d40e309768574d627dbec296a.JPG59d8ebbadd1ef_bismarck059.thumb.JPG.d40b40129a323cdd66c6c7625aaeac95.JPG59d8ebbd177e6_bismarck060.thumb.JPG.5b8351857af89c7cf18ea49d38c2f570.JPG59d8ebbf70d37_bismarck061.thumb.JPG.7395f0c83f459865678ac7ec10c7b405.JPG59d8ebc186533_bismarck062.thumb.JPG.f29147c1a40cb6f12ea4b37a84abaad4.JPG59d8ebc3b0e17_bismarck063.thumb.JPG.1aca092942b29d09c03046856a21fb18.JPG

bismarck 035.JPG

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Thank you guys! I havn't done a model since I was a child. Seeing all the great work people do on this site Made me think twice before creating a biild log as I am a rookie.  But I have to start somwhere.  Chris, it is huge challenge for sure! I never thought I had shakey hands until I tried assembling some of these tiny parts! 

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Today I continued work on the super structure. I woke up at 5 am I was so excited. I used a tiny amount of medium Zap-A-Gap to just tack the ladders and portholes to the model. 


After they have been tacked on I used Gator's Grip Thin Blend glue mixed with water to a milky consistency. I apply it to the porthole with a small brush. the glue flows around the photo etch I guess do to capillary action. it works quite well.  I also got more Veterans Models mini gun kits in the mail yesterday, these are great! sorry for the up-side-down photos... whoops.IMG_0591.thumb.JPG.6b4c1dbf4723738089666031f8d9d56f.JPGIMG_0595.thumb.JPG.d85ad5ebc2e003ff754eb3f4a9f819b1.JPG



That's all the progress for today.  Believe it or not just that took me 4 hours as I'm very slow.  here are some photos of the ship so far. the first photo is how i have to store it under plastic due to all the dust in my basement. I wonder if i can convince the fiance to let me set up my workshop in the living room...IMG_0597.thumb.JPG.191a895a364da4e82c9c14b6d5ecdfd6.JPGIMG_0598.thumb.JPG.c6d0cba7f9481126815abae033a4734a.JPGIMG_0599.thumb.JPG.d22cd4b851cdc9927f2f48537f3b7cd4.JPGIMG_0600.thumb.JPG.190cda4df920a76cdb2eba2a03c42991.JPGIMG_0601.thumb.JPG.4089f42419c654438dacaabfecddeef3.JPGIMG_0602.thumb.JPG.d63bc2644563615fafbff9cc37784d55.JPGIMG_0603.thumb.JPG.b43b4a7ac3529ae107b43736dfc41c75.JPGIMG_0604.thumb.JPG.c4b8eac149922e144bf3da529b41f0ee.JPGIMG_0605.thumb.JPG.5506eaee459e88fe770a070ceca06f88.JPGIMG_0606.thumb.JPG.1872f6934804b4e538f465c0e15410a4.JPGIMG_0607.thumb.JPG.79cfc5f3ffccf321d8ded94cc5f9bef8.JPG

I'am scared to weather the portholes on the hull, the rudders and the hull itself.  I'm not even sure what i weathered was done correctly or even looks ok. it does to me but I don't know much about weathering at all.


The way i want to display the two catapults is to make one put away and the other like its being used. the two planes will also reflect that theme.


When I built the case base I put a 1/8 inch slit around the whole thing. My plan is to build a acrylic or glass box to encase the model.  the two pillars the ship sits on are just two cabinet knobs from home depot.


And finally a few guns patiently waiting for there place in the world. It really shows the detail level of the VM mini kits. and I didn't use nearly all the pieces.IMG_0614.thumb.JPG.6cf23bd1a4664787dc2e53db0ebd09f3.JPG

Thanks for looking everyone!









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Thank you OC! Today I continued with the super structure. It's been a challenging day. Also I spilled a whole bottle of Tamiya Extra Thin Cement so I'm feeling a bit lite headed from all the fumes. First thing i did was try to fit the deck onto the first piece I did yesterday. It did not want to fit at all, but a bit of sanding did the trick.


Next I cut out some PE portholes and ladders.


Again I tacked them down with medium CA glue then thinned down Gators Grip glue to finish.


I also cut out the windows to the bridge.


The super structure grows slowly but surely.


Until next time!


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Canute, your right and  that's exactly what I did. I put a fan in my little window. It's sucking out air and the fumes are still potent!!

Thank you Robin!  It's amazing, this whole time I was thinking what a bad job I'm doing on the model. But when I created a build log here I got so many compliments! It's really what I needed for my moral and drive.  So really thank you everyone! :)

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Very nice and interesting BLOG. After Flory's Bismarck Blog, this is the best I have seen on Internet.


What is the name/brand of the small tool you use to fold your Photo Etched parts? It looks very nice.




PS: I have the 1/200 Bismarck and the Ponto set of details. Your Blog is very precious and a good stimulant to get started.

Edited by yvesvidal
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I don't see a rookie here!?!?!?!?   what gives..........where in the blue blazes, have you been hiding?   this is an awesome looking model,  with some really finely done crafting ;)    and to think.......I traded my P.E.  tool for a Billing's Bluenose............I'm kick'in myself in the butt right now!   we have a few excellent builds going on at the moment of battleships and cruisers....welcome to the club!  :)


beautifully done! 

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Hi Yves, It's called the etch buddy. I got it on micromark.com tho it's pricey. I should have gotten a cheaper one, they seem just as good.  I dont think I could've done this without the Flory models blog! It's amazing! I'm trying to follow exactly what he is doing. infact you can see his blog in the background of one of my photos. thank you for the compliment:).


Thank you Popeye! I wish I saw what you see. I see all of the mistakes every time I look at the ship, but that's just how I am. I assure you I haven't done a model in about 25 years:) However I am being very very very careful at every step being sure to study Flory models build.  maybe that helps hide me being green lol. I am going to watch closely your new/old heller kit, very interesting!



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Ragove,  Thank you! I try my best that's for sure.


I have a small update because I don't think I'm doing any more today. I'm not happy with this first piece. The hand rails were hard for me to put in as a result there is pencil marks and glue EVERYWHERE! I hope airbrushing hides a lot of the sloppyness.  Note to self, do not sand off the panel line that runs under the handrail. It would have been a lot easier had I not sanded it away.


This next piece should be interesting.


What a mess!IMG_0698.thumb.JPG.c9a124445b6acf30b256e1093014a318.JPGIMG_0697.thumb.JPG.aebf3c5f6839e84e2f115e6525a38121.JPGIMG_0696.thumb.JPG.7e0d103e482ef920fa13bcc6e4fc9f71.JPG

Have a great day everyone!



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can't throw denial at a face like that.......I have an Esky that does the same thing :)    tough to work around those panel lines......or anything like that....I've found it to the worst thing with plastic modeling.   I can remember when models didn't even have them  ;) whooooops!  showed my age :blush:   looks really good though........

perhaps you might be able to scribe some in.   really nice work area....I'd love a table that long!  nice bit of progress...really interesting  :) 

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I bought one of their other sets ( the set with Hitler is always out of stock!) and the figures measure 9mm which comes out at 1800mm or a shade under 6 feet. 


I tried to paint them with acrylic but couldn't get it to stick. Since they are resin I believe you need to use enamels or at least prime before hand. 




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1 hour ago, semorebutts said:

I'm going to order these little guys for the Bismarck. I have no idea how im going to paint them. At 1/200 scale 1 foot = 1/16 inch  So a 6 foot tall man is only 3/8 inch tall! 



Now thats added an extra dimension to the build, if you can paint them fairly well they will bring the build alive  like dafi  HMS Victory build with all his little sailors.



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