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Smit Rotterdam by Sjors - Billing Boats - 1:75 - Sea tug

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Hello All,


As the title says, "De Smit Rotterdam" will be my newest adventure.


For those interested, some history.


In January 1974, Smit Internationale decided to build two super tugs, which with their 22.000 IHP at that time became the strongest, operationally operating sea tugs in the world. 


The order for these two powerhouses went to B.V. Scheepswerf & Machinefabriek 'De Merwede' v h van Vliet & Co., Hardinxveld-Giessendam. 

The content of these tugboats is 2273 grt., Length a.o. 74.83 m, width 15.78 m and gr. draft 7.60 m. Two Stork Werkspoor TM 410 4 tew 9 cil. diesel engines, each connected to a four-bladed adjustable propeller, delivered a capacity of 13500 apk, the installed capacity is 22.000 IHP.


"De Smit Rotterdam" was the first of the two to leave the slope on December 6, 1974, after being baptized by Queen Juliana. In mid-April 1975 the tug came into service with Smit, to be used directly as the leading tugboat for the transport of the drilling and production platform "Beryl-A" of the Condeep type, with a weight of 350,000 tons. 


216 miles was towed from Stavanger to the Beryl field of Mobiel Oil, in the English part of the North Sea along with the "North Sea" (11,000 hp) and the Bugsier tugs "Atlantic", "Wotan" (both with a capacity of 12,500 hp) and the "Pacific" (10,000 hp), together about 42,000 hp of towing capacity.

In 1986 the tugboat was accommodated at Smit Tak International Ltd., Nassau, and in 1991 the sea tugboats of Smit Internationale and Wijsmuller were merged into the combination 'SmitWijs Towage C.V' and the tugboat sails under the name "Smitwijs Rotterdam".


As it often happens to ships, at one point they are discarded by the original owner and they wear their last years for relatively little money and, above all, with little maintenance, in the service of countries that actually sail the boats until they can no longer sail.  That also happened with "De Smit Rotterdam". In 2013 the ship came into Panamanian hands. In July 2014 De Smit Rotterdam was demolished.


Built: Hardinxveld-Giessendam.

Tonnage: 2273 gross register tonnage

Length overall: 74,83 m

Beam overall: 15,78 m

Motor: 22.000 IHP

Engine speed:16,5 knots


Fire-fighting: 400 tons/hour with 14 to. 10 ton a foam


Below the measurements of the model:

Model length: 95 cm.

Model beam: 20 cm.

Model height: 50n cm.




Smit Rotterdam.jpg

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I know Jan,


I build it almost 30 years ago also.

Then 25 years ago the next one.

20 years ago the 3th one.

8 years ago the 4th one.

And now the 5th.

And everytime it’s completely different.

But I know I will enjoy it again.

Only with me they have no time getting dust 😃




Edited by Sjors
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No Jan,


The first one was destroyed by my dog ,a bouvier des flandres.

She thought it was a chewing bone.


The next one was destroyed by my 3 year old daugther.

She was playing with it and want to see if it was the Flying Dutchman.

She trow it over the balcony of the appartment building....3 th floor.


The third one was trowing away by someone who don’t like me...

When i was at work,she trow it into the trashcan just before they pick it up.


The fourth one was stolen away when we are moving from Schiedam to Bleiswijk.

She was waiting to get in the car and i was going inside when we see a guy on a bicycle who stopt,take the boat under his arm and goes like crazy.........


So this is gonna be number 5




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Welcome everyone


@ Lou,


I just like this model.

I lived for 5 minutes away when her home port was Schiedam.

I see her many times and I was a few times on board to see how she looks inside


@ Ben,


As you can see I build her before and it's fun!

When I compare the first and last ,there is a big difference!

And when you get started ob your workboat....let me know!


@ John,


I have install a safe in the house 😁

When she is finished I will lock her away......


@ Wayne,


Nice to hear of you😀

We can make music together on Skype?????

Anja is saying Hi to you also


@ Denis,

You know that you are always welcome.

In the future I think you will build her also!

And Anja is protecting her 😝


@ Piet,


Also welcome.

I like the Zwarte Zee also and I have build her many years ago but now she has a plastic hull and I don't like that!

So no more Zwarte Zee for me!

Anja is also yelling Hi to you 😊


@ Nick,


Thanks for the welcome.

Health issues took me away from the workshop.

And because I'm a little tired of ratlines, shrouds and canons I thought this is a good change.

I will finish the other ones but not now.

I know now how she looks and how to build but as I say before.....each kit is different!

The first one was not laser cut.

This one is not totally planked!

I will close the hull but you will see how that goes.


Then there is for me a last thing.

For everyone a Merry Christmas and all the good things for 2019

Also from Anja !



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Count me in too Sjors!


I do think you should make it RC though - just so that you have another way of losing this one.... there you are sailing your newly completed model, when someone hijacks your RC frequency and sails your model off into the sunset.... 😀😀😀

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Welcome all of you who is visiting me .

This build log of course!


Grand was coming with the great idea to make her rc so someone can take it over......

I was telling it to Anja and she had the great idea to put light in it......

That should be for the first time for me to do.

So here are the new plans......

Light in the steering cabin, green on the outside for starboard, red for portside.

Maybe lights in the hull?

Light for a searchlight?

If anyone knows what to do.....tell me.

Then i don’t need a christmast tree anymore....





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I bet there were some bright work lights to light up the aft decks during night/low-light operation. A couple of bright LEDs or something shining down on the stern working deck(s) would look really neat in the dark.


I don’t know where they’d have been located, though. Could be difficult to actually place them and get wires run to where they should be on the ship.

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So, here we go..


The frames and strenghtenings are in place.

The beginning is there.

I also place the consoles for the axels and motor.( I don't use that because she stays static but want to show you how it works if you want it RC )


I have phone around and there will be no lights .......

I found it to expensive for what I want.

The model ,when she is finished, will stay at the workshop and don't go into the living room.

I'm only there when there is daylight so it's no use .


Then now the pictures.588902052_whatsinthebox.thumb.jpg.85f4b5a721a17d6a7dfb7264faa93bcd.jpg


What's in the box...... not much 😀




The frames with those strengthening183697881_Consolesforaxels.thumb.jpg.afdf61a3ce7b79de0bacf9601644b7f8.jpg


Console for axels




Console for axels 2




Engine console




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