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Impressive non-ship models

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OK I know this is a ship model forum but surely most of us can appreciate other models as well :)


I thought I would post a link to this site: http://www.armortek.co.uk/index.html


Armortek makes 1/6 scale model tanks, fabricated from metal. Unfortunately, their production goes in runs, so once a kit is out of production, it is out of production. They are currently selling a British Mk. IV WW1 tank. Very impressive, but not as impressive as this:




... a 1/6 scale King Tiger, measuring 1.2m long and weighing 60kg. Here is a video of it in action. Note the realistic engine sound (which is computer controlled and responds to revs):


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This Mil Mi-24 helicopter is equally impressive. It is offered for 18,000 Euros from Helicrazy: http://www.helicrazy.com/crbst_86.html


That's right, you can buy a BMW with that kind of money. It is powered by a jet turbine engine. For those who don't know, real helicopters are not powered by piston engines because they generate too much vibration. Instead, a jet engine blows into a turbine, which spins the crankshaft and thus the rotor via a transmission. Most nitro powered helis use 2 stroke piston engines because of the sheer cost of manufacturing a scale miniature of a jet turbine. But if you want realism, a jet turbine is the only way.


Need to be convinced? Watch this video:


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That King TIger is pretty cool. I am assuming the engine sounds are digital since its computer controlled, I wonder how much more it would take to add some squeeky track sounds? Maybe modify the main gun to use an Airsoft system? Then of course ya gotta add in a main gun sound track.

Sorry, my inner "DisNerd" is showing again!  :o


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Here is an other model builder. If you are interested, as you scroll down, be sure to click on the small pics to enlarge them. the details are well, impressive.




Go up one link..http://www.craftsmanshipmuseum.com/index.html   There's a ton of very wonderful models on this site.

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This has to be the finest model I have seen in my lifetime.The video is of a UK TV series extreme machines presented by Jeremy Clarkson.It shows a Ferrari 312pb featuring a WORKING exact scale replica of the engine and gearbox.The thing even sounds right!!!



Kind Regards



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Want to be impressed? Want to be really impressed? Well, head over here: http://slightlywarped.com/detailed-close-ups-of-star-wars-spaceships/


You will see what professional model makers can do. They MUST make their models look realistic, because it's going to appear on film! 


Here is a sample. 





















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This thread is starting to turn into a wish list of models I want to make! 


I came across this a few days ago: http://www.derekhugger.com/


Derek Hugger designs and builds kinetic display models. Illustrated below is a mechanical hummingbird that will flap its wings and dip its beak into the flower when you turn the crank. There are a number of other models on the website, along with Youtube videos showing how they work and move. 


Downside - these are not kits. He will sell you the plans only. You have to own a bandsaw, scrollsaw, drill press, and a whole bunch of other tools. Even then I am not sure how to cut those parts so precisely. 






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I know that this is a ship modelling forum. But I am aware that there are many good projects that don't get posted to this forum because they are not ship models. e.g. I know someone (who normally posts on this forum) is making a wooden framed WW1 aircraft. And if someone else were to attempt this model, I would love to see it on MSW. Perhaps the mods might consider making a separate subforum for these types of projects ... maybe "other woodworking model projects" or something like that. 

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Not really Mark, all those topics are clustered in a single thread instead of in a subforum where it would be more convenient. But if this is the decision by admin i'll respect it. 


Anyway, here is another one. A 1/32 scale Mitsubishi Zero fighter, made entirely from metal and weighing 1.7kg. Most of the parts are photoetched: http://www.detailscaleview.com/2016/02/ladys-view-imcth-132-mitsubishi-desktop.html


The manufacturer of the kit is IMCTH, which has a number of other kits in its website. I was surprised to learn that the Zero fighter above only costs just above 30,000 Yen (that's about AUD$380!). Very cheap! I might go buy one. 



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