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HMS Victory by dafi - Heller - PLASTIC - To Victory and beyond ...

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Thank you Sirs :-)



Last cognizance was that I forgot the ciphers on the already glued in guns  ...
...so I tried something new ...
... I thought ...
... and remembered, that CA does not stick on silicon. So stuck a ball of silicon on a stick and took a form of one gun with cipher. 
After taking off the form, I plaved a cipher inside and ...
... with some CA on the cipher I ran full risk ...
... and placed it onto the gun, and after two seconds I was able to retrieve the stick and the cipher was on place :-)
Have to remember this trick :-)
And just some more Cipherorama ...
Enjoy, Daniel
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And here comes yesterdays workout program:




First the easiest part the poop skylight - Still the glazing and some reinforcements on the inside have to be added.




Then the different gunport lid hinges ...




... in place and beringed, both sides.




The fake steering wheel columne:




The rail of the poop got more exiting again. Closed the slots and cut off the nipples from the buckets ...




... flexed the new hangers of the buckets ...


... drilled the holes for the hammock cranes into the styrene ...




... and fixed the cranes and a bucket - fits :-)




Even more fun was the binnacle ...




... the outside was tight part to be bent, bent the inside part, paper "flooded with thin CA" (Reed) as base for the compass layer cake, ...




... small top for the funnel formed with the center punch  ...




... and with the styrine rod and the micro rings on the side it is at least an improvement towards the one of the box :-)


Still missing the glazing and the lantern in the middle, this one out of a toothpick as done before.


And then the heading for mishaps, missteps, and misfortune: the boarding pikes.


The brass parts were ok, but first I took the wrong measures - first tear-off - then forgot that I elongated the rubbing pouch downwards -  second tear-off - and then still misplaced the rings and lost the nice detail of the spearhead underneath the ring - no tear off as I did not manage - so have to live with this small mishap ...


One can imagine, how the brass parts and the masts looked like ...

In the meantime I managed to clean it up a tad, and the rest will disappear underneath the collar that protects the hole in the deck and the underneath the main and preventer stay.




Now still have to try the chains and some other unimportant stuff :-)


Lieber Gruß, Daniel

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I know that these chainplates are more to scale than your homemade ones from wire that are used in your first build.

But, to be honest, I like the home-made ones better that the etched ones. But perhaps that is due to the fact that these are still a bit blingy.



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Hello Jan,


just back from a holiday, so the answer a bit late. Thank you for your comment.


Both versions base on a 0,4 mm diameter, which is near the real thing. Just the etch has a square form and so always appears a tad thicker if seen from diagonally. The lengths of the middle parts of my etch ones have still to be shortened a bit.


I think no etch can beat a self- made version out of round wire on this place, but it is a question of ability and endurance and of course of convenience which version one does prefer for his own build. But it is far better than the original Heller version, which one was - has to admit - innovative and a big step forward in sailing ship model making by the time that the kit was released!




Liebe Grüße, Daniel

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Thank you Mark,


I was in Austria, near my favorite place in the secret austrian ship yards where I already discovered the SMS Trinkstein ...



This time I meet sone austrian forum comrades and visited the Go Modelling exhibition. Very few sailing ships, the ones shown mostely made out of paper which took me some time to discover, that perfect they were :-)


Highlight were the Royal Oak in the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum Wien (Army Museum Vienna) and the York of Willi Meischel, which I had the honor to meet on his place.







Enjoy, Daniel

Edited by dafi
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Mark, you old flatterer :-)

And of course I have to like this, but Willi is still far beyond :-)

The only modeler I know who build a 1:1 waterline model with full rigging ...


Thank you SkechupModeller. This solved one thing I was thinking long for already.



Edited by dafi
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It feels great to be back in the shipyard after some absence due to work and holiday. So got my building report out of page 47 and undusted it ...


A friend of mine once said, it is no etch, if it doesn´t hurt, so I tried one of the last parts, with some tiny lilies ...




... but I think they still need some water to grow a tad ...




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Been there Jan, done that ...


... thats the one I had done from the parts of the box ...




... and that is how it looked like before ...




... just the little knobs missing that I cut off to get a bending template.


Much more a good magnifying glass is needed :-)



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After trying first all the difficult parts, I took the hammock cranes for easy play. Drill holes, plug and play :-)


Not too exciting ...




... worked well so far, as expected.




On the thin rail at the end of the waist the cranes go down to the deck ...




... the poop´s edge with it´s different cranes ...




... and holy cow ....: There are some cranes left in the plate!?! Where were they from?!?


Looked and searched and found the black ones on the poop rail to be wrong and too short :-(


Put the right one beside but looked strangely high ...




... what´s wrong ?!? Called for Mr Wright and it was immediately clear, what was wrong:. 




The height of the higher cranes on the rail is wright, It prooved the cranes on the poops side being too low, pictures of the Vic and McKay confirmed ...


... so I can redraw that area of the plates to gain some 4 mm.


Just to make sure, I did send  Mr Wright to the other cranes and rails ...




... but it looked good over there :-)


Amicalement, Daniel
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it's quite simple my friend.........you'll get those ciphers on in the usual  'Dafi' way!    good to see your log is back.......well updated and under way.   I had a tough go.......doing my logs........getting back all the builds I was following,  and keep the Wharf running.  I'll look forward in following the inventive mind of Dr. Dafi  :)

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so, is this your plan.......to take each hull and do the separate deck levels on each.   that would be a huge undertaking, my friend....and so very........very cool!    your not kidding Mark........it was Dafi that inspired me to do what I'm going to do with the United States build  :)    I might not be able to do what he's doing........but it will look 100% better than if it was done with the plastic decks.........your work is outstanding Daniel....and you research is superb! ;)

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Dan, it appears that you are one of the rare people who really enjoys getting deep into the research as much as building ships. I love to follow along as you write the story of such a classic warship. And that's not to mention that your work is truly inspiring.

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Hi Daniel.

Always amazied at your build of the HMS Victory and how much scratch you put in to them. Did you every think about putting in all the tools used to handle the cannons? At the moment am researching the tools and were they may of been put. I know that some times the were hung on hooks on the bulwarks and some times on the beams them self's. Seems that the beams them self would have been a little on the busy side with the pieces that held the hammocks. Any way can you please tell me were you got the photo etch that you have shown in the last few photo's of your build. Thank you sir and look forward to your next surprise and update to bring her to life. O am always happy to see that your crew are hard at work. Gary

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Hallo Gary,


thank you very much. The usual place on the lower decks was as far as I know in between the deck beams. As the hammock hooks were a bit lower, I do not see a bigger problem. Also the lanyards for the gun-port lids were on the beams.


For the upper and quarter deck guns I do not know if they were stowed on the bulwarks or somewhere else. 


The etch parts are my own and will be available in a short time :-)

Details will follow.



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  • 1 month later...

Dear Robin,


thank you for your feedback!!!


Thank you, Daniel




PS: As it is more quiet here - I am not in summernation yet, here is the little side project, closely linked to this one :-)


Edited by dafi
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