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Janet B

            Thank you for your kind comments edmay,as regardrs Red Dragon the deck is made from lemon wood it is a wood i like using, i bought a log

and had it riped down to manageble sizes. The deck is fully treenailed and as far as i could research to scale,although it is very difficult to gain info

about Chinese Junks.Upper planking is Lime,headrails are made from flexible Beech as the curves can be tricky,i discarded the cast windows

and built new ones as i felt i wanted the practise,the rudder shaft is splt half way from the tiller it made it easier it will be eventually joined.

                                         Hope you find this interesting.


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Janet B

            Hi Frank

                             I replaced all of the decking and used Lemon wood (i tried to order Boxwood but my supplier said he only had Lemon, he said it was similar but i am

not so sure) however i find Lemon quite a nice wood to work with.All of the gunwale rails i replaced with Flexable Beech.

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To all of you who made such nice comments about my model i truly thank you.


The Red Dragon is my first model in a sense because i bought one Red Dragon from Antics it was the only wooden kit they sold,

so when home and atacked the kit i got as far as completing just the hull,i had just joined MSW SO When i compared my workmanship

to some of models in the gallery i realised my model was a bit of a mess so i put it in the trash bin the refuse collecter picked it up and 

put it in his cab.I Went back to Antics to see if they had anything i could buy and there on the shelf was another Red Dragon kit so now

i had bought severel  books the result is as you can now see.

                    Regards to all Janet B






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Doesn't matter what you are making, having something to see and aim for is a great help setting the standards and quality and you can see what is possible. Great work on this one. Can't help but think that, that driver must have seen something to admire and save in your first efforts, maybe you dropped the seeds for a new modeler..


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I have posted further pictures of my Red Dragon build as you can see i have added arnement.The guns took me five attempts untill i was satisfied,

iI made up blanks for all of the sides spot glued them together and machined them all in one go, they all came out exactly the same i was quite pleased

with the results. I made a simple jig for the trunnion clamps all of the guns are fitted with wedges i have not added any tackle to date i am considering

whether too or not. hope you find my build of interest.

                                                                      Kindest regards to all janet (bode)

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Hi everyone.

Thank you all for your most kind comments about my Red Dragon,i gave a lot of thought about the guns i thougt it

a little strange that they were fixed on to the deck,it bothered me so much i started to make them on trucks although

i felt a little uneasy,it was then i spotted the sketch of the guns being loaded outboard that is to say one of the gun crew

climbed over the gun rail sat astride the barrel and proceed to load, a little precariose in the heat of battle.

So that is what i settled for, has anyone any further thoughts on this i would be intrested on any details.The ship incorperates

some details may-be not found on Junks but i used the kit to practise my workmanship so i must appologise if some parts are not

true to the type.

bye for now, Janet.

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Thanks to everyone for your very kind comments,as i am very disabled it does take me considerable time to build,so i hope to post

pictures in the future. I am at the moment attempting to make the sails for my Red Dragon of course i am on home territory here,

it seems to be dificult to find any infomation as to how they are made eg: which way do the panels run and also which side of the sail

bamboo strechers go, ideas would be most welcome.

Bye to all Janet B

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Janet, I´m struggling with my sails. At first I was all about using the kit´s cloth, but now, I´m not so sure. Thing is the sailcloth AL provides feels too industrial, so now, I´ll research a little bit more before installing the sails. The bamboo should be behind the sail as for all images I´ve seen till now.

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