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  2. What have you received today?

    She's just making sure that you remember that being a cat, she is the most important thing in the universe. Hopefully, she'll release it to you so the rest of us can see you build it! All the best, Richard.
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  4. Color of ratlines

    In support of Wefalck's comments; I have also read somewhere that new ratlines were natural cordage (not treated with tar). The blackish appearance was the result of tar transfer from the hands and feet of the sailors as they 'picked up' the tar from grasping the shrouds and standing in the tops. cheers Pat
  5. Rat line tension tool

    Hi Ferit, wasn't the purpose of the lanyards (apart from providing an elastic/flexible interface) to enable a purchase to pull the catenary/sag out of the shrouds and then use the lanyards to hold that tension? cheers Pat
  6. That's an interesting technique Rob, have you any pictures of a finished deck you have done? From your description, I think that would look pretty realistic. cheers Pat
  7. Color of ratlines

    You are probably talking of Stockholm Tar, which is obtained from resinous trees and has various shades of brown. Since the middle of the 19th century more and more tar as residue from coking hard coal - to obtain gas for illumination and to make coke for steel-making, became available in large quantities. This tar is black in concentrated form and dark brown in thinnish layers. So one needs to make distinctions for different historic periods. However, this has been discussed repeatedly already on this forum. In general, I think the ratlines might be lighter in colour, as their material may have been treated only during the manufacture, but not after installation.
  8. Ageing Decks

    Micromark has some "Age-It" products that will cause and aging effect. I think they come in brown and gray tones. I tried them out and they have a nice effect on various woods.
  9. Color of ratlines

    All good points. I've always used black line for my ratlines. The 'tar' they used was more of an oil that soaked into the rope fibers. It was also a very dark brown in color that usually looked black when viewed from a distance. So very dark brown or black would be my choice. BTW - I'm just starting the standing rigging on my model of Smuggler. Ed.
  10. Ageing Decks

    I think we are digressing from the OP's original question. How do you age a deck to look.....weathered? Personally I use extremely diluted India ink in 90~100% Isopropyl alcohol sprayed on from a spray bottle. The ink is spread along the cracks and creases using capillary action and then the alcohol evaporates and leaves a nice *Weathered* surface. The extent of the Weathering depends on your ink dilution and your application. Rob
  11. Have finished with applying treenails today (about 4300 done)
  12. Rat line tension tool

    You are right in principle, but achieving a uniform catenary as it were for all the shrouds, stays and back stays would be difficult to achieve. In practical terms I would go for uniform straight standing rigging. If you don’t get the catenary right, the model will look messy and poorly executed.
  13. What have you received today?

    Today "I" received what is apparently my cat Mystic's new boat kit, a Dumas Lightning. She's been laying on it for a couple hours.
  14. The decks on the Helena were scrubbed with a concoction of Salt Water Soap, Scouring Compound, Boiler Compound and I don't know what else. It was mix the day before in a galvanized Garbage Can and let to work over night, the can came out shiny. That was what the decks were scrubbed with ahead of the Holy Stone. The stones were a sandstone brick, oversized like some fire brick. A half brick was used, a dimple was chipped into one side so the end of a swab handle had a socket to ride in. Wet down, scrub using long handled scrub brushes then holy stone the wet decks. Seamen would line up on a board, place their stone on it and their swab handle in the socket, bend over and grab the handle with one hand, reach over with the other and grab the forearm and hold the handle against the shoulder at the same time. a Chantey was used to keep the timing,'one a rock, 2 a rock, 3 and a 4 a rock building up to the number of strokes wanted, then Shift a board was entered into the chant and start the count over. 10-12 men could holy stone fairly quickly, most chose to be bare foot with pants rolled up. Salt water was used from the fire mains, fresh water on a Steam Ship is not used to clean weather decks. Our decks were Teak. Can find some data on line to fill in and add and perhaps correct what I observed.
  15. I just received notification of a 10 day program, May 1 thru 12 2018, sailing on the US Brig Niagara on the Great Lakes. If anyone is interested the info is below and attached as a PDF. 2018 Sea Trial Program.pdf
  16. A monumental feat.....WELL DONE!
  17. Hello all

    Welcome from Western Australia. You will find boat loads of info for your victory on here should you need it. Best of luck.
  18. Some progress here with finishing the wall paneling and the overall framing. My plan is to add shelving on both sides to accommodate models and books.. wondering if that's going to make it too busy? It looks so good as it stands, don't want to over do it. Planning on making the shelving out of 5/4" thick select pine stained similar to the wall paneling. I plan to experiment with lighting. I'm definitely using those deck lamps but I need to see how much light they throw once I build them. More to come. Joshua
  19. Ship paintings

    HMHS Letitia enters harbour during WW2 later renamed Captain Cook. I did a previous painting of her as such W/C 10" X 7"
  20. Ageing Decks

    I use yellow cedar for my decks as it more closely represents a hollystoned deck. I asked a while back why modelers chose Holly for decking as it was just way to white.
  21. Ageing Decks

    In my experience..it is like taking a piece of greyed pine(weathered) and then plane it down to raw wood...it becomes much lighter..hence the *whiteness* mentioned and referenced. Fresh planed wood cannot be made any whiter then it is already is...not unless you bleach it with chemicals. Even as you mentioned..tar stains and the like that came from dirty feet that have been climbing tarred ratlines and similar fixtures needed to be removed from the deck...I'm sure holystoning made the deck lighter. Buffing a high traffic area (In a tiled public building) with a buffer today is probably the modern equivalent. Rob
  22. What have you received today?

    Was going by Hobby Lobby, for once with the 40% off coupon, and picked up this Metal Earth PE model of the USS Arizona. Several years ago I visited the USS Texas, and bought a small Christmas ornament of her. Its sitting in my display case. This kit looks to be about the same size, and they will make a nice pair. The USS Texas one is of course much simplfied, but I like it. A couple years ago I built their dragonfly kit, and gave it to my Sister-In-Law who loves them. They have a kit for a dragon, that I'll pick up and make for her later this week. I think I'll get the Ford Mustang, or Model T for my Brother-In-Law.
  23. Rat line tension tool

    IMO, A thick rope has heavy weight and that weight causes the shroud to hang due to gravity. The problem is at the first shroud (the closest to the mast). It must also have a sag but as same direction of the farthermost shroud (not like a hour glass). Actually full straight shrouds lines are not realistic. And ratlines also have to sag due to gravity and after many usage from the crew...
  24. My dromon now has all its oarports cut out and internal stiffening from stringers. And the Emperor (whose ship it is), some courtiers and a Varangian bodyguard.
  25. I read that one way of holystoning a deck was : the stone was attached to 4 ropes and 4 crewmen moved it back and forth over the deck while spreading sand around it. This would essentially be sanding the deck. Now - I have sanded a lot of species of wood. All it did was to return the wood surface to its native color. Apart from Holy, no species turned white. Actual Holy would not be a realistic choice for a deck on a ship. The holystoning would remove a sun bleached/oxidized grey and would help remove splinters which would be bad for the bare feet of the crewmen, as well as any tar stains from foot trafic - but how did this change the color of Pine or Fir or Oak to white?
  26. Thanks to everyone for the valuable info!
  27. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Well. We moved house over Christmas so was extreamly busy holidays. But at least I get a full room that is allowed to be a model/ hobby room. So have been putting in new desk and setting it up. Hopefuly I will have a new build log up and running soon.
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