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  2. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I remember seeing that car and team in person and also building the model. Wonderful folks, very fan friendly. One of my buds took his model to the track and they autographed it. I'm hoping he still has it. When they revised the rules and that class fell from favor I think drag racing lost some of it's appeal (for me at least). I just never could get my head around "Funny Cars".... BTW, if you don't know about the "team", do some Googling. Very interesting in the context of what was going on back then in the US with race (not race cars) relations, racing, etc.
  3. Crown Timberyard - two thumbs up

    Cornwall is my "go-to" supplier for many of my modeling needs. Excellent service, reasonable prices.
  4. Silkspan

    Thanks Tasmanian! When I decided to build a Swan Class sloop I also decided to make realistic set sails and...convincing H2o. HMS Swan is now berthed in my dining room, having chased a few Yankee privateers away from the Maine coast. This a kit model, extensively modified; the basic POB lines of the skeleton (keelformer, bulkheads) were excellent. Ditto all of the plans (17 sheets I recall). The kit is the HMS Pegasus from Victory Models (Amati's "high end"). It comes with extensive photo etch components including tiered decorations. I initially thought I was going to paint all the frieze work (along the bulwarks), but later decided that it looked better to turn the P/E elements into "carved wood" in order to match the stern and stem. All hull planking and much of the scratched top hamper is Swiss Pear that replaced the kit's wood. This photo you can see how I started the water base in the background below (layered 1" solid insulation foam, carved "swells")
  5. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Grandpa's shop was adjacent to an old fort, Fort Brook, here in Tampa. A lot of his work came from the US Army cavalry horses kept there. So I imagine having a veterinarian at the shop was more a necessity than a novelty or space-saving idea. In my meager personal experience around work horses, having a veterinarian handy is vital. Many horseshoe men I've seen were veterinarians in the first place.
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  7. Crown Timberyard - two thumbs up

    May be it is good within USA. But I am in Canada and minimum shipping charge of US $20 does not make me happy. I buy exclusively from Cornwall in UK. Them are charging about $4 shipping. Greatest hobby selling people I know.
  8. CA glues

    I only use CA glue for planking (named "Krazy Glue", purchased in "dollar" stores - I am in Canada) .I use it for securing an end of a plank on the hull instead of using nails. Sometimes I glue with CA an other end of a plank too. For things as rat line knots I use PVA. So I only experience issues with CA glue when the applicator nozzle dispenses too much glue so it immediately soaks through all plank exposing ugly spots on outside. Stainless steel applicators shown here may help me. I will try.
  9. Silkspan

    Hollowneck beautifull work
  10. On the hull a filler covered surface should not be dominant over wood surface. Otherwise PVA type glues would not stick! There should be as little filler on the hull as possible. Possibly none at all.
  11. Silkspan

    Have used it since the late 1970s. Today, I am suspending it in a frame and soak it with acrylic paint. From this panels are cut and stuck together with PVA glue, likewise the doublings etc. If required, single panels can be given a slightly different colour to indicate repairs. Boltropes are stuck on with PVA glue.
  12. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Reminds me of the Veterinarian and the Taxidermist that decided to share office space to reduce expenses. Over the door were their names, titles, and their motto: "No matter what, you get your dog back"
  13. Atlantis by Thistle17 - Robbe

    Thanks David I really appreciate your feedback. This project has not been without its problems and redo's. At first I was going to use the materials supplied but as the model grew on me I just couldn't use the cheap die cut kit parts. And as time went on and I got to know the client I had to deliver something worthy in honor of her late husband. Joe
  14. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I subscribed to a resource called newspapersDOTcom It allows you to search for newspaper articles and provides some really cool results. I have found some treasures already. This one is an advertisement my great grandfather ran in the local newspaper for his Blacksmith Shop. Time period is around 1900, I don't remember exactly. I am having so much fun with this subscription. WIll probably keep it just a month as by then I will have found everything I want to save.
  15. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    When we were young, my brother and I came across a big field where Armadillos were running around all over the place. My brother said he heard these things were good to eat and suggested we catch a couple and find out. After we caught them and began to clean them, we found no practical way to penetrate their tough exterior and just decided it was too much work...and let them free. I suppose they have to go at it from the stomach as their hides are like armor plate.
  16. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Good looking group of kids, Birthdays should be Special
  17. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Lou, Had a boss (Biologist there all crazy as a bessy bug and will eat anything) He caught an Alligator Gar while sampling fish is the same from prehistoric times like roaches. He decided to make Gar sausage. Well we boiled the thing scraped the meat off the bones(it was all bones) got about 6 pounds of meat (was a 40 lb gar). So he gets the skins and spices we put it thru his sausage thing that fills the skins. You have never tasted anything so bad in your life make a maggot puke. You could literally bounce it off of a floor like a rubber ball. Next food postings I will tell you what he did with Armadillo. This was bad enough for one day.
  18. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    In some states they have taken them off the list Alabama has a hunting season for them. When people started losing thier pets they were bad gators. Have eaten gator once was enough.
  19. I use a combination of these three (available from MicroMark) a: micro miter box (use with micro razor blade saw pictured) b: duplicating jig c: aluminum miter box with saw Never had a problem with the aluminum box dulling the saw blades. I did use a plastic one for a while until I sawed right thru it after repeated use.
  20. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Another grandchild has a birthday party at Grandma & Grandpa's house today. With six children, and nine grandchildren, birthdays come often around here.
  21. Phil: I like the one from Midwest Products for a large miter box. It's plastic but it holds up well. For smaller work I like the mini miter box from UMM. It can only be used with the saw shown in the photo - from UMM also. Kurt
  22. I am on the search for a new and better miter box. I never use my bright aluminum xacto miter box. I learned long ago that it is too hard on my saws. I have been using a plastic Zona miter box, it works great for a while, but my saws are too hard on the plastic box. The plastic is a bit soft. Do any of you have any suggestions? Whats the best one out there?
  23. Silkspan

    I used silkspan (actually the "modelspan" material from Bluejacket, Inc.) for my sails on my HMS Swan diorama model. It worked well but I did combine it with 20 lb. bond paper in an original lamination technique to make set sails look more realistic...
  24. Atlantis by Thistle17 - Robbe

    Just catching up with you on this build, Joe. Very nice and clean work. Yoru client had better appreciate it!
  25. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I heartily agree with Lou, I received in the mail today Modeling Civil War Ironclad Ships by Steven Lund & William Hathaway. Downloaded by Lou and put in a PDF file and shipped to my abode. (approximately 178 pages he printed) Quick scan will be very useful in my building USS Tecumseh and CCS Hunley. I was thinking of something to repay his kindness and here it is right here. As soon as I find out how to ship a dozen donuts Lou there on there way. Even Ex-cops cannot break the habit. Thanks Lou.
  26. Need Some Help

    There is a series of posts in the scratch built models section of the construction of the Italian Liner Michaeangelo. Reviewing this thread should give you some idea of the work left to be done to complete the model. Also keep in mind that if the completion work is not performed to the same standard of quality as that already done the finished project will lose value. If this were mine, I would give serious consideration to building a case and displaying it as is. Roger
  27. PVA - bonds by undergoing a chemical reaction as it dries - producing long and I guess branched chains. If the mating surfaces have pores or protrusions large enough ( I think 220 grit or more course) and are close enough together, the bond should be adequate. Most fillers seem to have a rough surface. As long as it is not brittle, or weak or does not have a glass-like surface, the PVA should work. If the surface IS glass-like, CA would work better. If the filler itself is weak, no adhesive can mitigate that.
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