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SMS Seydlitz by Canute, Cog and RGL (anyone can join) - Hobbyboss - 1/350

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Started cleaning up the hull. And now Greg has shown some more fun drilling out all the vents.  I'm going to look at some Plano brass roof-walk materials for railroad cars as a backing to add a little detail. That website is: http://www.planomodelproducts.com/boxreef_scq.html

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I thought about that, on quite a few photos there does not appear to be any metal grille behind apart from a few support struts.


When you zoom in they are completely black,  leading me to believe they are hollow. That being said, because of that it forces you to drill these bits out. 



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Does your research show the torpedo tubes offered any deflection, or was it just a straight shot or nothing?

I can see where torpedo's from a fixed launcher could be useful to scuttle a friendly ship or sink a disabled ship, but hitting a moving ship would be next to impossible it seems to me.

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They used to be able to hit each other over 12 kilometres just using optics too! At anchor with the nets deployed they would also drag anchor As the tide was turning. They could operate at about 6kts with the nets down but would use a prodigious amount of coal. 

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There is nothing below the waterline when it comes to details. There is also no strakes along the bow which are on the real thing. 


So some marskung and some very thin tape soles that quickly. I need to get some more rattle can spray to finish coverage on the Lower hull, then I can scribe in some panels. 


I also added some riveted panels to the rudders and above the cannons that run along the edge of the hull. 






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I’m loving seeing a representation of plastic models now! My upgrade is ordered but won’t be ready till the end of the year but Ive got a lot on anyways I won’t get to it till February really. 


What else to the upgrade, I’ve ordered a LOT of pulleys and blocks required for the rigging of the torpedo nets. Very cheap off EBay. 


Canute is going to get a real head start with this as it’s already arrived in the US. I can’t really do much until I get the template for the torpedo net booms, then I can etch in armour plates. 


Hey, by Feb Popeye will have finished Vendetta and Cog his marvellous destroyer. 


Seydltiz under full broadside 




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hello Greg........was wondering where you got off to.   I was hoping to see progress you might have made,  but yes........I'm reminded that this kit is hot off the presses,  and not everything id available yet.   gee,  I figured it would have been available in the US by now.  have you made any more progress with the hull?


sorry about the Vendetta.........she still sits on my desk,  waiting for me to continue.  I figured you and Carl were disappointed.  I have my modeling behavior,  and thinking how to proceed to blame.   the wood bug gave me a rash:blush:   Feb sounds like a good goal :) 

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Just in from Free Time Hobbies in Blue Ridge, GA.  A nice sized box chock full of brass, resin, wood and, I think, stainless steel.

There are 9 bags of turned brass parts. Two are Seydlitz specific masting and yards. Seven bags contain the various gun barrels, booms hose reels and derricks.

There is one resin bag with the blast bags for the 280 mm cannon.

There are 6 brass photo etch frets: A- railings, companionways, ladders and ringoles(?), B-davits, boat chocks, daylights, C- railings, stack trim, derricks, D-anti-torpedo booms, E- ships boats, F anchor gear and coaling hatches/scuttles.

Anchor chain and 2 pieces of 0.15 mm brass wire are also included. I believe the wire is for rigging the helm signals attached to the main mast.

There is a very thin wood deck set.

Four double sided pages of instructions, along with a parts breakout of all the bagged parts and drilling patterns for the torpedo net mounting holes. There is also a drilling guide to attach some boat booms towards the stern.


DSCN0120.JPG.71edd9b8de93b17eea4b10016e2721dc.JPGGood sized box, about 15 inches long


DSCN0123.JPG.db086c6f988fbe20cf591fa5cdc43a73.JPGBrass barrels, hose reels and mast parts


DSCN0127.JPG.22da07266b45d54f434c8ff6fabbfd02.JPG anti torpedo boom rigging and shelving for the nets


DSCN0121.JPG.f5c26251ec6f2c2cd7c3db6748dab43a.JPGInstruction sheet, 1 of 4


DSCN0122.JPG.bc4b84d50d61f532124a8418336fcc2f.JPGbagged parts and drilling diagram


DSCN0125.JPG.e63ba0a73ff95cc339ebe519df8a1ecd.JPGtorpedo nets and more ringoles


You will need some 40 dernier black lycra thread  (Infini part IR 0401B super fine black) Not included in this package, but called out in the instruction sheets. Below is the wood sheets and anchor chain, along with a slightly better view of the stainless netting.



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