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Coast Guard Cutter Pequot 1908 by svein erik - 1/48 scale

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The pequot was built in 1909 by the New York Shipsbuilding company in Camden, New Jersey with the name

General Samuel M.Mills and first commissioned as an Army mine layer.

She was driven by two compound- expansion 2 cylinder coal fired steam reciprocal engines which generated 900 horsepower.

the length was 166' and beam of 32' with a draft of 13' she displaced 1106 tons.

October 12, 1908 the keels for the Mills and Schofield where laid on the same day,


My build wil be based on the Mills/ later Pequot from 1908/1909 and the hull is constructed of wood 

with wood planking, later i wil make simulated steel plates with the bolts etc ( hull)

the main deck cabins wil also have simulates steel plates , but the upper cabins wil be in wood as constructed in 1909.

some photo of the building of the Mills /Pequot, and my frame work as it are now .

i need more wood filling at the stern an some more fairing of the hull befor planking.


svein erik.













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thanks for the likes and coments😊

i have bin testing som material for the simulated steel plates .

i first used some alu foil , but i think te seem was not thick for the scale, so i have to go and think out some thing again🔧🔩🔨🚀.....


i did find some card stock , cutting it in some peases (not in scale yust randum) used some pva glue om the back and glue it 

to some wood , i think this is it!! nice seems and teksture . Is low cost and i can cutt it in any way i want!

the test is not painted yet, but after this is glue on the hull and painted i thing this is going to be very nice😊


svein erik





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thanks for te likes and coments...


am in my cabin and doing some planing for the pequot prodjekt in the rain!! (am inside.. 😉)

so how do i say it😲......

i just descover that am are a knokelhead , i think i have to re do the hole frame work and start all over ,

how did it happen!   i have so many plans that i have some wrong plans inside some of the right one 

it dident get in the trash 😖 so i did some re masuremant and come up with ,

the bulkhead frames are in 1:50 the backbone is in 1:45  (this is buildt) 

the righte scale is 1:48 , i have the plans for this scale (OMG, how stuped i am)


when am home again a have to look at this more, now am yust mad at my self... 

but the prodjekt is on hold not stoped, it just going to take more time .

need to order some ply for new frame😨




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On 9/5/2019 at 2:35 AM, mtaylor said:

Don't feel bad.  It is easy to mix up plans and cause yourself confusion.  Hopefully you can save and use some of the parts you have cut.


i do not feel bad , so am now good to go.....

i got some new ply 5mm (ligt ply) 8 sheets . 33cm×66cm and a new tool 😲 proxxon 

so am starting to make a new frame😊


svein erik



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  • 3 weeks later...

thanks for the likes

am now finish with the templates and its been drawn to the sheet ready to cut out,

this time i dont have all the bulwark extension, this wil be made later!

also the bulkhead former is ready to be cut out.

after my mistake with the first hull i did learn a hole lot and the 2 hull is going to be a better one😊

(learning by doing, its yust wood )LOL....


svein erik





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finish cutting out bulkhead former and bulkheads and for now its yust 

dryfitted , next is to trim the BF a little and chek it against the plans .......... Then glue it together😉

when all the stern/bow filler are glued on am at the stagde where i was on the first hull!!

am back on track😊


svein erik



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thanks for the likes,

i have glued everything together and started to shape the hull / fairing the hull 

the stern is going to take some time because of the round shape that needed from the dekk to  the keel ....

i think its going to be fun to see the lines and compare it to the plans ....


svein erik






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Some progress on the hull,  (the New one) soon its time to glue the false dekk , some sanding and 

some wire rigging in the hull for lights before planking, 


I took some photo of the first hull beside the New one... a huge differents all the way.

and also thanks for the likes , its going to be more interested later on with this build 😊










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am thinking of using blocks on all the bulkheads, insted of wood planking,

i then wil cut out all the section for the steel plates using soft copper sheet , roll the rivitts on the back side then glue it on

the hull peace by peace .

i think this is going to be faster and more realistic when airbrushed,

i never try this metod and i do not know if anyone has? 



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At an NRG conference several years ago there was a presentation from the US Navy’s David Taylor Hydrodynamics Lab about building a model of one of the steam powered cruisers built by the US Navy during the Civil War.  This vessel had a copper sheathed bottom.


The model’s builders used 3M transfer tape to stick the plates to the hull.  This transfer tape comes on a waxed paper backing.  When the backing is peeled off only the adhesive remains.  There are many different strengths of adhesive available.


I tried this technique on the hull of a Great Lakes freighter model except that I used brass instead of copper.  The adhesive from the tape was not strong enough to prevent the brass from curling up and I set the model aside.  The idea is interesting enough for me to try again with softer copper.





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thanks for the coments and likes,


a bit more work has bin dunn, the wire for lightig is install,

i block up the hull and sanded it to shape/faired.... dusting... dusting...😲

The false dekk is glued on also but need to be sanded a bit on the edge around the hull.

propell shaft need to go in /the hole has to be drilled out .

the next task is to make the bulwark/rail, the keel has to get glued on, so after all this 

the hull is going to have some layers of filler so it can be smoot before the steel plating task!



svein erik













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  • 2 weeks later...

thanks for the likes


moving farword , the bulwalk is glued on and am now shaping the hull with some filler ,

when am happy with the result, i wil mark /lining off the hull for the steel plating of the hull.

the bow keel is my nex task .... 

so next time i think the hull is ready for some plates...


svein erik




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yust resive a test sheet of soft copper to make all the steel plates for the pequot hull,

am going to make some plates so i can see how it work with the rivitts and the thickness .

this sheet is 007 thick .... 

this copper has been burned so it can be bendt in any way you want!



svein erik


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1 hour ago, KeithAug said:

Svein.  A very interesting subject which I will be pleased to follow. Just one observation - With the balsa being soft and easily damaged are you sure that copper wont get damaged (badly dented) during the construction process. 

hi keith, wel.... i dont think so 

the hull has some strength filler over the balsa, wen dunn it wil get some primer on to get more strenght before the copper,

i have also tested the soft copper and the sheet i have is way to thick (007) it has to be thinner 002/003 

so i may have to get back using tape.. (snaile tape ... its copper and its 4cm wide and 5 m long)


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  • 2 weeks later...

tanks for likes! 

and some more update  ,

am about to get the hull over spryed with some paint before i get to the task of 

the simulated hull plating. a

the model is beginning to look like a ship.. LOL😊( propell on the photo is not for this model.. 

am using smaller with 4 blades )


svein erik









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