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Lindberg B17 'nose art edition' 1:64 by Popeye the Sailor - finished

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I've been wanting to get a few bombers to add to my collection.   my #1 plane are Bi planes,  but my second are prop planes......fixed wing aircraft.  I picked up the Revell B25 Mitchell,  which should be fun to build........I've picked up this kit the other day.  I went and bought another Amazing air airbrush kit,  after not being too successful finding the caps for my older set up.  I've seen it before in my travels,  but was hesitant to pick it up,  since Lindberg wasn't know for possessing that 'certain detail' that other model manufacturers put into their kits.   I was never a huge Lindberg fan.....but I enjoyed dabbling with the motorized kits and ships.  they had a good run with the B17 kits,  probably their most prolific subject.

430747861_B17-2.jpg.2ee426197609cfe0d5bac1227884908f.jpg  1107412827_B17-3motorized.jpg.f964bb51312372cbf64a146c6ec4a69c.jpg  2012744701_B17-4.jpg.703c1da780dc6a56308551b4b71df9b9.jpg

some were even motorized........not sure the sequence in which the kits came out........I'd likely drive myself nuts trying to establish a time line.   these two were probably their later production,  since they highlight them as a series.

283008687_B17g-1.jpg.bb5f9d7528777ddc36bd8e38e0713077.jpg   1766897501_Lindberg70514TbB17Chrslvg.jpg.cb86b96ec22782f4cf328c242b7c0a19.jpg

the 'firepower series'  was an interesting one......although I didn't go into it to see how many different plane made it up.  when Lindberg went out of business and was bought up by Round 2 models,  they carried the premise out a step further.........they focused on the nose art.


the sad thing about the kit however,  is that homework still wasn't done on the decal markings.  I found a few reviews on the kit,  and this seemed to be one of the biggest gripes.  I'm not sure about the preceding kits, but the markings don't even point to any particular squadron.  the kit gives a generous number of different planes one can model.......this is where I started my search.........trying to what bona-fied planes could be modeled.  I found this site:

Nose Art and Ground Crews

   one evening,  I was receiving my daily dose of 'brainwash' on the tube,  and I stumbled onto a show about the 452 bomber group and the missions they flew over Germany.........amazing to hear their accounts ans what they went through.  I did some digging here too,  and came up with this.......too bad the kit doesn't have any of their nose art.

452nd Bomb Group | American Air Museum in Britain

one particular piece of supplied nose art has some real potential.......I jotted down some marking particulars of the Thunderbirds.

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress | Lone Star Flight Museum

some I found nothing on.........I had another site that covered other planes,  but I forgot to bookmark it {DRAT!}.......but I will keep looking.   of the kit,  one thing that Round 2 did right, was to box art the plane in it's traditional Olive Green,  rather than in Tan Brown,  in which Lindberg did.  one kit shown above was totally chrome........a unique kit,  but must have been a trial to keep finger prints from showing up.  this kit is molded in white plastic........


....with a somewhat sad excuse for instructions


it is void of some cool detail though,  as outlined in the reviews.   I'm sure that one adept at bashing,  can dress 'er up to create a better model ;)    this is not to say that the model is a waste of time.......it's just that if your one who likes a lot of detail........it probably isn't the model kit your looking for.  I know this kinda looks like a review of my own,  but rather it's more of an over view as to what I possibly could do to enhance the model.  yea.......the decals are nice.........and interesting.........but may not do the correct justice to the model,  being as shiny as they are.  I've not done it too often,  but a dulling clear coat afterwards might knock down the sheen.



as I complied all this wonderful information,  I occupied myself with cleaning up parts and trimming flash :) 

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I have always liked the B-17.


Years ago I was able to watch one do some pretty impressive things at the Reno Air Races. They offered me a ride but I was on duty and in uniform so I was unable to take them up on it. I think I came close to quitting my job that day!:wacko::unsure: 


It will be interesting to see what you do with yours.

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another thing I like about the model,  is that it supplies a stand! 👍  what was the last model you built,  that had a stand?    many models could benefit from having a stand to display it.........the B 25 could,  that's for sure!  I saw how Revell remedied the problem ..........what amounts to a saw horse with a tab on it.........    I already decided to either make a stand for it,  or balance the model so it will set on it's wheels.   it has the 'weighted tire detail' .....but this highlights different planes.  some have a tail gear or nose gear....the latter being the bigger culprit of this particular problem.   when I built my F 15 Eagle,  I made up a simulated asphalt platform and cemented the tires to it.....solve the problem for that one ;)    but here..........you have the B 17 ........which has a tail gear.   you would think that they would take this into account,  when handing out the stands.

   the stand is kinda neat though.........molded in clear plastic.  there's a piece of bendable metal rod in the box........took me a moment what it would be used for.  now I know ;)    I was going to paint it,  but was undecided what color.......then I got an idea.   I got on the computer and looked up bomb damage in Germany.......found a couple of good pictures.


this was printed off and the stand was positioned over it for the best view from above.



a 1/16 circle of basswood was traced and cut out.........the desired area was cemented to the circle.........careful not to smudge the picture.   once dry,  it was trimmed and cemented to the bottom of the stand.


this was put in a plastic bag,  to keep it dust free......I haven't really started on the model yet.   I wasn't going to do a formal log on the model,  due to the detail issues and stuff.  I thought the stand was a nifty thing to do and though I would share it with you.  anyway........since I've opened up this thread,  should I do something that even looks brilliant,  I'll pass it along to you.  I think this is my first plane log here.   oh!   before I forget,  this kit comes with a poster!  I've heard folks in the past....rave about the kit box art.   I never gave it a though..........as long as the kit wasn't a pain in the tookus to build.  I do agree though,  that the box art was part of my deciding factors for buying a kit.  I've had a few car kits that included one as well {more like a postcard, actually}. 


I should find a frame for the stagecoach.........I cut the flaps off the box and hung it on the wall as well.  oldmodelkits was nice enough to send along the top part of the box when I got it.   I couldn't find a 12" X 24" frame that was cheap.  until next time.............


has anyone ever read "Thirty seconds over Tokyo"?

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thanks Lou........I've done nothing yet,  other than to clean some of the flash.   I have decided a couple of things already.........since I have the stand,  I will delete the wheels.  given the premise I've got going,  they would be retracted {can't think of the term for this}.......and closed up.   I don't normally add the figures either,  but I may do so here.   these planes could take a beating.........some accounts tell of bombs smashing through wings from above.   anti aircraft damage was extensive on some,  but they managed to bring them home.  the show on HBO was really good!

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"Thirty Seconds over Tokyo" is excellent but the B-17 wasn't the plane used.   For some good reads, go to https://nationalinterest.org/profile/warfare-history-network  Quite a few articles on the B-17 raids in both the Pacific and European fronts.


I remember building one of those but it may not have the Lindberg kit as it was huge.  Dad was irritated as he and his brothers (5 brothers including dad) were B-24 types.  The only one of his brothers not in Army Air Force was in the Marines and all 6 returned home safely. 

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Great idea on the stand.

If you replace the vertical clear part you could also possibly add a string of bombs falling toward the base.

384bg b17 ww2 bomber


Or even simpler would be to put cross hairs on the base and you would have the view from the Norden bombsight:



The main gear on the B-17 did not have doors over the tires so even when retracted they still show under the inboard engine nacelles.

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Denis, "12 O'clock High" featured B-17s out of England. An excellent study of the pressures of flying and fighting in that period. The USAF used it as a lesson for their Air Command and Staff training given to mid level officers for a number of years.


Yes, the B-17s were pretty sturdy. And Monogram had a kit out years ago in 1:48 scale. Big beast.

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A small story that happened in a big war


In 1943 these fell down from the sky (emty 0.50 casings).

They were large planes, where other small planes flew around... 

That's the story my mother always told.

My mother witnessed a fight between American B17s and German fighters. And the empty shells fell to the ground next to her.

All this happened above Sint Gillis (west of Antwerp). No plains were lost on that moment.



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Yes, the B-17s were tough beasts! In one amassing incident, a German fighter flew through the fuselage of one by the tail, it cut the hull al the way through, except for an 18 inch section. Luckily this area was where the control lines ran. The plane made it all the way back to base safely. The fuselage finally broke during landing, with the added stress of the tail wheel touching the ground. Everyone in the crew survived.

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I knew I'd screw something up! :default_wallbash:   I read that book while in school :blush:    I used to watch 12 o'clock high...right along with the Rat Patrol .    I hadn't looked to extensively at the instructions Lou.......I guess the wheels are back on the table {so to speak}.  there is nothing for the bombay doors.......molded shut.  I guess for the modeler with more time than I plan to put into her,  there might be some resin or after market parts that could be ordered for it.  as for damage........in the links,  there are pictures of some pretty significant damage done to these planes when they came home.  here's  the plane I intend to try and model.


one day during training,  the co pilot brought her in a little too hard and collapsed the right landing gear.  the pilot quickly took over and nosed her up,  taking back off again.  he brought her around for an emergency landing,  slowing her down as he came in.   the plane suffered practically no additional damage at all.


it must have been like hail with shell casings falling from the sky........likely would hurt if one got pinged by one.   what is it........newton's law?.........that anything that falls from the sky can only go as fast as it's weight allows?

I'll get my umbrella ;) 


I've always been a fan of the B 24 Mark.........Liberators just look cool ;)   at the old 606 hobby store that I used to frequent as a lad,  they had a stratofortress hanging from the rafters.  I have never in my life,  seen a model as huge as that one!  won't even attempt to guess the wingspan!  I plan on adding a B 24 to the pile one day.....I have to be crafty, since the admiral is really digging her heels in now :ph34r:


so in large........thanks for the interest :)   perhaps I should have the admiral order me that book.......then I can get reacquainted with the Ruptured Duck and the journey this bomber crew went on.  if I recall,  a couple of the boys died in the crash :(   should I make any progress done on her,  I'll be sure to post it!

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7 minutes ago, popeye the sailor said:

they had a stratofortress hanging from the rafters.  I have never in my life,  seen a model as huge as that one!  won't even attempt to guess the wingspan!  I

Do you mean the  Monogram B-36 Stratofortress kit? For its time it was the largest aircraft model with a wingspan of about 36-39 inches. I built one from that kit, it hangs from the rafters in my cellar model shop. I'll  see if I can find some photos of it.  It has gotten pretty dirty and dusty over the eons. And the decals are starting to fall off. 

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I missed it this year, but the Confederate Air Force comes through Medford on their way from California (must be a summer circuit flying schedule) to up north.. Portland or Seattle.  They usually come back down about 2 weeks later.   They're only here for a few hours (food and fuel) and then off they go.  Quite a site, usually one or two bombers and a couple of fighters.  


You might look at their site, Denis. 

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When I was a young man, I had the pleasure to be close friends with a couple of men who flew/crewed bombers in WW2. One was a tail gunner on B-17's in Europe. He was shot down twice, the first time being rescued by French and returned to service, the second time wound up in a German POW camp for the remainder of the war. The other fellow was our pastor who piloted a B-24, aslo in Europe. Very interesting men. 

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Mark, The B-17 I almost got to get a ride in was the CAF B-17. They changed their  name a few years ago to the Commemorative Air Force. Too much Opposition to the word Confederate I think.


It's  funny that the plane you took the picture of carries the nose art for the Memphis Belle OC. The real Memphis Belle was a B-17F and did not have the chin turret. Great pictures though!

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13 hours ago, popeye the sailor said:

pictures are cool........bring 'em on!

Here you go Denis.  One B36 Stratofortress model-  Sorry for the angle but I am afraid to remove it for fear of something else falling off.



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In September 2008 the Collings Foundation flew their B17, B24, and B25 aircraft into Stewart Airport in Newburgh N, here's photos from that day.




B17  nose art and cockpit instrument closture




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The B-36 was the Peacemaker. The Stratofortress is the B-52 aka to us fighter types as the BUFF. This is a family site, so I will use that style nickname "Big Ugly Fat Fellow".


Boeing bomber products from the B-17 onward were usually some kind of Fortress, although the B-47 was the Stratojet.

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I have the nine o nine nose art with the kit Jack........I haven't looked it up to see if it was another viable option.  I've seen your strat before...it wasn't like that one.........I wish I could remember more.  all I know is that I wouldn't have been able to build it in my bedroom  :D   I bookmarked the site ;) 


cool pictures OC........some really nice detail to work with......especially the color.  very few were camo.........and most were the army green.   b 17f's also had windows for the navigator as well


thank you so much for these superb pictures.......if I get a chance,  I'll snap some pictures of the B 25 kit,  and show you what it looks like.  it's the Revell kit in 1:48 scale  


I looked up that site Mark and Lou........what a gold mine!  came up with a bunch of sites........even a Wiki.

List of surviving Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses - Wikipedia


the Memphis Belle is in here too :)    thanks again for the interest  ;) 

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they must have looked cool...........I've yet to build one that large {they are large kits ;) }.   during my time in Florida,  I built a Curtis P 40 Warhawk......but sadly it wasn't a good flier.   it kissed a palm tree and that was the end of it  :(   last year I built a Spitfire MK 1....haven't had the heart to try and fly it.   in the Closet,  I have a Fokker Dr 1,  1:14 scale.  have started the sanding phase yet.

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Sad news but as this plane has been brought up in this post I thought I would add this information here rather than in a general news post by itself.





I believe this is the third time the plane has crashed but based on the pictures I do not think it will be repaired this time. Hopefully all the people on board come out OK as well. Sad Day.

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Best wishes on a successful build.  Here's some little side stories.  My father in law flew in B-17s and was shot down over Germany, ending up in a prison camp.  One morning they woke up and discovered their captors had abandoned the camp and left the gate open.  They debated whether to leave but decided to stay until friendly troops arrived, figuring they would be safer there than running around in the woods with a war going on.  My dad served on a bomber base outside London and one of his choice duties was to bring new flying crews into London to see the sights.  During one visit he met my mom in Covent Garden which had been turned into a dance hall for GIs.


Build it proud for them and for all those who served.  I'm sure you will do it justice.



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I heard about this earlier today.      agreed.....don't think they'll put this one back together :(   very sad and heartfelt for those who died..............   the admiral got a news notification about it....I went online and it wasn't hard to find.


thanks Steve......no progress at the moment,   although I did tape the fuselage and the wings together and fitted them.  1:64th does amount to a fair sized model.  I compared the fuselage to the B 25,  which is 1:48,  and the B 17 is about 3/4 of an inch longer.  even though it's not a detailed model of not as many parts,  proper paint will create a nice looking model. ;)   I will try and do my best

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sad.......haven't looked in for further news :(    as mentioned..........I have the nose art......perhaps.......




it doesn't say,  nor does it say how many died.......just that there are fatalities.  in the article link that Lou gave,  the markings on the plane shown are the same as the wreckage.  

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