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Duchess of Kingston 1798 by glennard2523 - FINISHED - Vanguard Models - 1:64 - Royal Yacht by Glenn Shelton

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Work is progressing well on adding the main topmast stay and main topmast preventor stay.


Each of these stays are secured at the deck using 1 x 4mm double block and 1 x 3mm single block arrangement.


To start with the 3mm block requires a hook and loop at either end. A length of 0.1mm natural thread is then fed through the loop and secured. A picture of a completed arrangement is shown below.



The 4mm double block requires a single loop which the stay line will be seized to.


To start with I secured a length of 0.25mm black thread around the 4mm double block using a simple reef knot.



Next I formed a loop, noting the loop is on the big side to start with



With a spare length of 0.75mm black thread the loop is closed up to the right size and then a drop of ca gel is applied to the knot.



The 4mm double block is then added to the main topmast stay line






Once the 4mm block has been secured the 3mm block positioned and the natural thread is thread through one side of the 4mm double block



Tension is then applied to all the lines as the thread is then passed through the 3mm block and then back through the 4mm double block. All the lines are then readjusted as necessary before finally belaying the 0.1mm natural thread.






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Today I completed adding the main topmast stay, main topmast preventor stay and the main topgallant mast stay. I also completed adding the two main mast back stays.


I am now ready to add the all the shrouds, lanyards and ratlines to the foremast assembly. I expect this will take me around a week to complete before moving on to adding the various yards. I have attached a few pictures showing the current state of play.


Experimenting with the Cutter Alert packing box as the backdrop



Main topmast and main topgallant mast stays



Main mast backstays



Belaying of main mast stays



I have also taken delivery of the Cutter Alert from Vanguard Models which I will start build in earnest once the DOK is complete. I think this will be a nice filler project as we all wait for the release of Chris's next design (Sphinx) in a few months time.

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I took a day off from the DOK rigging yesterday and spent a couple of hours on the Cutter Alert, building the winch drum and pawl bitt which was a nice distraction. Cutter Alert Winch Drum and Pawl Bitt assembly post


Today I returned to the DOK rigging and commenced rigging the foremast shrouds. Before I started with adding the shrouds I decided it would be a good idea to run 2 lengths of 0.25mm natural thread  for the spritsail yard braces through the 3mm blocks as it would be tricky to run the thread through these 3mm blocks later as they located behind the shrouds. I have temporarily  belayed the each thread to the bitt rail to keep a little bit of tension in the line. These lines cannot be fully rigged until the foremast stays have been rigged as the other end of the spritsail yard braces are secured to the foremast stay.


This picture shows one of spritsail yard brace thread which has been run through the two 3mm blocks. The shroud lines have been added but need to positioned in front of the spritsail yard brace thread, and not behind it has shown in the picture.



I have also added all the foremast shroud lines and they are now ready for 5mm deadeyes to be fitted.


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Posted (edited)

Progress update on the rigging of the Duchess. I am taking small breaks from the rigging to build some of the deck items for the HM Cutter Alert but I am spending the majority of my build time on completing the DOK rigging.


I have now added the shrouds to the foremast. I still have to add the shrouds to the fore topmast and fore topgallant mast. Once all the shrouds have been installed I will have add all the ratlines. I do like the process of adding the ratlines as I find it quite relaxing and therapeutic.


Prior to adding the foremast shrouds I did pre run the spritsail yard brace lines through the platform blocks. I think this proved to be a good call.


Before moving on to the adding the fore topmast and fore topgallant mast I decided to fit the foremast stay and foremast preventor stay. I found this a good way to rig before the futtock staves and shrouds are added as it less cluttered.


This is a picture showing foremast shrouds and 2 x foremast stays. The rigging of the 2 x spritsail yard braces had not been completed when this picture was taken, but the lines have been run in ready.



I like the angle of this picture showing the foremast stays and shrouds



The two spritsail yard brace lines were fastened to the foremast stay just below the mouse. The lines were tensioned and then belayed to the appropriate belaying pins.


This is a picture showing the spritsail yard braces



This picture shows the current progress of the rigging


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Posted (edited)
Today I have added the crows feet rigging to the foremast on my Duchess Of Kingston build. I have added a some of pictures of the completed rigging. Next I will add the fore topmast and fore topgallant shrouds.
A picture which shows all three masts crows feet rigging.
I have also added a video showing my full rigging process in this rigging aspect. It might not be the best or correct rigging method but it works well for me.
Another angle of the completed crows feet rigging
A head on view of the crows feet rigging
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Currently I am adding the ratlines to the foremast shrouds. This is a task I really like doing.


I decided to try and record a video of me installing the ratlines. Although I did my best to stop my hands obscuring the view, at times it was impossible to do so. The quality of the video is not very good but hopefully you may find it interesting and useful.


Adding ratline video


With reference to the video content I start the process by securing the ratline with a simple half hitch knot which I position behind the shroud line which is then adjusted to the correct horizontal position (as provided by the paper ratline template).


The line is then tied to the next shroud line using a standard clove hitch knot. As can be seen in the video I use the tweezer's to position and tie the clove hitch knot. This process is then repeated to tie the ratline to the other shroud lines.


A touch of ga is applied to the first and last knot before the excess thread is trimmed away. Finally  the lines are coated with a diluted pva solution.






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Posted (edited)

I have continued to make good progress with the rigging phase of the Duchess of Kingston. All the shrouds, lanyards and ratlines have now been installed. All the stays have been rigged apart from the 3 off required for the fore topgallant mast which I plan to add in the morning.


I have provided some pictures of the current stay of play.







Once I have added the fore topgallant stays I can move on to rigging the 9 yards (three per mast) and then finally the anchor. I am expecting to spend 2 or 3 days per mast (famous last words) so hopefully the Duchess will be completed within the next 3 to 4 weeks

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Just now, BobG said:

Superb, Glenn! The fine work you are doing on the rigging has really brought the model to life.

Thanks Bob

My pictures do not show the model in the best light or the justice it deserves. It is a excellent model and full credit must go to Chris Watton for his design work and quality of materials. Also many thanks to Jim Hatch for his build log for the prototype which has been  essential reading.

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I have now finished rigging all the masts which for me is a major milestone completed.


I will now be moving on adding the yards to the masts however I have to finish making all the yards before they can be pinned to the masts  which should keep me busy for the next few days.


Here are some pictures of the completed mast rigging.





Sorry this picture is a bit of out of focus


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Posted (edited)
10 minutes ago, DelF said:

Well done Glenn! She's looking fine with all the masts and standing rigging in place.

Hello Derek

Many thanks for your very kind comments. There are a few flaws as I continue to learn and adapt my methods so I can enhance my rigging skills. Overall I am very pleased with how the Duchess has turned out so far.

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39 minutes ago, drjeckl said:

Been following since the beginning, Glenn.  Really outstanding work and the detail in your posts is at the highest level.  Well done!



Hello John

Many thanks for you kind comments.



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Posted (edited)

Work has progress well on the manufacture of the various yards. All the mizzen mast yards are fully complete and are now ready for rigging.


The main and foremast yards are made and they are now ready for the blocks to be added and then will be painted black, noting I have already painted the two topgallant yards. I have also added a pin to each yard so I could dry fitted them to the masts. This gives me a an idea of how the Duchess Of Kingston will look when fully rigged, it looks very impressive.


I have attached a picture, noting the yards are only pinned so they are a bit wonky, especially the fore top gallant yard. I do really like how the Duchess Of Kingston now looks. My completed IJN Yamato model can be seen in the background as is my partially built Speedy which I had to abandon due to my many errors in the rigging.



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