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Alert by riverboat - FINISHED - Krick - 1/25th scale

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       Before I begin this build of Krick's Alert, I'm going to do a little research on this cutter. I ordered

       "The Naval Cutter Alert" by Goodwin. It should be here in a couple days then hopefully I can get a better 

        look at this fine cutter, meanwhile I've taken a couple pictures of the box and  parts.


        This is a German kit, so the instructions are in German, but they do include a sparse English version,

        but that's no big deal, If I get stuck, I can always ask Dirk :D . He did this same kit and did an amazing!!

        job on it. (as usual )


        Anyhow,here's the pictures









        One thing I wish Krick would've done, is to roll the plans instead of folding them.

        It's really a bummer when they do that.




        I noticed that the keel is ever so slightly tweaked, I'm going to set the bulkheads in temporarily

        to see if it will pull it in .




        I have some box wood strip That I had purchased from Jeff when he ran a special, so I 'll

        probably use that instead of the supplied stock ( depending on the finish I decide on )







         Here again , more than likely I will up grade the blocks and yardage with Chucks products.

         I purchased the sale set as an extra. After seeing it I'm not so sure I like the fabric, it seems a little on the heavy side, I don't know, maybe it's

         just me, but that's along way off.  :P  :P    



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Hi Frank!


Let me be the first to say that I am looking forward to your build - this looks like a really nice kit, and I'm sure you can add lots of interesting details given the scale.  Should be a lot of fun! :)

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Hi Bindy, thanks for stop'n by  :) .......... yes the plans, I  can't figure out why they do that. If I'm not mistaken, I think Model Expo rolls their plans. I just don't like a lot of creases getting in the way !! :angry: This should be an enjoyable build (hopefully!! ) Your launch is looking real sweet!!!

You're a fast learner!!


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Hi Frank

Keen to see this unfold. Seriously on my list and I like the idea of the large scale. I think you might be mistaken about the Goodwin book though. That is for an English cutter - like Sherbourne etc and Krick's Alert is an American revenue cutter - a completely different thing. I could be wrong!! I'm quite keen to get Goodwin's AOTS where did you find it?

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Hi Alistair... I thought Goodwin's book was for this particular revenue cutter, geez I hope so, I'll let you know as soon as I get it. I bought it thru     Amazon , used ($ 60.00 ) supposed to be in excellent shape, I'll find out..... very soon :P The larger scale suits me fine too!!. I'll get back to you on the book.



David B.... thanks for chiming in, Alistair was just asking me if the book was related to the Alert or some other , your input  makes me feel a lot better. :) .... I planned on going thru the book first like you suggested, I'm sure I'll get some pretty helpful ideas.



Augie........  I wasn't sure, I know I have their Pride of Baltimore ( started some time ago and still waiting to be finished ) and the plans with that kit were rolled. I'll ck my iron to see if it's still spiting steam :D .... sounds like a good idea!!



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Yes Frank, that is the one. Pretty sure it is for a completely different ship than the Krick model. Sorry - but still a good book to own. I can only guess that Dirk might confirm this. His Krick Alert log should be good enough to get you somewhere near his skills! Given yours that isn't a big stretch.


I still could be wrong about this!!

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It's great that you're doing this model, Frank, as I don't recall a full log of that having been made on this forum other than the few pictures provided by Dirk. Dirk did post a full range of photos of that build on another site, Part 1 of which you can see at https://plus.google.com/photos/+DirkKarsten/albums/5092241937714554929?banner=pwa&authkey=CMDJmoPsx8ns0wE but again without a written description or discussion of methods/tools. His written log from 2007 is in German and can be found at http://www.modellboard.net/index.php?topic=20915.0.


The Krick Alert has been one of the possibilities for me for my next build, so I look forward to yours with great interest.


As has been mentioned, the Krick model different from the ship in the AOTS book. The Krick Alert is two-masted and defined as an American ship. Peter Goodwin's book is of a single-masted Naval Cutter. The deck layouts and armament are quite different. All the same, Goodwin's book is very interesting and will give lots of good ideas about detail.



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Completely agree with Tony. The AOTS of Alert is very nice book to have. Not for the same ship but one which will give you lots of details. I'm pretty sure a cutter of some sort or another will be my next build. - Krick's Alert is very tempting  but that is a long way off...I look forward to your progress.

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Hi Frank,


I will follow your log with big interest. Although Alert is not on my wishlist for the next years, I am very interested about the quality of the kit. I look for the Gulnara, also a Krick Kit.


I wish you great joy and a good satisfying job on your boat.







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Pulling up a seat to watch, Frank.  Should be fun watching you bring her to life!


There are 2 historical US Revenue cutters that this might be - one was built in 1818 - 58 foot keel, 19 foot beam schooner.  Based in my neighborhood when she was in service. 


The second schooner is known but not a lot of details - according to the USCG,


No record has been found concerning the origin of Alert.  Her dimensions are close to those of the Doughty 1815 plans for a 79-ton vessel.  She was first stationed at New York and then removed to Eastport, ME in early 1839.  (She had been one of the cutters sent to Charleston, SC during the Nullification Controversy in 1832-1833).  In 1852 an extravagant repair estimate (over $9,000) led to her sale in Boston, MA around April 1853.


Based on the pivot gun, this is likely the 1818 Alert.  There is some information in Chapelle's The History of American Sailing Ships concerning early revenue cutters.


Have fun!

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Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement.



Alistair...... You're right about the book, I was hoping it was related to the American cutter, but that's OK , It'll be a good resource

                   and I'm sure I'll get some good ideas that can be applied to the Alert.



Tony.......... Thanks for stopping by. I've always wanted to do this cutter, from way back ( In the 1970's ) I had purchased some Alert plans   

                   from Luci, I got as far as the frames, then it came to a complete halt. So now I'll try again, and yes you 're right a bout Dirks

                   work. I'll definetly be looking at his work for inspiration.


Kester....... I realize now, it's the wrong cutter. :unsure: .... Kester I don't think the word cutter threw me off, The word "Alert" threw me off :D



Max.........   the quality of this kit is'nt too bad,considering  it's price. Although I do plan on upgrading the blocks and cordage. I sent you a

                  pm with alink to Arthur's Gulnara build..... ck it out it's really good.



Dirk.........   If this build comes out 1/25th as good as yours, I'[ll be a happy camper!! :D :D



Patrick...... Seems that way does'nt it. :P ...... Well it's been sitting in the closet for awhile, so I thought I'd better get it out of there

                  before it really starts to warp. :D 


Popeye...... It's always a pleasure to have you on board..... I'm sure I'll be needing some expert advice down the road , so I'll be honored to

                   recieve your advice.



 Wayne...... Thanks for all the info Wayne and it'll be a pleasure to have you pull up a seat to see where this build is headed :P




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Hi Frank,


Found you !!!!!

Someone turns the sign the other way around so i was searching at the wrong direction....

But I see Mark walking in ,so I follow him !

And what do I read ????

No popcorn ???????

Not possible !

here it comes......




Enjoy your build and we will follow you with what you are doing !



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Sjors...... Glad you found Mark's trail, This build wouldn't have been the same without you, and thanks for the popcorn. Now we have "beer"

                and "popcorn"..... Realllll nice!!!



Popeye.... no sawdust yet. I'll start sanding the burn off the frames and keel today, then I'll post some pictures of the keel frame assembly.

                 This kit shows no bearding on the keel ,I'll have to look in to this first before I do any setting of the frames.



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