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HMS Victory by dafi - Heller - PLASTIC - To Victory and beyond ...

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Yeah some are stuck for a fortnight in the ice of the Antarctica, but nobody tells about dafi, being confined for 3 weeks in the austrian mountains, far off his beloved ship yard ...


But also the mountains sometimes surprise with maritime content, as to be seen with the SMS Trinkstein ...


Also this time dafi had his maritime moments and that was not surprising ;-)


There in the deepest valley, where the sun refused to shine, there she was lost, the proud Stixtenstein, lost long ago in the dark days of lost tales, lost in the rigid hardness of the towering mountains beside, just in the wake of the safe harbour of the fortress. Deeply sunken into the elements only the topgallant of her once sky scraping proud masts still was greeting the sea-farers ...


... and of course, dafi had to follow immediately his primal instincts, sending himself aloft ...




... and putting in two reefs of clouds to make the sun shine again :-)




And now greeting happily as dafi finally learned, that there is no problem to climb up overhanging ratlines like the futtock shrouds and wishes a happy 2014 to everyone!!!

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Papa got a brand new toy :-)


Until now I used a low-cost-solution: 7 Euro from the supermarket 3 dioptrien with LED!




But then the fam saw me  looking at those magnifiying glases at the optitian ...


... and surprise!


Got them for X-Mess :-)




Restartet doing some micro-surgery ...




... and therfore: Big Grin !!!




With 130 Euro a bit more expensive then my old one, but much more comfortable than the ones that go around the head, almost no weight, no destroyed hairdo and to be worn over the normal glases and better vision than my cheap glases.



Cheers, Daniel
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The thumb thing, BTW, is a thumb stall.  It's not so much to protect the thumb as to seal the vent.  When the sponge or rammer is sent into the barrel it pushes air and you don't want that going through the vent as it can ignite left-over embers and cause the new cartridge to ignite as it's rammed home.


The thumb-stall is a very important safety job and isn't just laid on the vent.  It's pressed on and twisted so the tip of your thumb is pointed at your right hip with your elbow pointed to the right as you face toward the muzzle.

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Daniel........you are just plain having ....too much fun  :)    I have an optivisor.......hardly ever use it.   we have a discount store where I live,  that sells glasses with a variety of different strengths.......about $2.00 a pair.   I wear reading glasses with a strength of 1.25.......I also have a pair of 1.50 and 1.75.   I have a pair of 2.00.......but I don't wear them very much.......gives me a headache.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Oh that feels great ...


... after being off for that many weeks - job, holiday, job - now back on the drug ...


... back in the shipyard again :-)


I already showed the carving ...




... I tried long to finally find the right way to display those tendrils on the supports of the side entry port canopy. Positive carving, modeling with clay - nothing worked.


Then the idea to carve it in the negative way ...




... and have a thin cast and glue it together :-)


Here the family juwels:




Left bottom the old casted parts from the carved styrene carvings of the ones on my model. Left top sculpted with Magic Sculpt - not successful - , then the negativ carvings with a thin cast, below left the first test and right the improved carving with the thin face side sculted with Magic Sculpt and right the final casts and black the final cast with primer :-)


From near it looks like this:




And with some paint it is near what i wanted to achieve ...




... then the small crown underneath the canopy with its flags ...




... both parts together ...




... feels good :-)


Now just the new canopy ...


Cheers, Daniel
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Discovered your build, thankfully, by accident. I was on the Victory Etch Parts web site and a link fell on your build. AWESOME, though I'm sure that you have read that adjective before about your Victory.


I will join your legion of followers as well. Spectacular build. Those etched parts are worth their weight in gold, well let's say silver at least (:-) Your super clever use of them is superlative.






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good afternoon my friend


can any of the ageing effects you have used, be transferred  over to wood, as part of my Victory diorama, i don't want her looking pristine, but looking like she has had to work for her living, but not so much battle damage, just heavy used

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Hy Kevin, 


should be applicable without problem.


I used casein paints. A bit smelly - rotten milk - but wonderful to work with. If the wood is painted, you can apply the paint in thin layers with different shades until the wanted effect is reached or even take a wet cloth and take the paint off and restart over again. Once really dry it always will stay water soluble but is strong enough to hold it in the hand without leaving marks - if hands are not too wet ;-)


Cheers, Daniel

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Finally ...


... finished the canopy, was working on the whole set since late last year.


dafis law for modelmakers Nr 57:

If a part is not working well - try not to fix it - make a new one!


Here are the 4 parts for the entrance port:

Canopy, two pillars and the carvings with crown and coat of arms over the entrance.




And immediately the fitting test:






And here the painted version as shown before.




Cheers, Daniel


PS: I did not cut the port yet as I dot know if I still need the hull other wise ...
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Miracles happen ...


... I finally found time to finish the refined side steps on the spare kit ...




... first prepared single steps ...




... and here the revised version with the different depth of the steps underneath the admirals entrance :-)




Still a tad uneven, as just being fixed on double sided tape, but very near to what I wanted.


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  • 2 weeks later...
Doing what I can do best ...






... and even ...


... more DESTRUCTION ...




... okokokok ...


... I also cleared up ...




... the whole thing ...




... and then carefully choosing some important steps in the circle of life of a big ship :-)




Cheers, Daniel
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Thank you Sirs :-)


In fact, those old steps were already for quite a while on the to-mess-up-list - that is why I tackled the refined ones :-)



Actually those first ones were some kind of historic parts: the first details beyond oob on the model :-)
Mark one still with Humbrol Colors.
At a later stage the supports underneath were added, but still - the base was too thick for my liking. 
So here already come the replacement parts ...
... first cleared up ...
... the whole thing ...
... and then carefully choosing some important steps in the circle of life of a big ship :-)
Cheers, Daniel
Already looking forward for the first touch of paint on the new ones :-)
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The "Mark One" Steps were stuck on the hull, UHU-Plast flooded into the gap in the back, and thick paint to cover it up. Worked well as it stayed on the ship for more than 10 years :-)


For some reasons did not work this time ...


But I better spare you THOSE  Pictures. So pulled down the paint again - was easy as it was to thick and come down like a rubber coat.


Instead of the usual car filler I lately use the 2 component sculpting masses. More time to work with and being able to place it properly and still form it to the wanted effect.


My favourite is Apoxie Sculpt, a small saussage of 0,3 mm placed on the gap ...




... and squeezed in with a moistened wooden stick, moulded and already taken out the surplus material.




After drying the fine tuning ...




... with some sanding paper glued onto an old blade :-)


Also easy to fit other places ...




... like a small blister on the edge of the cast of the canopy. Also works for the steps. After modelling I just lift it up from its place and add some CA underneath with the help of a toothpick, like this it wont come of while sanding to form. 



Edited by dafi
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